Eco Living Weekly Digest #13

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Eco Living Weekly celebrates our collective efforts to live more harmoniously on Mother Earth, and walks hand-in-hand each week with @ecotrain's other eco-village curation, Global Steem Village News. It's a "best of" from posts on the steem blockchain this past week which have used the #ecotrain tag.

What kind of content will get you curated here? Practical, thoughtful, creative and personal posts about literally Making the World a Better Place. From recycling, art, natural health and organic-permaculture to eco-travel, creating change, spirituality, art-poetry-music, natural food preparation and growing-storing-preserving your food and natural medicine. Please attribute quoted material and images which aren't your own, and be thoughtful. You need to use the #ecotrain tag to be considered for an upvote. And please make at least part of your post in the English language - we MANUALLY curate so we need to be able to understand the gist of your post.

We DON'T require you to delegate to @ecotrain, but we'd ask you to please consider it. You can take it back at any time, no questions or stress. Delegation is nothing more than a LOAN of your SP so we can give YOU juicier upvotes. It's a no brainer, really. We also don't REQUIRE you to upvote or support others (all too school-marmy for us!) but, again, we'd ask you to simply give to others what you' like to receive, which is a generous upvote and a thoughtful comment.

MUCH APPRECIATION for the wonderful posts this week.

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Why This Lifelong Environmentalist is 97% Sure That "Climate Change" Is


A powerful and well-reasoned piece from Tribe Steem Up's own
@kennyskitchen explaining why climate change is a scam. A must read!!



China Announces Major Phaseout of Single-Use


When one of the largest producers of plastic in the world announces the
phasing out of single use plastics? @vlemon, as usual, keeps us on the
ball a what's happening in terms of environment on the macro level.



Organic Frontiers - The Part of Organic Social Enterprise You Rarely


Establishing an organic social enterpise takes YEARS of commitment, time
and scratching about in the dirt. @artemislives gives us a peek about
her latest trip to the Thai-Burmese border working with the displaced
Karen refugee people.

Read More:




Politics and environment? @celestialcow shares a skit video showing her
thoughts about the recent devastating fires in Australia, and Australia
(or Invasion-Survival) Day.



Bladdderwrack or Rockweed ◇ Can we eat seaweed


Learning to eat what Mother Nature provides - @senorcoconut asks if we
can learn to harvest and consume seaweed sustainably.



Fasting Journal, Day Five - Lead Yourself Into


Best time to take yourself into a department store or supermarket and
objectively assess what is sold as "food" iis during a Fast!!
@stortebeker shares his teacher's remarkable wisdom of reconsidering
what we buy and eat whilst we're clearing out on the inside! His whole
fasting series is worth a look-see and some support.


Growing out of the first communication challenges with the eco-village
project in Portugal, @eco-alex has generously offered a 4 week FREE Non
Violent Communication workshop. So much incredible learning and growing
to be had... please join in!

Non Violent Communication Workshop


Non Violent Communication Workshop 2: Identifying Feelings When
Speaking and


Please don't forget to use the tags #ecotrain and #nvc and to post you
url in the comments of any relevant NVC post.

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The Ecotrain Question of the Week is one way that we, as a digital
community, engage and share, learn and inform about things that
. The QOTW is open to anyone, and this week's question is
related to our NVC Workshop!

🌍 ecoTrain QOTW Launch Post : JOIN US! - What are your most important
needs and are they being


ANYone can contribute!! Let us know your post URL in the comments of
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Wishing you peace, abundance & connection as together we try to walk

more lightly on Mother Earth.

Much love to you all from @eco-alex and @artemislives.


I would really want to learn how to harvest and consume seaweed sustainably.

Hi there! I have just posted my entry for natural medicine and I hope this is the right place?

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