ADSactly Tech News - Students in Myanmar Taught Programming Skills!

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ADSactly Tech News: Students in Myanmar Taught Programming Skills!

Image Source: MM Times

  • Young students have been offered an opportunity to study basic computer programming.

  • This program is the first of its kind in government schools and was introduced by the Myanmar STEM Education Association.

In this article I will review a brand new program developed in Myanmar to teach young students how to do computer programming.

I've selected this topic because although most may not know this about Myanmar but the income gap in Myanmar happens to be one of the widest in the world. This is because a large proportion of the economy is controlled by supporters of the former military government. Furthermore, as of 2016, Myanmar ranks 145 out of 188 countries in human development, according to the Human Development Index.

The fact that they are beginning to teach software programming in schools is welcomed news and may be able to have an impact on bringing about better lives for the people of Myanmar.

So, lets take a look into this program in more detail here. The Hour-of-Code has been described as a global movement of computer programming for children. It was recently introduced by the Myanmar STEM Education Association (MSEA) at the Practicing High School of Yangon University of Education in Kamayut township of Yangon on Tuesday.

Now this may seem like a publicity stunt and in some ways because its just getting going it does play that role. But the simple fact that an opportunity like this has been created provides a major possibility to increase social mobility in Myanmar.

It was a first for students of government schools in Myanmar. The school, which is Myanmar’s largest, has 7200 students, of which 380 students joined the event, according to headmaster Dr Moe Thu.

This is a large scale project and something that all countries in SE Asia could benefit from. I would guess that in a school of 7200 students very few of them actually have even basic computer skils and that's something that needs to change.

“Actually, the curriculum for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is well known in developed countries’ classrooms. Computer programming is a part of STEM. That’s why I try to introduce this kind of special training for my students, even though we cannot have the whole curriculum for STEM,” Thu said.

Image Source: Pexels

Dr Moe Thu said that she became passionate and inspired to build a full training program in computer programming for children after attending a competition event of ASEAN students for STEM in Vietnam last year.

“I saw a lot of children from ASEAN countries being very familiar with STEM education but Myanmar’s children are not. In other countries, Hour-of-Code is taught through weekly or daily lessons at formal schools. But in Myanmar, I cannot make this kind of classroom schedule for students because it is not included in the official curriculum of the Government. So I tried a compromise by teaching computer programming for my students,” she said.

What we are looking at here is a very logical chain of events taking place. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that a greater focus on learning skills in school as opposed to random facts and memorized content will result in creating better lives. Active learning has too long been neglected in education but for teachers in training in modern education programs it is pitched as the most important factor in creating successful lessons. What this means is that in fostering a true learning experience one can not only present new information but they must also allow students to apply it in new, interesting and creative ways.

The best learning takes place when there is a clear objective and reason to learn something. Computer skills are extremely important in this new technological age we are living in. I want to see these skills being developed at a more rapid pace in developing countries to give the people of these countries a better shot at real social mobility and better lives.

Another teacher from MSEA, Ma Keemoe, had a few more things to add based on this topic. Keemoe said that children are very interested in coding but the main factor that keeps them from learning is that most of the training materials are written in English and that presents a significant language barrier.

“In international school, children speak English, so we don’t need to explain the coding vocabulary like ‘keep forward’ but for Burmese-speaking children, we need to explain. The rest of the training is okay because they are happy to learn,” she explained.

Image Source: Pexels

A few more things that should be added include the fact that the Hour-of-Code has not been aimed at developing the level of skill required for a professional carrer in coding but it may present a valuable gateway in learning the logic of computer programming. These thoughts make a lot of sense to me and beyond giving students a basic understanding of computers and how computer programming works it may also inspire them to go further in this direction and actually develop the skills required to pursue a professional career in this field.

“It looks like playing a game for children but in fact it is computer programming. So, the children might familiarize with the logic of coding while they are playing. And the training needs only a very short time like one or two hours,” Ma Keemoe said.

Finally it's important to note that the Hour-of-Code has now become a global movement implemented in more than 180 countries focused around teaching computer programming to children and improve their logic and analytical skills.

Image Source: MM Times

So what can we expect to come from this new Hour-of-Code initiative? Personally I think its a big step in the right direction and needs to be supported and built upon feverishly by educators and administrators across the world.

In order to foster social mobility which basically means a pursuit of income equality for people living in developing countries, the quality of education must be improved significantly.

What do you guys think about this new Hour-of-Code program? Do you think we will see computer programming classes being offered in SE Asian schools in the near future?

I'd love to hear the @ADSactly community's thoughts on this topic!

Thanks for reading.

Authored by: @techblogger

In-text citations sources:

Hour-of-Code introduced at Myanmar’s biggest school - MM Times

Image Sources: MM Times

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I would say that computer coding is the best investment for anyone and enywere in the entire world particularly in developing countries where people can get acces to entire world. Hour-of-Code program sounds like an amazing idea, when coding is what makes it possible for us to create computer software, apps and websites. Your browser, your OS, the apps on your phone, Facebook, and this website – they’re all made with codes as well as blockchain technology is.


Correct. Nice points here @rothberg!


You are right bro @rothberg!


You're definitely right here @rothberg


I'm passing it to my kids as heritage. They can do a lot with that knowledge and not much hardware.

Thank you Hour-of-code..I am very happy with this initiative to teach programming at this age level...I highly recommend processing ( as a platform for learning how to program for young programmers. Processing is the new LOGO of this generation - it allows young programmers the ability to build programming projects with visual impact quickly without understanding complex image/graphic libraries.

In a few lines of code, they can draw objects, build simple games, animate shapes etc. This makes programming fun instead of the usual standard text output that most of us started with more traditional programming languages (Pascal, C/C++, Java, etc)

Out of the box, it also comes with a simple editor that you can setup the environment quickly. In addition, there are a lot of books that use processing as teaching tools for non-programmers, they are easy to read and go from simple concepts (variables, boolean logic, condition, scope) to more complex programming concepts like data structures, arrays, objects, etc.


Yes that would be the end goal. At first it's just about getting these kids familiar with concepts around programming and create an inspiration or hope in them to learn more. I find that people just need inspiration if they want to grow. I hope this hour-of-code is a successful way to put hopes and dreams in the minds of the youth!


Catching them young is the goal


Excellent Post. I invite you to see my postcards. Here I leave the link


Thanks for the info. I think I'll gonna try this platform one of this days @kouba01


Yeah you are right bro @kouba01
These tools are helpful too


This is really a booming step for education in asian countries like Myanmar infact it should be started in all asian countries. Being an Asian i totally agree with the teacher saying that the children face difficulties because of the coding being in English. This is the major issue with asian countries, there grass toot level education which is taken care by the govt mostly have local languages as amedium of education. Only private schools in these countries which are run by businessmen or elite class have English language as thr medium. This differentiation starts right from thr. The private schools offer good education but its very expensive for majorily populated people. But Kudos to this step. Its really encouraging


The language barrier is a huge obstacle but it simply presents an opportunity to increase training in English in these countries and develop materials in local languages. Both of these activities should be taking place with the end goal being an effort to increase social mobility and giving kids opportunities to be successful in this field.


Yes. I am agree with you@tasauver

I think that this is the right initiative that should be continued throughout the world. It is necessary to prepare a specialist who will prepare a new generation for the digital era. In our time, the most valuable thing that a person can have is knowledge. And getting the right and valuable knowledge is impossible without quality education.
Everyone, regardless of place of residence and social status, has the right to education and has the right to become better and more intelligent. The mind has made a man out of a monkey and the mind will make of a poor man - a rich man. The main condition is equal rights in obtaining an education.
You know well-known pogovrku Samuel Kolt: "The Lord created people different, and Colonel Colt made them equal." In our time it can be paraphrased as follows: "The state machine and society made people different, but education and the pursuit of knowledge made them equal."
Everyone should have the right to become smarter and everyone should dispose of their knowledge at their own discretion.
Thank you, good article


please help me to upvote @simosteem


I wholeheartedly agree with you. Each person should be given that basic right.

That's really great. At my university we bring students of the village to the university to help them in their studies and also teach them how to code.
Our mission is to lift the standard of the living of the surrounding.


That's very inspiring! I think every University that meets this criteria should be involved in the same way. Thanks for contributing here!


Thank you so much for your kind words.
My university is at a remote area, so our vision is to uplift the lives of the people living in the surrounding areas.


who is this afroguy... i need a frn like him bro... :p

yeah might programming skills but the country has problems with burning down the houses of minority Muslims


This is a valid point as well. I don't think the two are completely related and I'm sure that many would like the opportunity to move abroad and pursue a career in programming if possible so lets keep our eyes on the ball here! Thanks for your comment.


please help me to upvote @simosteem

The Hour-of-code initiative has started something serious. Every kid should know basic computer skills. I believe that the initiative will spread its tentacles in Asian schools in near future. Reading this article makes me want to share, that I work in an organisation to help kids from underprivileged background to cope up with the language barrier you mentioned. I teach them English. It was worth reading the article. Keep writing. By the way, I write. You can check my blog and upvote if you like anything. Would really appreciate your support.


Absolutely, these are the types of activities that are needed to pull the developing world up by its bootstraps! Helping the underprivledged is a fantastic thing! Thanks for your kind words.


Thank you. :)

Good for them. I'm hoping my kids start programming from a young age. when I went to school they started offering classes when you were 15-16. Pretty young for the times, but still late imo.

Truly, as a programmer myself, I would definitely vouch for these programs, coming from a third world country(Philippines) and having been taught programming only when I got to college just because it's my degree program. How awesome it would be for the generation that comes after me gets to be educated properly. Tech is the new thing and I know that from that point on comes more opportunities for young brilliant Filipino minds to flourish even more! Congratulations, Myanmar!


That is great @joyglyncel! Hearing feedback like this makes what I do all the more enjoyable! Best of luck in your bright development career. If you want to take a shot at a job head over to @minnowbooster and join the discord. Leave contact information in the job-posts section and there might be some work around for you.

Technology is taking over the universe and it is key to note that this change is led by programmers. There's basically no phase of development that some point does not require the application of logic. So to answer your question,

Yes, in the near or far future, programming will be offered independently or added to the school curriculum and it will be best for the world at large.

Further more, I strongly support the introduction of programming and logic to children as it opens them towards what they would love in a form of a career. Given that children love playing with their hands and imagining or creating things, introducing them into this is a great step as we see these kids becoming professionally inclined and technologically motivated and educated even before they make a career choice.

It's high time they learn what makes up their world. It's high time they were taught that everything they own (video games, devices, laptops etc) is based on some algorithm developed by someone somewhere and they too can do it. In fact, they too can make their own world.


Completely agree. Thanks for answering my questions. Feedback like this is valuable and the goal of teaching kids valuable skills (especially in developing countries) is a very worthy one!



Very good initiative and a promising project .. it allows them to learn about programming and have their own career afterwards



When you want to Flag them but see their Steem power lol


absolutely !!


This is really a very good way to learn,
At the age they are still young like this we teach the program and computer problems to them.
Because their minds are still very fast, and all that they get from learning this, they will not easily forget it again, I strongly support this educated post like this.
Thank you @adsactly terlah various science.

I will reeatem this post, so many users steemit know how to provide knowledge to young children.


That is great! The young are the future and we need to teach and raise them correctly to ensure future generations work towards making our world a better place.


yes, keep it this way.
education is very important for young children.

“Computer skills are extremely important in this new technological age we are living in”
I think Hour-of-Code initiative is amazing way especially in developing countries. With today’s technology and blockchain technology which is at the beginning stage, it’s an amazing opportunities for anyone in the world. In my opinion coding is not just for coders anymore, Computer programming jobs may be declining, but coding is becoming the most in-demand skill across industries.


Definitely, after the kids learn about basic programming skills, languages and frameworks eventually teaching them about blockchain could be an amazing way to set them up for life!

Very essential for these kids to learn basic computer skills!Their future might depend on it!

That's nice initiative.Hope that will be good for them.@upvoted and resteemed

Very nice post its helpful post and nice photography...

This is beautiful. Catch them young.

now a days programming language is going to very popular.... all the best for all childrens and thank u to share it for knowing to us...I must upvote and resteem it.

The Future looks real good with smart kids like them. Thanks so much for your upvotes!


It is certainly looking better with programs like these!

If I find something good in the world, they are childrenIMG-20180122-WA0012.jpg

good initiative but stay focused (Y). these project require alot of efforts and time.

The posting you share very nice, thanks friend

children today are very clever in using technology tools that canngih.
if we compare with the children of antiquity must be more great now.
I really salute the children of today who are smart and want to graduate with sophisticated technological tools.
Good luck @adsactly

Good work,great post.

i think it a great projects and its very helpful for progress.... i glad to see your post...

Well, it is the future on our doorstep! Keep going forward!

Software programming is absolutely a life-long skill that will see the Students attain a sustainable level of independence upon graduation.
School life teaches lesson before giving a test; Street life gives test before teaching a lesson

Programming is a great skill

This is really a great effort you have put yourself is really a godly work...helping backwards ....helping children at this level can really make alot of difference when they become grownups...thanks for bringing steemians concern about the mayanmar is really a appriciated work....

I was in Myannmar last year. Beautiful country with beautiful people. There will be a long hard road to get them to the point where they need to be but when they get there, it will be one of the hottest destinations on the planet. Lots of investment going into the country, especially from Japan.


That's very interesting. I still haven't made it to Myanmar yet but I intend to visit soon. I've heard that things are changing and beyond the recent political / humanitarian issues surrounding the Rohinga, I've only heard positive things as of late.

It's a great initiative to teach the the little millennials the computer programming and all things related to it.keeping in mind the position Myanmar possess at HDI,this seems to to improving steps,children will learn about the futuristic technology like block chain and might come with some of the ingesting ideas.

Upvote and resteemit done..Dear .

I've just finally understood what @adsactly is all about. I'm loving the top quality, and more importantly, interesting stories coming out of this channel! Brilliant. Another fabulous piece.

Wow that's so great :) It will be very useful for them in future

Education is the backbone of the nation.

Moving to Myanmar to learn programming. 😁

i hope there safe

Teaching computer programing in schools is a good initive from the Myanmar government. Hope this will help them a lot.


I hope so too! I think they will see many benefits from introducing programs like this in their schools.

good work
carry on

upvote and resteemit has been done

The need for education cannot be over emphasised and technology is now the bedrock for development.

That is an awesome initiative. This is a tech generation and those kids in Myanmar deserves it.

Thanks for sharing
This is a good project. Hopefully they will do it in more countries. Children are our future

Really good news.Dear!!!

That is REALLY great! The people in Myanmar really struggling, there is a genocide going on for such a long time and no one seems to help those people!! I think it is amazing that they help those children and let them learn how to use technology! Keep up the good work.

Compared to earlier, there has been a lot of improvement in each and every aspect of education and technology in particular. This initiative for transit is really exciting.

This is amazing, wow.

Dr Moe Thu said that she became passionate and inspired to build a full training program in computer programming for children after attending a competition event of ASEAN students for STEM in Vietnam last year.

Computer programming education to help children to empower their analytical skills and logic is a good sign to wish well for the future of all these childs and in consequence our future. Remarkable article @adsactly


Thanks for this! I agree that computer programming education is a worthy goal and any other activity that teaches real and valuable skills in which students will be able to use to improve their situations!

Nice your post information

Yes, we will see computer programming classes being offered in SE Asian schools in the near future. Great work. Keep it up.


Thanks for the encouragement. Really pleased you enjoyed this article. I'm going to keep the tech focus on social mobility as much as possible.

so nice and beatifull your post my dear.......

upvote and resteemit done dear....
keep it on....

This is such a good program! Those kids will have brighter future!

Excellent that children get involved with technology so they learn better.

I really like your post because it is very useful

@adsactly please vote your brother this is sad kalini no one vote at home also no more food, please

Wow sounds great, who knows one or more of this kids will be great programmers in the future @adsactly

his children learn who is diligent

Great post! I Upvoted and followed. Do the same and we can support one another.😚😍

Exceletne project @adsactly, the technology is the future and should already be a mandatory subject worldwide, in the case of Venezuela is introduced to the computer but only at the level of some private schools to children who attend primary school.

hallo sahabat steemit semua saya pendatang baru disini mohon bantuan untuk mejadi sahabat saya semua

Hi I am friend of all ...Sakib Khan...

very very good

Warm regards,
please voteback ..

really noble deeds share, teach useful useful for fellow human beings.

The goal of education is not to increase the amount of knowledge but to create the possibilities for a child to invent and discover, to create men who are capable of doing new things.

Aceh - Indonesia student should get the opportunities in this activity. Really need to teach them in programming skills. then they can spent their time possitively.

Anyone have reference how we can get the expert for this event?

very good

Bilgi için teşekkürler iyi şanslar

That's a really informative piece of article..In the coming era of digitization, coding will be perceived as a normal subject like maths or science or english..which we used to study at school.

I believe that corporate sector has a huge role to play here.If Hour-of-Code can be integrated with corporate social responsibility or CSR initiative of different organisation then I think it will be beneficial for poorly funded public schools in the Asian countries.

Also, being a part of CSR , it will involve employees of the different organisation in the initiative who will enrich the program with their real life example and will make it an interesting one.

What do you guys think on this..??

Good work dear!! I think these kids are the worlds future and the finest generation in the world they learn now we can't even know in young age that is the best strategy tu bringing up the reall talent.
Keep it up man
It's a gentle request I am new here I just join by few days ago I take so much time know how steemit works and how people are get many friends I want also please visit my blog and advice me some thing to do that appreciate my hard work please 👍🏻✅

Education is the best solution and investment for everybody particularly in developing countries. Coz it gives hopes. In the picture above, I can see the eyes of students are sparkling with bright smile. Great work~ Voted!

This is great and very important for the kids.

It's a child wearing programming skills! I am surprised! !😃

Excellent post keep up the good work 👏😎

it will be very helpful for Myanmar by day they are improving in education sector.

Agree whit that

Hour of code have undoubtedly enable students to learn a language, i would say, which was completely alien to them.Being an ICT teacher, I myself have conducted several activities using the program and it has worked wonders. GOOD LUCK Hour of Code!!

that bull's image
was that shot by you ?@adsactly

Wow! I really liked your post friend you have my vote

I find it fascinating that they do this ... teach a topic like programming in developing countries since this is the future ... thank you very much for always publishing high quality content .... here work gods

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Good verry2 good

I'm passing it to my children as legacy. They can complete a considerable measure with that learning and very little equipment.@alirazaamjad

your child must be smart clever

very nice content... pleasure to see.. thanks for sharing.. once again wonderful job..waiting for your next post...upvoted and followed

It's a very successful program. Thank you

I would say that computer coding is the best investment for anyone and especially in developing countries in the world where people can get confidence in the whole world. The Judgment Code program looks like an amazing idea, when it is coding, it makes it possible for us to create computer software, apps and websites. Your browser, your OS, apps on your phone, Facebook, and this website they are created together with all codes as well as blockschaintechnology.

nice post. Thanks for share bro.

Please need your upvote and support...
I am new here please upvote my post. I will be very thankful to you....

Children are going to study programming ? That's actually really cool.They are going to become smarter that way . I just want the parents to ask their children first whether they really want to get the classes since I would never push my kid to something that he doesn't like.Programming is tough but fun and it requires dedication like everything else.It's a fact that the technology advances are happening extremely fast and stuff like this are expected since most of the world is in the digital era.

Thank you for contributing to the Steemit Community.Keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to your next posts.