Paris Is The City of Darkness and Hate!

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'Paris - the city with plenty of darkness and even more hate!', was the graffiti sentence on one of the hundreds painted street garages which got my attention on the way to the school's second Project Week, 'My Week in Paris'. In the first hand, I found this statement very provocative which sparked a very strange and unknown feeling through my whole body, but after the only couple of minutes, I tried to remind myself that the place where I am traveling to is the place filled with buch of shiny lights and truthful love, nothing else. However, on our eight hours long travel, my full attention was completely preoccupied by the 'Ultimate Paris Guide' magazine which was creatively inspiring and motivating me with the most beautiful photos of Paris and all the places tourists are supposed to visit in the city center.


The main goals of this Project Week ten group people were attending various workshops regarding the beauty of rhetorics and freedom of the 'art of speech'. We have, indeed, learned a lot about these topics, and our viewpoints expanded to a larger extent. It is always very useful to learn new things in life since it is very short, isn't it? Another aim of our expedition from which I learned the most, was exploring this great city and its long and astonishing history. Louvre museum, Eiffel tower, Arc the Triomphe, etc. are attractions that left us without a breath and had an impressive impact on the understanding of peope who lived in the dark shades of past in Paris.


Moreover, the most astonishing impact and even broader and more complete understanding of present in Paris started as we entered to the metro. Differences between people and economic disparities between the center and suburbs of Paris were obvious. It was so ugly to see people exposed to negative sides of racism, deep hate, pacts with loneliness, and many, many other, more negative daily situations. Dozens of homeless people were deeply asleep on rotten benches, and countless of refugee families carrying baby children were seated around each corner, begging for coins which could possibly make them a way to feed their children and somehow survive uglier and uglier days. This made me totally discouraged. Discouraged by all the negativities I witnessed in the 'dark' corners of this city, Paris. Corners of the city full of lights and love.


When we were getting back home, I was not able to stop thinking about all those scenes I previously witnessed during the past seven days. Those were not the scenes that would evoke happiness inside me, but those were the scenes that constantly were making me feel deeply sad. I have remembered those garages where I notice the sentence written on one of them, but now on the opposite side was written: 'Remember? I did tell you!' Indeed, this 'Ultimate Paris Guide' magazine should be completely changed into 'Ultimate Parise Guide of darkness and hate'. Paris, however, taught me many nice things, but the most important ones will always remain within myself.


Have you ever experienced anything similar, and what have you learned from it? Please write your opinions and comments below.



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Bio sam u Parizu ored nekoliko godina. Prvo šok mi je bio kad smo s autobusom došli pred hotel smeće uz cestu. Kad je je netko sipao kantu smeća. Preko hotela je bio nadvožnjak isood kojeg je živjelo 20 tak ljudi. Neki su imali madrace. Ostali su se svakako snalazili. To me baš šokiralo. I u podzemnoj je škoro došlo do pljačke. Neka dva sumnjiva lika su krenula prema nama, ali uspjeli smo se ukrcati i krenuti. Kod Eifellovog tornja gužva. Jadni ljudi prodaju suvenire kao što su privjesci Eiffelovog tornja za ključ 5 za 1 euro i slično. Na skoro svakom malo prometnijem mjestu policija s dugim cijevima. To me baš neugodno iznenadilo. Uglavnom vidio sam Pariz i ništa posebno. Osobno mi je Prag ljepši. Ima dušu. Legende.

@branimir.mihalic, hvala na komentaru. Sve je do osobnog iskustva. U potpunsti se slazem za Pariz. Kod mene, Prag, recimo da je ostao u negativnom sjecanju jer kada sam bio tamo, svjedocio sam brojnim scenama gdje su dzeparosi pljackali jadne prolaznike te gdje su lopovi okpljackali jednog od mojih prijatelja (mobitel nestao u roku od 5 sekundi), a kada su bili prijavljeni - policija ne radi nista. Imao sam osjecaj da rade zajedno.

I think every large city has its own dark side. New York, London, Tokyo, Shanghai...It's sad to see the dark side, but the experience just make me cherish what I have at the moment more.

@yingzoe, thanks for your reply. Almost everything can be perceived differently by different people. And in my humble opinion, what is dark for someone, it might be great for someone else.
All the best, @keyss.

I visited Paris about ten or more years ago, and even back then the problem was obvious and in your face the whole time. The only happy memory I have is the Louvre, not even the Eiffel tower could somehow change the fact that I did get robbed.
They took my money and password, it was a nightmare and a challenge to get back home. I know this could have happened anywhere, but I traveled all across Europe, and it only happened in Paris.
From all the cities that I've visited Milan and Paris are definitely the worst regarding poverty and garbage lying around. I can only imagine how they look now.

@zen-art, sorry to hear what has happened to you. As I mentioned somewhere above, it is all about the experience. I am sure that you have great feelings about other cities, but some others don't unfortunately. Thanks for coming by. @keyss

Interesting perspective. I think all cities have a dark underbelly, because cities are not really natural and the bigger they get, the more nature they submerge. Do "primitive" societies have homeless people?
There are positive sides to city life too. It's thought-provoking.

@natubat, hey :)
Thanks for taking time and writing a feedback. The capital of my country, Sarajevo, has 1.000 homeless people, but 11.000 homeless dogs. Definitely thought-provoking, right? :)

Very! A whole other subject.

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