Are you Actifit? My personal challenge.

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Yesterday was my 4th day with the actifit app. I only discovered the app when joined the conference last week. Before this, I had never heard of it! Well, I'm glad I did because it was just the little push I needed to make changes in my life.
I have to be honest, I've let myself slide for far too long.
My stomach still looks like I'm pregnant. Worse even: like I'm having twins!
Personally I think that is the worst part of my body, somehow all the weight always goes there first. UGH.


I've been meaning to start working on myself for a while now but just haven't yet. When I heard about actifit, I checked it out and installed the app right away. I started that same evening!

What is actifit?

Actifit is a Dapp that you can download and install via google playstore. It it a Smart Media Token built on the Steem blockchain. The Dapp tracks your activity and rewards you with actifit tokens while you do your favorite daily routine! Besides this, you can post your activities to Steemit and earn Steem while you're at it! The minimum target is 5000 steps/moves, which is not too hard even if you just do your daily chores and walk the dog.

My struggle


I have nothing to prove to anyone but myself. Like I stated before: I've really let myself go the past few years and with that, I've let myself down. I am an emotional eater, which in my case translates into either not eating at all (during very high stress moments) or overeating. None of those is any good.
Besides this I have a HUUUGE sweet-tooth but try to control it because I don't want to teach my children those bad habits.

With my first pregnancy, I didn't gain much weight at all. In fact: I was lighter than I'd been since I was 14 when I was 3 months pregnant with my eldest! Great you might think, but this wasn't the case. The fact that I hardly gained any weight was due to a lot of stress and very, very bad habits.
To be honest, I am not sure if I would be around today if it hadn't been for my pregnancy then, so in a way, she saved my life.
After she was born, I fell into some sort of depression. At first, my GP was convinced it was a post-natal depression but after some soul searching, I realized it was just a 'normal' depression. It had more to do with the fact that I was on my own to take care of my daughter when the plan had been that it would be my (then) husband and I together. Plans changed, deep disappointments were a fact and there we were: Just the two of us. As a result, I started eating. At first, it was the treats I had bought for visitors that didn't come in the quantities as I expected. The excuse was that I didn't want it to go to waste. Later it was that I'd have my dinner ready and little missus would wake up and need her booby.
So by the time that was done, I'd be so hungry that I'd eat more than I needed.
In the year after her birth, I gained 70 pounds!

It took me 2 years to get back to where I was right after the birth. Two years of huge struggles, eating too much and then not enough and I was almost living in the gym! It was hard and it wasn't the right way to do it either. I have never been on a diet in my life and I wasn't going to start. So I had moments where I would eat healthy for weeks and then moments when I would eat anything that wasn't good for me. Somehow I managed to get the weight off though. Until I fell pregnant again...

Same story, different people

This time was no different. I struggled with everything. The relationship I was in was doomed from the beginning, I just didn't see it yet. There was too much depending on me and not enough on the other.
Again, I used food to compensate what I felt was missing. NOT good!
I've been struggling with my weight on and off for the last 16 years. When I first came to Ireland, I lost weight like no other, but mainly due to stress again. Different kind of stress, but still stress.

Last year there was a change

I have been studying GNM (German New Medicine) for the past few years now. Last year, I decided to look into GNM and what they say about weight gain in correlation with the brain. And what it said was mind blowing! Weight gain and the struggle to get in shape is directly connected to a feeling of abandonment. "The Biological Survival Strategy associated with this Conflict is cellular proliferation in the kidney collecting tubule. The purpose of this proliferation is to close off the excretion filter of the kidney with the result of causing the body to retain water.
Functionally, it is a protective measure against the perceived threat of possible dehydration." (source: I read this just before the summer. And it made so much sense. This was why I kept gaining weight even when I worked hard to maintain it. And every time I gained weight it was when history repeated itself: I had a feeling of abandonment because my plans for a future together with a partner and my children didn't go as planned. Over the summer I lost 30 pounds without any diet or any other life-style changes! I was eating like I was before and wasn't more active than before and yet, I lost all that weight!

But then, slowly but surely, the weight started to come back on. This time, there was no feeling of abandonment. So why did I have such trouble to stay at a healthy weight?
I looked into the same material again and found that there can be another reason for this. The feeling of 'losing everything/having lost everything' and the fear of loss.
Thinking about this, in retrospect, it makes sense again. Due to the interference by a social worker, I have lost not only all of the money I had worked so hard for the last few years. I have also been in a constant state of fear and panic of losing my children. This is the reason why I gained all the weight back, and more, in the last year. So with this realization there will be change and now there is also new energy to work on this change.

My personal challenge


I only started with this app 4 days ago. I use it when I walk the dogs, when I do my daily chores around the house and any work that needs to be done around the house. My second daughter is a true sporty spice. She takes on any sport she can find and if it were up to her, I would be driving her to one thing after the other 7 days a week. When I told her I was going to do a workout routine every day, she was all up for it. So the two of us are now dancing, boxing or otherwise training to any video we can find online. My personal favorite is Billy Bank's Tae Bo. He has different videos each for different areas. I get bored easily if I have to do one person's routine for an hour, so this way I can easily switch videos to get to the time that feels right. I used to love Les Mills Body Combat when I used to go to the gym. But there is no time for that now. I just do this at home. Besides this, I like the occasional Qigong workout as well. And then there is the work around the house, outdoors, that I really enjoy doing and is also good for the body and mind. After chopping wood, I just discovered that I get a lot of joy out of trimming the grass/weeds with an old-fashioned scythe! Yes, you know: one of those things the grim reaper keeps by his side...
Friends were telling me I should borrow a neighbor's ride on lawn mower or get one of those grass trimmers, but I don't want to take the chance of breaking the thing and then having to replace it and at the moment there is just no money for a trimmer. So I remembered the landlord left his scythe in the shed and there we go! Grim reaping our way through the field and enjoying it all at the same time!


Of course, in four days, there are no visible results just yet. I am working my way up to a longer routine. The first 2 days I only did a workout for half an hour or so. Today I was working my body for a full 50 minutes. If I can just keep going at this pace, I will be fine. I don't need to pin myself to a certain time, but I do want to challenge myself each day and not give up when it gets hard.
There are three things that I notice though. One: my posture. Because I have been working on all of my muscles, I feel like I have a better overall posture. Even now sitting at my desk, I feel like my back is more straight and I am less slumped. Two: I have no back pain. I usually always feel some kind of discomfort in my lower back. I know the importance of training the back as well as the belly to keep things balanced. The back is very easily trained and I can already feel this after these few days! It's a great motivator! Three: My eating habits are changing. I don't feel like eating sugary or really fatty foods. It just doesn't feel right and doesn't sit right if I would. I'm already coming up with healthy meals to prepare. The joy of cooking had left me for a while, but it's back again and my shopping list is mainly green...


Actifit is not a magic wand. I will still have to do the work. But to have an incentive to do the work helps a great deal. It's not the money. But it's nice to be rewarded for work I put in. Besides this, having it all out on Steemit for everyone to see helps to keep me motivated. I didn't show any before pictures or any measurements. Mainly because I'm a bit ashamed to do so. However, I will take those before pictures in the next coming days. For myself. And somewhere down the line, as soon as I start seeing results, I will post them. So keep an eye out for that. I've never done anything like this, so it's kinda a big deal. Who knows what changes we'll see in the next few weeks/months. I am looking forward to a healthier life and fitter body. BRING IT ON!

For more information check their website:
And be sure to check all their news at

Thanks to the people behind @actifit. I truly appreciate this little app you put into this world.
I am getting my butt into gear because of you!

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Oh wow! What did I just see. Wonderful to hear your story @misslasvegas. One of the great articles that was written about our project @actifit. Keep writing such stories and inspire us all to touch the moon. I'm sure our founder @mcfarhat will like this article to the core.

Keep actifying!

@kpreddy( Actifit moderator)


Thank you and I was planning to keep updating. It's still too early to see/feel real results, but I am sure this will come soon (hopefully). I think actifit is just what I needed to get started and stick with it.

Cheering for you, mama! You can do it. It's nice, uyou have a work out buddy. It just becomes more fun. 😅

I've also been using actifit for around 3 weeks now. I've had the app far longer before that but didn't really use it (didn't workout too). My realization point was when I can no longer tie my kids' shoelaces easily for I cannot bend. My belly is getting in the way! Lol. Actifit is a great motivation tool, I'm loving it.

Let's do this mama! 💪


Ah thanks @arrliinn, great that you are on this too! This way we can keep each other motivated as well. Yes, it is more fun to have a workout buddy. Although she talks too much when I want to concentrate LOL and the best part of it is that I see that I have more stamina at times than she does...haha, she's inclined to 'step out' for a few minutes because she can't keep up! Not that I want to see her fail, but it gives me a good feeling that her 'old mother' can still keep the pace. YEAH, Let's DO this!

Dear @misslasvegas,

I felt like I know you reading this post .. if you are on discord I would love to chat with you. I see challenges in your post that I have come to face often and I also saw actifit as a chance to 'self motivate'.

Sometimes we just need a tiny push to get going; after that we are the ones giving power to ourselves.

If I may keep something from your wonderful motivational post, it would be

I have nothing to prove to anyone but myself.

I will be looking forward to more news from you!

Lots of love



Dear @katerinaramm, yes I am on discord, @misslasvegas#6566 is my user name there. The feeling that I needed to do something has been lingering for a long time, but the motivation wasn't quite there yet. Although I feel that chopping wood is very addictive lol. But actifit gave me just the extra push I needed to start and stick with it. I'd love to talk to you. Thank you for stopping by!

Hi @misslasvegas! Thank you for sharing your health and fitness journey with us! I am so happy that you have found the @actifit app to be the motivation you needed to start investing in yourself again!

I want you to know... I’m here to support you as you take on your healthy new you challenges. I am looking forward to seeing your before and after results! If you would like to check out mine feel free to stop by my two fitness blogs! This one: @wil.metcalfe and @beachready!



Thank you! That is great, I will definitely check your blogs out. The more people that are going in the same direction, the better! I'm done making excuses.


I completely agree. The more people moving in the same direction the more momentum/energy! I'm glad your done with the excuses. Your taking your power back and that's a huge thing! :D

I've been seeing alot of hype of actifit but was not convinced if it will work. I do have an exercise app which tracks my walking & steps climbing daily. But, you're right.. no matter what App we use, it's up to us to action.


hey @ireenchew !
We are happy to help out with any troubles or concerns you have over Actifit.
You can chat to us on discord as well!


True, we have to do it and we have to want to do it. And you are right, we can use any app. But the fact that actifit is on the steem blockchain gave it a little more appeal for me. I LOVE anything that remotely has anything to do with Steem LOL. So it was an easy choice. And then when you post your work for the day on Steemit, it just becomes more real and this is the big motivator for me.

I am speechless !! Thank you for sharing your story. I'm just too humbled and beyond happy that Actifit is having such big change on your life, hopefully more to come ! :)


Well, I was planning for huge change. The time of making excuses is over, it's now time for action. No one is going to do it for me but me. :) Actifit was the kick in the butt that I needed, the rest is up to me.

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Actifit..Rewarding Fitness Activity


Awesome! Thank you!

Hi @misslasvegas

What and exciting and motivation article is this.. I am really speechless.
and unable to stay without resteem into my profile...

Thanks for Inspiration Mam!!!


Wow, I didn't expect a comment like this! Thank you, you are very kind.

wow, what is it this crazyness!! now we get paid to get oh steem!


ooops.. no iphone app! ;-(


I know right? How crazy is that? Yeah, that's why I keep telling people iphones suck. LOL

Youre doing a great job here !! I wish I could say the same lol.. I can relate to your story a lot ;) Still figuring out what will be the thing that will work for me.. gonna read about the actifit app ... its nice you already notice improvement in your back! imagine what kind of improvement there will be in the next weeks..