Allowing My Rage To Guide Me

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Life takes us on many journeys, it leads us on many different paths, some we walk, fully conscious, fully aware of everything that is happening and other times we walk blindly into the unknown. Each is as important and as educational as the other. Each way helps us to grow, to learn and to become more aware. And then we have those paths that are in-between, where we walk with our eyes and hearts wide open, until we come to an unexpected bend and then we are plunged into the darkness, into the unknown.

When we come face to face with something that upsets us, we are inclined to pull away, to retreat, to run for the hills. It is a natural reaction, a survival instinct, it is a way of protecting ourselves.

But this is a time where we really need to reflect, to listen, it is our body telling us that we need time to process what has happened. This is not a time to isolate ourselves from our emotions. It is not the time to carry on as if nothing has happened. It is the time to embrace the sadness and the pain, we are feeling these emotions for a reason, we are feeling them so intensely, with so much force, that in those moments we feel so alive.

The vibrations that are bodies are giving off, are so intense, are so powerful, that we can sometimes see them surround us especially when we begin to feel rage. Rage fills us up and it is akin to a fire burning inside of us. This emotion can move mountains and mountains of inner turmoil. We need to scream, we need to actively find ways to release it.

Rage is the opportunity to release, to cleanse,

It does not need to be seen as something negative. As long as we are allowing it to pass through us,as long as we are finding ways to express it and to honour it, we can then tap into the power that is held within it. I have felt rage of late, quiet a lot of it actually. It has shook me to my core and opened my eyes up to things that I had ignored. It has made me scream and scream. It has made me cry, cry, until my eyes ached. And at the end of it all, I felt empty. Empty......... Not in a bad way, because in feeling this empty I knew I had released all that I been holding inside of me, all that had weighted me down. My rage has helped me begin to move forward.

I know that there is a fork up ahead and I know that I must choose, but I do not know yet what path I will take. I only know that I am happy to leave behind all that I have shed and that I am now happy to walk forward feeling much lighter.

It is not easy to give into your emotions, it is a lot easier to just ignore them. But if we do that we are ignoring ourselves and pushing ourselves towards new limits. I spend my childhood holding everything in, holding in all my pain and my suffering. Afraid to let it out, afraid of the consequences of doing so. Yes I would run out into the fields and the forest and allow myself to feel safe and at peace. But I would always have to return to the source of my pain. I learnt very well how to hold everything in, how to pretend to be someone I was not. I so wanted to be strong, yet on the inside I was crumbling. But you know what I was strong, I got through all that I needed to, in order to escape to the life I wanted and so badly needed.


Allowing myself to feel, to really feel, allowing everything in my life to flow. This has taken time and devotion, it has taken trust and acceptance. Trust and acceptance in myself. And it is ongoing, everything we learn, everything we relearn is ongoing. We change, I change so much within any given day, being open to change and accepting who we are within those moments are key. I am who I am because I trust myself to make the right decisions.

I am who I am because I accept that this is who I am meant to be, right now in this moment and that is all that matters, this moment right now.

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The beauty of this piece has moved me to tears. Thank you, @trucklife-family. I am remembering times in my own life when I too experienced my rage as a positive, healing force ... when I found that my heart needed to break in order to open. ❤ Resteemed.


thank you Aisling, yes rage is such a catalyst for change x

Rage can be powerful or debilitating, but you gotta get that energy out! Yoga, & heavy bag rounds daily at the least or me 🙏


definitely need to get it out, cheers @ceattlestretch xxx

Oh my God, wonderful writing! Wonderful words!.. It blends in perfectly with the day-to-day lives of many people around the earth. I think something like that, you have to face the problems or bad times forward, without anything stopping you, without anything diverting you... It's better, it's always better to go forward, after every storm there will always be calm.

I wanted to ask you if I could translate your post and publish it in Spanish.. Your words will be very helpful in many other languages (obviously I will quote your authorship in that post as the intellectual creator). What do you think of that? @trucklife-family


thank you @adalbertodrums for your wonderful feedback, I have no objections to you translating it into Spainish, just let me know when you do x

Very beautiful post ! You are right, I have spent years putting everything away ignoring pain.. but its much better to give in and let it all out.. I hope brighter days will come soon for you.. I wish you a wondeful weekend!


thank you @anouk.nox, yes it is so important to let things out. Have a wonderful weekend also xx

I'm so sorry to read of what you've been going through these past days in this beautiful and painfully honest post. Rage can be a catalyst for tremendous change, but oh, Lord, it is such a difficult one. It does, however, help you reclaim power you gave away -- and hold onto it.

Life has been complicated for me, too, lately -- just not in the same awful way. I did manage to get back (finally!!) to the comment you left on my post last week. In case it slipped through the cracks in all the current chaos (Mercury is retrograde after all!) ... let me lead you back to it here:

Do continue to heal -- whatever it takes. My heart and prayers are with you.


thank you so much @enchantedspirit, for your words of wisdom and your support. You have been added to the tribesteemup community, if you give me your discord name I will send you an invite to the discord group, much love to you xxx


And thank you @trucklife-family. I have sent you a private message in Discord. I am beyond delighted. Much love back to you. I hope Life has begun treating you better.