Being Happy With Who You Are

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One of the most important things you can ask yourself, is are you living the life that you want, the life that you have chosen. Or are you following someone else's path. The dreams of your parents, who you may feel indebted to, or have you fallen on to a path that is comfortable and secure.

There is this fear that hangs over some, a fear of going it alone, of going against the grain. It is understandable, We are social creatures after all and we crave acceptance by others. Yet why should acceptance by others, come before acceptance of self.

For sure some people may not understand why you choose to do what you do and at times you may feel rejected or shun upon because of your life choices. Taking the time to really know ourselves, is not something that we are encouraged to do. Making time to listen to our own needs and follow our heart, these are not the things we are taught. We live in a society where we are encouraged to listen more to others. To follow their advice, their lead, their example. From a young age we are asked to identify who are hero's are, the people we want to be like. But how about just allowing one another to find their own path, without any distractions or influence.

How about learning to embrace who you are.


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Why this drive to get approved by institutions, by universities. I am not saying we should not get that kind of education, but why is academic education deemed the most important. For one it does prepare us to go out into the world and work, to continue competing with others to be approved and accepted by yet more institutions. But is this not just following the herd. Where is the embracing of who we are, all I see is embracing the society that has been created around us, a society where we strive for acceptance. And all for what, so that we can live comfortably, securely. But are we really living then, or are we merely surviving.

It is so important to ask yourself, what exactly it is that you want from life, to not let others project their thoughts or ideas onto you. This really needs to come from you and only you, and this may take some time. Because over the years, we have been pushing these desires aside, burying them deep, because on some level we have come to believe that we do not deserve this. That we need to work hard in order to be successful, in order to fit in and be approved.

For some the mere thought of spending time alone with themselves is frightening, that somehow being alone is seen as a failure. I know that I have heard some people talk about those loners as if it is a negative thing. I for one like to spend time by myself and if I do not get that time, I crave it. Time to sit in silence, to sit with myself, to check in with myself, to really connect with my own feelings and my personal growth. This is a lot harder to achieve when we are surrounded by other people all of the time. Yet it is vital if you are to understand who you are and to allow yourself to become the person you are meant to be.

And yet who you are meant to be, changes as well because we are meant to keep reinventing ourselves. We are constantly growing and changing, everything in life is. We can choose to be stagnant, to follow the same path day in, day out or we can embrace who we are, beings who are shifting and evolving all the time.

There is no singular path in life, there are many and it is up to each and every one of us to decide whether we branch out and explore or whether we always return to the same one. That well worn one that brings great comfort and security. I for one, like to take risks, to jump into the unknown, to allow myself to guide my way. Because of this I can honestly say that I am happy with who I have become.

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Very well said. Living our own life is so much important for our development. Many years I thought, I have to impress others and do want they expect. But from my experience I can say that could never be the way! No one else knows what´s good for us and what´s our passion. We all have different missions here on earth!
I love spending time with myself and sometimes I really need it to fill up myself with new energy. Thanks for sharing these article!


thank you @steemflower for taking the time to read it and for leaving your lovely feedback, indeed we are all unique xx

Could not agree more @trucklife-family - particularly I see myself in you when you say
“I know that I have heard some people talk about those loners as if it is a negative thing. I for one like to spend time by myself.... to sit in silence, to sit with myself, to check in with myself, to really connect with my own feelings and my personal growth.” In my experience when we are connected within it is much easier to connect with others. Thanks you for sharing your wisdom and experience 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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thank you @bewithbreath and yes it is easier to connect with others on a deeper level xx

It's a lovely write-up here. I can sence how connected you are to yourself. I also sense you highly value that connection. If only this was a fundamental practiced in school. It would be difficult for all the empathic kids in rooms full if 30+ kids they may have trouble knowing the difference between what feelings are their own in and amongst everything going on. Wishing you a fantastic day! Steem on ❤


Thank you @yogajill for your lovely words and yes that is why it is important how we live as that is the world our children are born into xx

These are some thoughts I have been having off and on myself of late. Are we really taking the wrong path because it's not the one everyone seems to think we should take? I also wonder how many more people would take different paths if they weren't so worried about being judged for it.

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I think we need to listen to ourselves and find the strength within to carve your own way, thanks @minismallholding xx

I love this theme that threads its way (much like your rainbow path image) through so many of your posts. Be happy with who you are and follow your own path - beat your own drum. Much love to you, sister, as you no doubt hear many contrary voices (which mother doesn't?) but still hold your course. What a wonderful example you are for your girls!

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