IQ test for children

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IQ test for children

Every father and mother wants his child to be the most intelligent and always seeks to make him the first in all fields to compete with him and provide a lot of his foods and vitamins and a lot of information that helps him to progress and become the smartest among all his friends of children, and seeks father and mother to compete with his child to compete between All the friends and colleagues, and the indicators that parents are looking for to obtain are the indicators of intelligence in their child to raise that level in it and to improve its level if the level is very low in the intelligence known.

In order to measure the intelligence of the child, the first need to know the types of intelligences experienced by the child and it is on a number of multiple gradations and emotional intelligence is one of the most common intelligences, which is the percentage of intelligence General 98% of general intelligence, as well as cognitive intelligence, which is the highest intelligence after Emotional intelligence is only 1%, which is the result of memorization, reading and so on. The other species are logical intelligence, physical intelligence, and musical intelligence, which constitute 1% of the total.

There are some mental programs that examine and measure the intelligence in children, and therefore we see that research in the examination of the intelligence in children is focused on the intelligence logical and cognitive only in the child, and therefore the results of those tests lead only to obtain false information about intelligence in Children only.

The child's intelligence and access can be predicted by reading the child's special actions and reactions to the events around him and his interaction of important events, thus obtaining information that lies in the child's mind, as well as directing a number of simple logical questions that make the child's mind search for color discrimination The various forms of engineering and installation games and the ability to install the acts and beauty in the installation, and it is possible to test the child's mental ability to read the numbers and accounts in the original.

The intelligence of the child can also be tested by meditating on nature. When knowledge of the universe is reached, the intelligence of the child is increased. This helps him to progress in the search for information and intelligence in the child, and the child's understanding of the environment indicates a very high intelligence, Graphics and precision in color identification and signify the great growth in physical intelligence, as well as the analytical ability found in the graphics and color discrimination, and also looking for a large number of neuroscientists and the brain in the cases of meditation on the search for the origins of things and that break the numbers, Calculations of mental intelligence through the computations collected by the tens, tens and hundreds and the development of processes of logical intelligence as well as musical intelligence of the child by listening to the world music.

By: Heba Saeed


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