Why Shelina is Not a Normal Children?

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 Road To 2030 

Shelina, Who reads in elementary level in our school. Sometimes she can't come school as her mom takes her to work. Her mom give up as Shelina can't understand letters and feel difficulty in learning. She sometimes feel insult when other kids laugh at her. She has difficulty to  express herself while other children can do it at her age.   She has a special kid who can overcome her difficulty  with proper education system.  


She have been enrolling at @Schoolforsdg4 since 2016.  The symptoms of dyslexia made her life more terrible because she is not from wealthy family. We  work to ensure quality education for underprivileged children in Sylhet, Bangladesh. 

We are providing e-education so such children can improve their understanding capability. Here is class video : 


The school is founded by @azizbd and the school has now about 50 underprivileged kids. If you want to learn about our school, Please Visit fb.com/schoolforsdg4 

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School For SDG4

My pleasure!

Great you're working in the education sector. Keep it up : )
Sustainable Development Goal 4 is indeed very important.

Thanks a lot @dinoo for your comment.
Yes. I am @azizbd working on SDG4 for more than 1 year. Thanks for reading and hope will be in touch with my school in future. Watch our school videos from youtube if you like https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAefunw69dVXBD_daUTe2wA

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Quality education for all children is must to achieve #SDG4 and It is important to other #SDGs

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