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These are my top three reasons NOT to go.

I do understand that some people feel called to do certain jobs and can handle the financial requirements of attending college, however, I find that many clueless youngsters are shuffled into universities these days and end up coming out worse than they started. In a world where many continue to repeat the mantra, "You've got to go to college," I am simply trying to provide some food for thought in regards to why that may not be a good idea.

Here are the top three reasons that I have for not going to college, but for a much fuller perspective please watch the video.

1) Student loan debt is out of control and can haunt people for decades after they graduate college.

2) Many these days do not even get jobs that match their degrees, which kind of defeats the purpose.

3) The required courses may actually be more of a social experiment in brainwashing and programming the next generation.


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Even in some fields, that used to require a degree, a degree is not necessary, and in case, abhorred.

Today's programming companies want kids out of highschool before they get messed up by university CS majors. What the tech industry needs and uses today, requires untraining the stuff learned in university.

So, if you do not want to become a chemist, engineer or doctor, stay away from universities. In fact, if you want to be a doctor that helps people, study alternative medicine.

Wow, good point at the end about alternative medicine. I hear you on the rest too!

While a college education is costly, it provides students with long term skills. It is hard to justify the high cost though.

Depends on what skills they actually get.

Yup, yup, and yup.

...but it can be fun. Albeit a life ruined debt burden also, but yeah... Fun. :_(

No kidding... seriously

As a photographer, I get a lot of people who tell me "I'm studying photography so I can run my own photo business." So I tell them, "Then stop studying photography - you can learn that on your own. Just take your camera and go take photos. Instead, take courses on how to run a business. That's the harder part that you will have a much tougher time learning on your own."

well, yea, if you want to "learn" art lol ... i doubt that's gonna happen above a certain level of technics and mechanics, and imo, if you're REALLY into it, you will be doing that for at least a decade before you even get to college, right? college is more like "if you want to do it for someone else" so you can come into it without references. It's a bit confusing linguistically since here "hoge - school" is actually college and the other way around lol

It's not always a bad idea if you can get a scholarship and get through without too much in terms of debt/loans. There are many jobs that require a degree for the position. I agree though that many go to college because they feel like they have to, or that it guarantees a good job and that is what causes problems. They take out enormous loans that take many years if not the rest of their lives to pay off and it can really ruin people.

Go learn a trade you will be better off

Amen to that!

There is a saying " don't let your schooling get in the way of your education". Most of our knowledge comes from experience on the job, not from what we learn in school.

True story! Fully agreed!

This is why I like local tech schools. I was able to live home at my parents house. With a summer job I had enough to pay my tuition and supplies. That tech school actual would ask local industry's what their students need to learn inorder to work for them. This worked well for me.

But for my little brother. He was a sheldon cooper (Big Bang Theory tv show) type. He went off to a Texas University and work on Quantum Computers. That worked well for him.

That sounds like it did work well.

That tech school actual would ask local industry's what their students need to learn inorder to work for them.

That is a huge difference too.

Absolutely, your right. These generation has the most underpaid batch of professional.

Like one of my friend use to say college is scam, you end up graduating without no job expect you have got a lot of connections.

I've certainly heard it called a scam before.

Hmmm, I could go so long on this subject alone but even though 73% of all college graduates don't go into the field they studied for it is still hard to throw the baby out with the bathwater.
Education needs a lot of changes for sure, I think it is just smarter to understand what you are getting into and research the best ways to make it the least expensive as possible

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Well you are like 7 years to late to warn on this one. Least I did not go into debt but I'll never get those 2 or so years back...

On my second year they changed my required classes on me and tried to tell me I had to take psychology. Thankfully after some back and forth they decided to call it a "misunderstanding" and let me take the classes I was suppose to in the first place.

I did have one really amazing teacher who was in the field for like 30 years. She just wanted to give back and so she started teaching. Very understanding person was willing to put in extra time to help anyone struggling to learn.

What really annoyed me where classes where they lack real world applications. They could talk about theory, and this or that. What about a real world example? Nope, you ask for that and suddenly it was time to change topics.

What really annoyed me where classes where they lack real world applications. They could talk about theory, and this or that. What about a real world example? Nope, you ask for that and suddenly it was time to change topics.

Yeah, unfortunately we live in reality, not hypotheticals. I hear you, and hopefully I can still be used to warn someone.

The required courses may actually be more of a social experiment in brainwashing and programming the next generation.


Why nobody gave me these advices when I was in college u_u

Sorry, I would have given you this advice if I could have. Just make sure to warn others.

So true. University education is important if you want to study medicine or similar - something with vocational value. But almost everything is learned best through life experience/on the job training/apprenticeship.
People do have to remember that the educational sector is a business after all - they are there to make money. If you don't want to give it to them, find another way to learn!

True true but there are some perfessions where you want people to go to school such as nurses and doctors. But what people really need to stop doing is taking out massive student loads at overpriced colleges you can get the same education much less somewhere else. Where people really run into issues is the $200,000 student loan they pay off for almost the rest of their life its stupid!

Yeah, it is certainly not the brightest.

There are three permanent jobs that will always be required,
Matchers, and
We have maternity nurses, ( hospital trained)
Preachers, ( with the abi!city to read, should have a convincing speech pattern)
Diggers, the ability to operate a digger is handy, or else, a strong bach and a big shovel.
None require Uni training. All are required, employment for life.

@papa-pepper .. since you do a lot of videos , why dont you try getting on flixxo ? as content creator you might get in faster, i just go my invite after months and its looking pretty good :)

I will second that motion for not going to college. It just promotes social justice warrior type attitudes these days. Plus, with just a high school educations and 4 months trade school you can pull in over 100k a year. Trust me I do it and I’m a High Voltage electrical Lineman.
Way to ruffle them feathers a bit @papa-pepper. 👍🏻👍🏻The trades are hurting bad right now. Kids these days are scared of a hard days work. Just few months back the electrical Union needed 150 guys but everyone was working. Then the sheet metal Union needed 80 but everyone was working. That is just in my small local area. It’s crazy!!!

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Yeah, real work and trade schools are definitely the way to go if you want to avoid a lot of suffering.

I wasn't really given much of a choice due to my upbringing. I actually enrolled in college at 16 and started taking classes while I was still in high school. In the grand scheme of things, I don't regret going, but ultimately the experiences led me to who I am, but I can tell you that it certainly didn't return any value in terms of education or employment. I think it's mainly a money making racket like many other things in this society.

I took a couple AP classes in High School, but never went to college.

it certainly didn't return any value in terms of education or employment. I think it's mainly a money making racket like many other things in this society.

I've heard others mention both your personal experience, and conclusion.

It is certainly a tough discussion and a lot of different people stand on both sides of the fence.

If someone is trying to be a doctor, lawyer, chiropractor, dentist....etc they pretty much have to go but then outside of that it becomes questionable.

In a lot of ways it becomes a sorting mechanism for a lot of employers. For instance if they are going to recruit at certain Universities they are already assuming that the person had to be of certain intelligence levels to even get accepted into the program. Then after that they will usually say they won't hire anyone with lower than a 3.0 GPA so they are further filtering out people who they assume aren't working hard enough or don't have the mental aptitude to excel to a certain degree. I can tell you this. It was a lot easier to get interviews with fortune 500 companies when I was in college than after I was out because they were coming to campus to recruit.

As far as the money situation. I see so many people making what I consider to be stupid mistakes. They won't have the money to go but then they will get student loans to go to a private University instead of going to a State school. I have seen that over and over again and have seen people rack up $60,000 in student loans that they really can't pay off.

Again I'm not saying that college is worthless but a person has to be calculated about it and in my opinion if a person has to take out loans of more than about $10,000 for their Bachelors degree they maybe shouldn't do it. People make the mistake of thinking they are going to automatically be making $50,000, $60,000, $70,000 right out of college and will be able to pay $30,000 or $40,000 off quickly but it certainly isn't the case.

I also know people into their 40s who have college debt.

It is hard to know what the right answer is and what to tell someone

I would certainly say don't go to figure out what you want to do in life. There are many much cheaper ways to find that out. And taking on student debt just for the college party life is unbelievably stupid.

Yup, I did the college partying for free, went often, but never attended.

Thanks for this article.
If you can prevent yourself from falling from these
three reasons, GO.
Avoid the headache.
What you really need in life is discipline and seek for a trade
you are good at.
Sky is the limit.

The best way is to self study to get wealthy

howdy sir papa-pepper! couldn't agree with you more on all 3 major points especially if they're not sure what they want to do. Go learn a trade that will always be in demand for the country's infrastructure.
Unless they're rich and just want to go and experience and can pay as they go.

So many "business" courses at college are outdated and fail to address new business models. In addition a lot of the "professors" have never worked in the private sector, let alone had a job outside of teaching.

Awesome post--hopefully by the time my kids are heading into their college aged years [ 9 years ] this will be common knowledge

We have many things to learn from your post.

Can’t but agree!!! And way too often “going to college” is the new BMW on the driveway in the game called “Keeping up with the Joneses”.
While, most often, being adaptable, being fresh and open, and learning things by yourself (sometimes with help of course) is the best way to throughly learn things.

I taught myself about computers and IT more than 25 years ago. I study and earn my certifications, and acquire new ones as the years go on. I have worked with almost every brand imaginable. Quite often a company/vendor/client will approach me with training and certifications to work with their equipment. Real world, and actual hands on training by the manufacturer/client. -Something you can't always get at a college. I've been doing this work for decades now, and I've had the honor of taking on 3 separate apprentices. Two of those are now doing there own business in IT. Not one of us has had to endure a haunting student loan debt.

I would have to agree with you on these points. We have been preached at for the last 50 years that we need to attend college in order to be successful. I think they want drones who will just blindly follow. Unless you are going to be a doctor, dentist or a lawyer (not recommended for various reasons) then you are much better off learning a trade. When everything goes south (and it will) then at least you will be able to survive. How are you going to survive on an arts degree?

it is more about making them money than it is about your life and future


I knew what i wanted to do by the time I was ten, and I went to college to get a BS. That said, I was placed in charge of others that had Masters and Doctorate degrees, Because I could think of new concepts. They did what I directed, because they could not think that way.

In Electrical Engineering, what you learned to get a doctorate, is largely obsolete when you get out, due to changes in the field. I had instructors, that were well versed in Tube type equipment, trying to teach microprocessors....

My Son is headed back to the University, because he want a Masters or maybe a Doctorate. He is approaching it differently, He works there as an armed guard (CLEET) because it was much better pay. Since he is an employee, tuition is free; so he figured out a sweet way to get from BS to Masters etc, for free. Actually better than free, because they pay him, ROFLOL!

BUT with the cost of tuition there $20,000 a year, if he had not figured out a way around that exorbitant outlay, I would have argued against his continuing.

He is strong enough on opposing the liberal feces; that it will not be a problem, and the school he has picked in much more sane that most. BUT YOUR point is well taken, schools are propaganda facilities intended to brainwash our children, and make them indentured servants for the rest of their lives.


Couldn’t have said it better myself.

I got a BA in English, and it has served me well in being able to write and be articulate... but that’s about it. Everything else I’ve learned like you said: on the job, in the real world, through the act of Doing. I had an ex-girlfriend who devoted something like 12 years of her life to getting a PhD in Fine Art, and by the end of her studies... she hated it. She told me she would have rather gone out and become a folk artist, and taught children art, instead of having to sit through juries and critique with pretentious professors whose job was to tear her work to sh*t. A lot of money, a lot of time, and ultimately she graduated only because of the prior investment. I think it may have been a hollow victory, so to speak. And in my experience, she’s not alone. Before I quit my library job to become a mom, I heard so many similar stories from others.

The one exception was the students of trade schools. And we need more tradesmen and craftsmen. I have a friend who went for welding, and he’s making close to 7 figures doing undersea welding/fabrication in Alaska. Crazy. I think he gets to pretty much set his own hours, too.

I think it’s awesome to be a self-made person. I would much rather learn from someone who is actually doing things, like apprenticeships and such. But alas! So many today think you “can’t” learn from anyone or anything outside of “qualified” teachers... who, just like you said, pretty much just have a paper saying they can teach it and not much else to back it up.

When talking about homeschooling my kids, one of my teachers from high school messaged me and said “Good!” According to her, she was glad to be retiring because public ed is basically a farce these days. None of the important curriculum is being taught. I guess it’s really awful....!

on the job, in the real world, through the act of Doing.

Yeah, besides trade schools, that is the best way to learn.


This sums it up pretty well.

Excellent points...I know of a couple of people that wished they never went to college!

I am still paying for this mistake, and probably will be for years!

I encouraged my kids to study hard and if they wanted to go to college they would have to pay for it themselves. but if they studied hard in school that could pay off. My oldest though smart enough didn't want to go to college and wanted to start her life she wants to be self employed and you don't need to go to college for that. My youngest daughter wants to be a chemist and studied hard and got nearly a full ride. She has to pay $882 a semester of her expenses which isn't bad at all considering that includes room and board too. My son also was done with school, he still doesn't know what he wants to do in life, but in the mean time he is all about gaining experience. He has his first job outside of working for the family. As we didn't allow outside work while in high school we wanted them to focus on their study, so we only allowed our kids to work in the family businesses while in school and of course all of them are on steemit.
Oh totally off topic, but I was on Youtube a bit ago, and came across this old movie and the title made me think of your family. It is called Five Little Peppers and how they grew

While I'm not necessarily a huge fan of college I'm not completely against it either. I think if you're going for some focused or targeted degree ie engineering,accounting, teaching, law, doctor, etc it makes sense. If your just going to get a liberal arts degree not a whole lot of ROI on that.

College costs are exploding and wages aren't really increasing so its getting to the point where your not really going to see a return on your money.

An interesting program a buddy of mine did was one called praxis, kinda like a certificate program or trade school for white collar jobs but an alternative to college.

Pretty interesting concept 1 year program so not 4 years. 6 months is self study, 6 months internship working in your field. Nice that there's no BS general requirement classes, its all targeted. Fields are like marketing, copywriting, coding/programming, sales. It costs 11k and you come out ahead money since your working during the program and at the end your guranteed a job making 45k a year or more starting. Only catch is its pretty selective 11% of applicants get in.

I'd love to see more alternatives to college like this

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