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Fire danger zoning and building permits are order of the day as the
eco-village in Portugal tries to find its feet. Could the reduction in
fire danger be used globally? Lots to learn and reflect on here!

Read More:


Planting Beside


Eco-Village doesn't always mean starting from scratch - sometimes it
means greening and teaching within existing structures and communities.
@abdulhamids shows us the success he's having with his "get down &
dirty" tree-planting approach.



Return of the Prepper #4 : Prepping in Old Age - how to prepare for


A LOT pf prepping and prepper-lifestyle is about preparing for your own
future, for independent eco-village and for contingencies. @pennsif
gives us a thoughtful look-see at prepping, particularly as the world
faces #coronavirus.



Disrupting the cost of living - E#2 - The Discomfort-Zone


Constraining or removing so-called "fixed costs of living" creates a
level of freedom that has to be seen to be believed. @orlev invites us
to reconsider which costs we are beholden to, and to re-imagine new ways
of living together in eco-village which remove those constraints.


If you've been lurking under a rock and missed it, @eco-alex has
generously offered a 4 week FREE Non Violent Communication workshop. So
much incredible learning and growing to be had... please join in!

relationships and your


The first module....

NVC Primer: Observation, Feeling, Need, Request & Natural


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The Ecotrain Question of the Week is one way that we, as a digital
community, engage and share, learn and inform about things that matter.
Our second QOTW for Season 3, 2020, was a tough one - Do or should we
judge people by your own standards? Thank you to all who contributed.

🌍 ecoTran QOTW TIE UP POST: ecoTrain QOTW Tie Up Post! "Should we
judge others by our own


The Steem Community of Thought grows and evolves as we grapple with some
of the challenges of life.

And FINALLY the ECO coin is officially and publicly back on sale for
investors with a heart and alignment with Eco-Village. Just a reminder
of how ECO is different, and how we propose to create value.

What is ecoVillage Coin, what makes it different, the investment model,
Is now the best time to


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