The Healing Power of Herbs_ The Medicinal Cooking Collective - Diets For Ailments & Disease: Week 2 Cancer

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This weeks Medicinal Cooking Challenge is all about sharing our knowledge about what the best foods are for fighting and treating Cancer. My sister was diagnosed with Cancer over a year and a Half ago and when I found out, I spend along time researching what would be the best treatment for her. I eat mainly natural foods, don't use over the counter medicine and I haven't eaten meat for 25 years, so for me it was all about the natural way for her to treat her Cancer.

She was Diagnosed with Cervical Cancer and straight away they convinced her to have a hysterectomy, telling her it would get rid of her cancer. But it didn't. Today it has spread and she currently has a huge tumour blocking her bladder which means she can not drain her bladder and has had to have 2 tubes put into her back to do that job for her. The last year and a half have been really full on for her. I spend a lot of time forwarding her information that I had researched, but ultimately this is her life, her journey and the best thing I can do is support her in whatever she decides.

I would like to share some of that research with you all today.

I have so much faith in the fact that nature provides us with all that we need in order to thrive and to heal ourselves. It is a matter of educating oneself and having faith and having people around you who support you, in your healing. One factor that has a huge impact oh cancer is stress. It is so important to focus on ways that will help you relax, that will help you release locked up emotions, it is unrealistic to think that we can heal cancer only by what we eat. Although certain herbs do help in promoting relaxation and help in allowing us to open up and release. I will talk of them in another post.

Artemisia- Sweet Wormwood

Artemisa or Sweet Wormwood as it is more commonly known, has been used to treat parasites and malaria for many years throughout Asia and Africa. There are many different types of wormwood and one that is found in Europe that I knew was successful in treating parasites. However there have been some amazing discoveries made about Artemisa. It is successful in treating malaria because it specifically attacks cells which are high in Iron and the malaria Parasite has a high Iron concentrate.

Cancer cells are also high in Iron as they soak up the mineral to facilitate cell division.

The cells bring in extra iron with the help of transferrin receptors, special receiving points that funnel the mineral into the cell. Although normal cells also have transferrin receptors, cancerous ones can have many more.

What this means is that Artemisa is able to differentiate between cancer cells and normal cells and it works to destroy the cancer cells without affecting the normal, healthy cells. This is because of it's ability to create free radicals when it reacts with Iron and these free radicals kill the cancer cells.

Please watch the video below which really goes into more detail about the powerful healing properties of this amazing herb. As always this amazing highly affordable, herb is not being introduced as treatment for cancer and this is why it is so important to do your own research.

Cancer Fighting Foods

I know that @eco-alex has asked that a full meal plan be created full of cancer fighting foods, but I am not going to include a full meal plan. Instead I am just including a recipe for a very potent green juice that is full of cancer fighting ingredients.

Super Green Juice

I cup of Broccoli
1 cup of kale
1/2 cup cucumber
1 Lime
2 Sticks Celery
1/2 Apple
2 Cloves of Garlic.

Leafy greens are so important to include, as @ecö-alex already stated in his post, they are some of the most alkalizing foods and cancer thrives in acidic environments, they have such great health benefits and are all the better if you can grow them yourself our source them locally. Both Kale and Broccoli belong to the same family of veg, Brassicas and they all contain sulforophane which is a type of isothiocyanate which is known to inhibit cancer cell activation, enhance natural detoxification processes, and boost immunity.

Cucumbers also have great cancer fighting properties as they contain cucurbitacins, which are known for their anti cancer benefits. There was a research paper done in 2013 called "Cucurbitacins -- A Promising Target for Cancer Therapy", which discusses this in much more detail.

Celery contains an antioxidant flavonoid called apigenin, which has really huge cancer fighting properties as well.

Apigenin was found to inhibit the initiation, progression and metastasis of tumors.
And, apigenin fights cancer at every stage – with multiple mechanisms of action. This versatility is important because it may help to overcome the natural genetic variations that make some patients unable to benefit from a single chemopreventive compound.

It is so important to use a good juicer and that means investing in one that will help to retain most of the nutrients in your veg and fruit. For that reason the masticating juicers are the best as they imitate the chewing action of your mouth. I highly recommend the Tribest Solo Star 4 juicer as it is the the slowest horizontal juicer available at only 57rpm. This is the juicer I got for my sister and the one I use myself at home.

There is so much information online when it comes to treating Cancer naturally, and it can be quite overwhelming, trying to digest all of the information. If you are supporting someone with Cancer, the best thing to do is give them the time and respect to make their own decisions and surround them with love and understanding. Something me and my girls like to do is envisage my sister in perfect health everyday and project it out into the world. Love is such a powerful healer.

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As you know I mentioned recently on discord that I had experienced a quick recovery. It was due in part to a smoothie regimen that I had seen on youtube and after years of suffering from fibroids I was willing to try one more thing and in 6 days my body had reset itself and I am now in a balanced state as the detox and healing process continues the main thing in the smoothie mix was green veggies, fruits, and turmeric. All of this is in perfect alignment with the coming of my favorite season of the year Autumn.

Hiii...Great Post with Great Information.

Many great tips! I am a big fan of green smoothies and including herbs in my everyday life! So powerful and energizing! I hope your sister is getting better.Much love to you and your family my dear!!


thank you beautiful, you make the best smoothies and always inspire me with your amazing wholesome food, much love to you too xxx

This is wonderful information and the smoothie sounds perfect. I have read so much about alkalizing foods and we try to do this for ourselves as a preventative measure.

The act of researching, sharing and then stepping back and allowing loved once to make their own decisions is so hard. I hope things are getting better for your sister.


thank you @walkerland, yes it was a big lesson in me stepping back and accepting that I am only there to support and shower her with love xxx

thank you for sharing this very difficult story.. i send my positive feelings for your sisters healing..

thank you for brining in the emotions.. which is so important, and relaxation is an important one! SO many herbs to choose from ! ive never tried wormwood.. willl look out for it!

<3 xx Ommm blessings!


thank you @eco-alex, I had to mention the importance of emotions and letting go, that seems to be what so many on their cancer journey are being encouraged to do, to slow down and focus on themselves and deal with those things that the never did before.
I was blown away with the research for wormwood myself, thank you for creating this challenge so that I could share that and also learn from others.
Blessings to you my friend xxxx

That's interesting about the wormwood, I hadn't come across any of the research about it attacking cancer cells. Thanks for sharing that! 😊🙏🏽☯️


yes it is an amazing herb, thanks @metametheus for stopping by xxx

Very useful information keep doing it