@ecoTrain Popup Question Of The Week! Do you believe in magic? Have you ever seen real magic, or what some people might call a miracle. . or is magic just a trick of the mind?

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Surprise! This is my first pop-up question of the week. These may happen in between other questions, or just when the feeling takes me. If you only knew how many interesting questions fly through my mind during the day, and often at pretty weird moments. Some questions make me jump up and get excited. Its not like i really think of them, they just come to me.. I think i just love asking questions! (Old Howard Jones fan here). Anyway, today’s question is one that I'm sure many of you have a pretty clear answer to.. its usually a yes or no with these kind of questions.

So this is a special opportunity for you to share something that happened to you in your life that you consider to be magical or a miracle. Maybe you will find some synchronicity with the rest of us, I wonder if some of us have had the same miracles happen to us?! OR, maybe you really think this is all nonsense, and if you watch people like Deren Brown he has proven that all magic is fake and there is no God.. Whatever you think, we welcome and love to hear everyone’s opinions. Are you brave enough to share your story? I am if you are! I know i sure have a post to write here!


"Do you believe in magic? Have you ever seen real magic, or what some people might call a miracle. . or is magic just a trick of the mind? "

- We welcome everyone to join us and post your answer to this question!
- Your answer can be a written post, a video, or any way you wish to express yourself.
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We are in the middle of a special challenge. If you like repurposing waste, or are creative please join us!

The Real Life Repurposing Abundance/Waste Challenge ; 🌾 50 STEEM in Prizes 🌾 - ecoTrain Question of the Week Part 2/4

This challenge is simple, but it is your imagination and creativity that will determine how far you go with it. The challenge is for you to find something you see or have in abundance, whether it be waste, packaging, garden scraps, an old garage full of stuff etc.. It doesn't even have to be material folks, as I say your imagination is the limit! If you have an abundance of time, or energy you could use that to help make this world a better place, you could pick up trash or use your skills to help a neighbour. You can also choose anything that you find in abundance in your local area, such as discarded cardboard cups from Starbucks! I’m sure if you went and asked them for their waste cups for a re-purposing project they would be only too happy to oblige. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated, here is a nice example '=)


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YESSSSS!!! Absolutely writing about that one. I might have more than one story. And again, synchronicity, because I was just thinking about something magical... LOVE it @eco-alex!

Happy to hear!! Look forward to reading your post!

Here is my entry. Magic is all around us 💖💖
Do Miracles Happen? - @ecoTrain Popup QOTW

This was an interesting one and gave me a reason to post something that I've been mulling around for a little while, now.

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I believe, I believe and I believe. And I have stories. The only real challenge will be in the choosing and the telling. RESTEEMED to help bring more people to the challenge. And also shared this post to the "Contests & Challenges" channel in the @c-squared curation community.

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I certainly believe and told a few of my many stories in the link here. Thanks for another good and engaging question @eco-alex!


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I can't wait to read all the replies, loved this question. Mine will be published tomorrow, I've been late to the party all week!!