Ecovillage update (I really should start numbering these) #3

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Hello and good day one and all.
This is a short update, following my recent post.

I met with our lawyer on Friday. She was very optimistic about our plans. We didn't go into them with great detail, as I went primarily to find out about the building permits. But we are going to have lunch when she is next available, for us to pitch the whole plan, and see if she is interested in joining our project. She seems very much the person for us. We have done all of our dealings with her so far, and besides being highly professional, extremely hard working, and very well connected, she is truly a wonderful person, and every interaction with her is always visiting a friend.

In terms of the permits, she has less to do with the process right now, but once the building is complete, the other builds and the rest of the project, incliluding forming the company etc, will be no problem at all, in her words.
So lawyer, check ✔️

Today, we met with our architect. She is a mother of two, and the whole family came to the land for our "official meeting". We had such a great time, and really connected!
OK, bad news. Once we told her about the fire risk and what they said, she basically said we can't build.
Good news. Once we told her our plan, not the whole ecoVillage, but fireproofing the land and suggesting it as a plan that can be implemented around Portugal, she seemed much more interested. She was honest, (no blind optimism) and said that this hasn't been done. Everyone either builds illegally, or moves to another place, as they did. But she is very interested and pleased with our plan. She really feels for the land, and what has happened to Portugal agriculturally over the last few decades, and she wants us to succeed... She is invested emotionally in our plan, and she already said we will speak with the architect, and the forestry department, and if need be, she will help us present our plan to the president of the penamacor municipality...!

Architect ✔️
I told Lila, I think we need to find a woman accountant (accountess?) .. Seems to be the way to go..

So, right now I am sending her the details of our land deed, and will be sending her our fireproofing plan, so she will translate it into Portuguese..!!

I mean... Come on... If your going to battle bureaucracy belligerently, this is the way to do it...

Hope to update soon with more news, she wants us to meet with the Penamacor architect this Friday.. So we'll see.

As for me, I will continue to do whatever I can to make this dream, nay, this vision, manifest.

To all of you with visions out there, it is your responsibility to believe in them.. Believe strongly enough, and others will start seeing them too.


Sounds promising...

I hope the fireproofing plan gets accepted soon, as that sounds like the key barrier to overcome at the moment.

Thx! Yeah, that seems to be both our biggest obstacle, and our way in..

Awesome to see the level of transparency. :) Appreciating the progress and sending good vibes.

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I so appreciate your willingness to do all you can to have this vision come about - one that can really make a difference in the world.
Glad you are getting people on your side that can carry this project through.
Step by step with lots of patience - wonderful to see it unfold!

Awesome News for the most part!
I am wishing "You Guys" an Absolutely Awesome & Successful upcomung week!

Thank you so. Much!! You too!

That all sounds very optimistic to me!

Great way to handle bureaucracy, focus on the people!

Thx. Well really, we left Israel because of the bureaucracy, and we always knew that would be the make or break of any legal project.. But so far, Portugal seems to be so open and advanced in comparison with most of the world..
I don't believe in governments, and I certainly don't trust any of them, but if I have to deal with them, then Portugal is our best shot..

I'm heading out to Portugal for a bit of a road trip in summer/ autumn - to scope out the possibility of moving out there!

I'm planning on coming for the ecobuild but if that's delayed I'll probably head out anyway.

Thinking about trading the car in for a van to convert.

I can't sustain life here in the UK - it literally is the cost of living!

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Wow... This is so exciting!!
Yes, I completely understand, and the van route seems to be a tremendously popular one, and the country is geared towards it. Lots of places to park with facilities for free, and a very common site here.
Would love to follow your process of converting the van..

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