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Strike One
Two months ago, CoinFest 2018 was celebrated around the world. We hosted a gathering here in Valdivia at Hotel Dreams at that time but frankly, we were disappointed by the low turnout. We were in a great venue but a lot of people couldn’t make it out on that particular day so we just ended up with a handful of diehards rather than the big splash of newcomers we were hoping for. Rather than admitting defeat and “just trying again next year,” we decided to double down and swing even harder. We set another date, two months away, and decided to go even bigger with our plans. What we ended up with was even more than I imagined.

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Home Run
To make a long story short, we now have a permanent venue in the heart of downtown Valdivia where the CoinFest parties and crypto community outreach activities can continue indefinitely. We just held our grand opening and had one of our Chilean friends teaching an Intro to Crypto course to a conference room full of curious locals. Some of the attendees expressed interest in learning more about mining so we did a workshop on that at our next event. Because we have the venue all to ourselves, we’re going to be hosting crypto events on a regular basis from now on and we’d like to formally thank Andrew Wagner and the sponsors of CoinFest for nudging us down this exciting path.



Hi Gabriel.

This was encouraging to read on many levels -- not the least of which is my interest in visiting you guys there as you know from my questions on the Fedbook page and emails etc.

I dropped by my friend to wish you a Happy Imaginary Lines in the Sand Day!!

There is just so much info to try and absorb every day, as you know, it is hard to keep up with everything incl. my Fort Galt interest.

Super awesome. That room you have is really thoughtful. Congratulations on your efforts.

I like the pictures on the wall!

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