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"What 3 things are most important to you in the eco-Village of tomorrow? "

This is the latest question put forward by the EcoTrain. @eco-alex has shared his vision about creating an Steem Eco Village based on the gift economy. So this question is to help plant the seed and spread awareness. To get those who are interested in living off grid in a sustainable community, the opportunity to share with us all what is important for them, to share what their vision is.

I have visited a few different communities down through the years and I now live off grid, surrounded by a very creative, diverse community. Everyone lives in alternatively in yurts, trucks, teepee's, and is very independent in their daily lives, yet love to come together to celebrate life, through music, art and song.

As a single mum of 3 kids, I find myself longing for a more day to day involved community. Where we work more closely together. I do however also love my own company, so I would need to create a balance that works for me, and the community. I have really thought about this question a lot and it was difficult to narrow it down to 3 things. But alas I have and they all really flow into one another.


Equal Responsibility

If you wish for a community to thrive, then everyone needs to take responsibility for it. To be a integral part of it, to be committed and passionate. To understand that in order for the community to be sustainable, we need people of different backgrounds and skills, so that we can become less and less dependant on the outside world to sustain us. By no means do we cut our selves off from the wider world, only that we focus on sharing and learning all the skills we need to shelter, feed and provide for everyone within it. That is the responsibility that everyone takes on. We need to learn and grow together, to respect and honour those we live with and give them the space and care they need to grow. Every person has a gift that they can share, everyone is valuable and everyone needs to feel that and honour that.
When challenges arise, then those challenges need to be acknowledged and spoke about, communication is key. It is inevitable that conflict will arise and with it is the knowledge that any conflict is an opportunity for learning and evolving.

Stimulating Environment

Following on from everyone taking responsibility, is the need for everyone to be proactive within the community. Working with others so as to sustain ourselves. As a mother, I want my girls to grow up in an stimulating environment, to witness how creative and resourceful us adults can be. My girls are already quite resourceful, but their are so many other skills that they could learn, that they should learn simply by witnessing them and seeing how important they are in order to thrive. I would love to be in a community where we focused on sharing our skills, from permaculture, building (Alex has this covered with his amazing work with EarthShips), bushcraft, herbal medicine, arts, music. A community where everyday we come together to grow our food, build our homes, create music and art, to cook. There would need to be a rota so that everyone gets to work in the area that they desire. Where children and teenagers are encouraged to help and are allowed to choose what it is they wish to do. Learning is only fun when you are allowed to choose.

It is really important to create different spaces for different activities, as everyone we do creates energy. Building spaces for music and art, spaces for our children to come together and create away from adults, a space that they build and take responsibility for themselves. I would really love to live in a community that had a democratic school for the children to attend if they wished to.

I really believe that it is important to honour and celebrate the seasons and our rites of passage. It is important to create a space where these celebrations can occur, both outside and indoors. A space where everyone has the freedom to celebrate and honour their own spiritual growth.


Animal Welfare

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

I want to live in a community that is committed to leaving the world in a better place, to setting an example of how well, we can create change by working together and being of service to the earth. I want to live in a community that is committed to helping others re connect with nature, with their natural self. I want to live in a community where animals are treated with the respect they deserve. Where they are allowed to live their lives in freedom and that has a space where animals that were once abused and tortured, can be rehabilitated. I want my children and all children to grow up in an environment that respects animals, and their right to live freely. An environment where there is no one exerting dominance over other living beings.

There are so many other things I would have liked to have talked about, but I had to pick three, so three it is. I do hope that you take the time to read the other entries to this wonderful Question and keep an eye out for any future posts from @eco-alex about the Steem Eco Village.

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So many things to think about. I'm sure it was hard to come up with just 3 most important... I had no time to write a post but I should do one when I can anyway as a great exercise for narrowing down our basic principles and ethics for it.

I would love to see an animal sanctuary lile the one you speak of too and commumitcaion, like you said is key... I always believed all fights start because of miscommunication.

Thanks for making me dream

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I think the balance between community and needing our own space had been a theme which has cropped up in a few of these posts. I love your thoughts on an animal sanctuary. Animals are such an integral part of an eco system, but can only be so with some freedom.

Initially I found it hard to think of three things, but now I've written mine I've thought of another. A natural healing place

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thank you @minismallholding, yes to me animals are an integral part of any community and yes a natural healing space is so important, to have some wilderness and a sacred space indoors xx