What makes a Shaman, Mystic, Seer different than an Average Person?

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In the current state of Society, the aforementioned roles aren't quite well accepted as a normal standard. But the thing is that the normal society isn't quite well accepted within those certain roles too. And I'm saying society rather than Average Person because that's the criteria of being Average nowadays.

The Difference


A state of Awareness is the only different thing that mediates the difference between an ordinary man and a Shaman. It is what the Ordinary man is not aware of that makes him ordinary within the eyes of a Shaman. But at their cores, bot Shaman and Ordinary Person are Human, both with equal abilities. Only different states of awareness gained through experience. " When one goes through something, be it physical or nonphysical, by paying attention to the impact on that thing onto him, he may now be aware of its existence".

So with that said, the difference between both individuals is the lack of experience, leading to a lack of awareness.

But that difference has a pre-request that is beyond simply noting it.

The Shaman compared to the Ordinary Person is within full control of his Individuality, [Emotions/Mental Perception/Physicality], Gained through awareness or through a right of passage, or on birth if he is not within a normal society.

Where the ordinary person is in most cases only Aware and in control of his Physicality and in some cases Emotional Body but to a simple extent. Some might see that as a bad thing, but in almost all cases it is a good thing because it saves a person from the perils of the Unknown.

Shamanic Healing


What difference is there between medicine and Shamanic healing?

I've previously written about the interconnectedness between mind body and soul. If a person is to heal his body into a perfect vessel of health, he will heal his mind and soul.

By taking medicine we heal our bodies, which heals the mind and soul. But shamanic healing focuses on healing the nonphysical aspects of our being, which once healed lead to the body being fixed as well. That is due to the interconnectedness of the mind body and spirit.

Why we don't see many shamans in the city?

First of all, In the shamanic view, mental illness signals “the birth of a healer,” in our society mental illness signals a defective person. So we don't have the knowledge to support shamanism in Cities, we have mental institutes.

Life in a City is hard and mainly goes against Shamanism. Being a Shaman requires a Healthy mind and spirit. Something that City life struggles to leave space for. That is why most Shamans live in mountains and small villages.

Although there seems to be a new breed of Neo Shamans which finds a way to incorporate City life and the way. Personally, I think that they might be better suited for the role, but as I said, it is all based on what one person is aware of, so having different experiences makes different people in that circle.

Most people like to associate Shamanism with the ability to heal and talk to spirits. But that's what they see in the whole picture and those are the benefits that are given from one party to another.

One thing that is unknown is the process of Embodiment that goes on for a person to swim in those waters. It takes years of practice and experience not only on a physical level but rather on all levels of being. That is what stands behind the word "Shaman". It is not a case-specific role that is the same for everyone.

Simmilar to Shamans Mystics and Seers have the same difference when compared to Normal People, but have walked different paths compared to the one of the shaman.

Thanks for reading!

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Isn't an average person a mathematical concept ? we all have a spirit.

Great post an a very vail point. I feel shamans are on the increases for sure. We are reverting back to that way of life as people realise the way of big Pharma. I'm very interested in knowing more 💯🐒


Thank you for your interest ! And thanks for leaving a comment too <3


Your welcome looking forward to more 💯🐒

There are some urban mystics, but I think it easiest in old cities that have retained some relevant history. A city is so vast and anonymous that one can create one's own version of it, visiting those (few) places left that have power and knowledge.


Greatly said.

An interesting and thought provoking piece.

With a shift in mass consciousness folks will assume greater control for their own well being and the Shaman may well become an integral part of more ordinary peoples lives (again) ~ well one can hope.


Upvoted/Followed and happy to have stumbled upon you here.

I have a piece that may be of interest to you here, and would welcome your comment.

With Love.



Thanks for the support <3 Always lovely to see fellow free people !

The idea of shamanism resonates with me deeply. Sometimes I wonder of it is my Celtic roots or my Cherokee roots. Maybe both.
Here is a song that seems to capture the feeling.


All roots go to chamanism!


I am starting to see that. 🌀😊🌀


The Celts were Pagans, very much like Shamans...so that doesn't surprise me at all. I've always been drawn by the same thing. I think it's what brought me to Ireland and what made other places on earth so familiar. ❤️️

nice post man . Very interesting.Raising awareness and enlightenment in general however small they might be is the way to go if we want a better future ;)its a slow process but its worth it. resteemed.

I LOVE this article. I have always been drawn by Shamanism, ever since i was a child. It was when I worked in a building as a hypnotherapist with other healers, and we had an introduction evening that I found out why. It was interesting to say the least (long story) and an eye opener. I've been alone in this, pretty much all my life until recently I found a place near where I live, a shop and I started speaking to the owner about cryptocurrency and steemit. We are talking a lot now, and turns out: the interests are the same. I found people who are like me, after all these years of (inactively) searching. ❤️️

I like how you say that the birth of mental illness indicates the birth of a healer.

I guess I'm a healer then ;)

I am a taoist shaman, it has been a pretty difficult road to find myself. If you look at me with the naked I from outside, you would never think I would claim to be as such. People always want shamans to dress up the part. I don't!!
I love being in nature, but there is so much to do in the urban areas too. I do have to get out to the nature, and feel myself, and recharge... But in the big picture you are always in nature :D

As people awaken, they will return more to this. Mostly because it makes so much more sense than taking chemicals with awful side effects. I'm a reiki master, which is different, but but energetic and spiritual healing have some common threads.
Don't know if you are into Star Wars, but they touched on this idea that all people have spiritual power (as opposed to only Jedis) in the last movie. I was really glad to see those ideas coming to the mainstream.