Do you think it a good or bad idea to bring children into this world in these troubled times? ecoTrain question of the week

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In days that have long passed, in the era that our parents and grandparents knew, it was a different world and a different age. Have we not always lived in troubled times? Only now we have replaced extreme poverty and disease for our modern day issues. They used to worry if there was enough bread for one bite, their children used to work in the coal mines. And today we struggle with global issues, climate change, extreme debt, a housing crisis, corruption and lies, no one to trust and no family unit left for support.

So the question simplified could be "Do you think it a good or bad idea to bring children into this world."

As always, there is no right or wrong answer. It always depends who you are asking and what the circumstances are. Speaking for myself, i really think there are good reasons for having children and for not having them. I do also have my own reasoning and feelings on this, and some of them may well come across as old fashioned! So let's get into this!

Woman or Mother?

Times have changed, and these days I think there are two kinds of women. There are women who work, and women who are mothers. These two roles couldn’t be much more different, and they don't mix well! Even though a very large percentage of women are mothers and do work full time, I believe that it one good occasion where i would say don't have kids, or at the very least wait to have them until you have fulfilled your worldly desires. Any mothers reading this who do work would probably strongly disagree, and some of them may well be very good mothers. Whilst there are always exceptions, i believe that the role of a woman who has had a child is to be a mother and family leader and not a part time care-taker. That is what a baby and a child need, it is also what a husband and family needs and I believe is one of the reasons we see the total destruction of the family unit around the globe. In my opinion it is not possible to be a good mother if you have to abandon your child after only a matter or WEEKS for most of the day. In my opinion it is too important, especially today, to give our children the best nurturing, guidance and love that we can. We may or may not live in troubled times, but we certainly live in confusing times, and today our children need their parents more than ever as their guide. I believe the millennial generation are a symptom of this abandonment, as more women have worked than ever before in the last generation. They have no one to guide them or support them except you-tube and facebook, and that can not be a good thing!

It is the Indigo / Crystal and Super Psychic Children that will save us

Since 1970 this world has seen a new kind of child be born. Those who understand who these children are, where they came from, and what they came here to do call them Indigo children. In the USA and Europe they have other names such as ADD and ADH to describe these special souls. We should not underestimate the potential of children to change and uplift this world beyond anything we can even imagine. We me be mothers and fathers of our children but we do not own them. We may have birthed them and brought them, but they are not ours to claim. It is my belief that it is the children who will save us, for they are different from those that came before. Our world is changing and evolving, and we are experiencing the pains of the birth of a new civilisation. The old paradigm is shifting, and it is our children who will carry this world forward, and it is the children who will save us.

Most crystal children were born in the 1990s. These children have taken the psychic and telepathic abilities of the indigos to even greater heights. Spontaneous unconditional love and psychic healing abilities are key traits of these children. Some crystals were born in the 70s and 80s as scouts to see if the world was ready for these extraordinary children. Humanity must be ready to change because, they're here!

Crystal children are very special beings of light, almost like angels, and are not confused about living their purpose here. They know and completely honour their role in saving the world, and can still live in harmony with adults at the same time. Music delights them, and they can sing or hum in perfect harmony, even the first time they hear a song. They are attracted to people with open hearts, like other crystal children or seniors. They know and assess people by looking at them. What goes through their minds? "Does this person have an open heart? Are they in integrity?. Doctors often consider crystal children to be autistic...They don't fit the mould of the average child.

Doreen Virtue relates a story of a little boy who was found sitting on the lap of a neighbour man hugging him. The man had just lost his wife and was crying when the boy saw him. His mother asked him if he said anything to the neighbour man. He said no. All the man needed was some love so he gave it to him. Unconditional love and generosity are strong values in crystal children.

And guess what.. Rainbow children are coming on board now and go beyond the psychic abilities of the crystal children! Rainbow children represent our own continued evolution in higher consciousness as a species. They represent divinity incarnated. Very few have been born as yet, but their presence is known and can be felt. If you experienced a rainbow child and felt them reach to the very depths of your soul, you would have hope that the planet is going to ascend rather than be destroyed in the near future. What IS being systematically destroyed is our outdated, negative values from the Age of Pisces. Rainbow children are born to crystal children who are becoming young adults now. They have come to herald in the new Age of Aquarius and the new Mayan Great Cycle.

Crystal, indigo and rainbow children have a mission. Their mission is to save the world and make it a better place. They have vivid past life memories. The closer we get to the Great Cycle change, we all will have many more memories from the ancestors. This will help us to live balanced and loving lives.

We will learn to live in harmony with the natural forces of the universe and become attuned to our earth mother and her needs.

We will also KNOW we are ONE with the earth and everything in the universe.

These children will effect us in many ways, and one of them is by being here en-masse. Due to the 100th monkey effect, just by them being here and vibrating as they do will upflift us! So to answer this QOTW, quite obviously I would say YES we need to have children and do our very best to give them the love and support they need to make this world a better place.

I would like to end by sharing two VERY very special crystal children with you. One of them is a singer, and the other an artist. They are both just divine children, so young, and yet possess a light, knowledge, talent and energy that we cannot comprehend or explain.

Seven year old sings Gloomy Sunday/Billy Holiday (Angelina Jordan)

Angelina Jordan - Stay

Akiane Kramarik – The Girl Who Paints God

Akiane Kramarik was four years old when she had her first experience with the Lord. Raised by her atheist parents in a home-school environment, without owning a TV, Akaine had limited, if any Christian influences. Yet, she began to see visions and hear voices. Communicating this to her mother both verbally as well as on paper, Akiane was sure that these experiences were from a God she knew well.

Considered a child prodigy and the only known child binary genius in painting and poetry, Akaine began to paint in order to communicate her extraordinary experiences with the Lord. Her brush told the story of all that He had shown and instructed her to share. Akaine was moved by the suffering and joy she saw in others. That same hope and sorrow comes alive in the eyes staring back from her canvas. Thus, Akaine became known as the “Girl who paints God.”

“I am just using my gift to inspire people to live a better life, to live with more happiness, more love, and hope.”


Guidance – Official Akiane Gallery



"Do you think it a good or bad idea to bring children into this world in these troubled times?"

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I do think it's hard to be a mother and a worker as well, and I'm grateful I got to be at home with my child for a good part of my life and his - luck and circumstance and willingness to not have much money at the time. However, woman have the right to be both if they choose, and fathers should also have that choice to stay home whilst the wife works. I know many woman who wanted to work because it deeply fulfilled them, and their husband stayed at home to look after the children. Ideally, we'd have our children with us while we worked - how great would that be - but you're right, it's not that kind of world, and kudos to those who've managed it. 'Fulfilled worldly desires' can extend past having children, and include having children, and are possible whilst raising children too. And sometimes, it's not even a desire, but a necessity - woman HAVE to work, or thier child starves - and many, many woman don't have a choice about having children. A lot has to change in the world, doesn't it? Let's hope the rainbow children save it - they're pretty bloody brilliant!

I loved what you had to say about mothers needing to give full focus - despite having to be a working single mother, I couldn't agree with you more and have structured my business to BE with my child. Yes, the Rainbow Children are real and amongst us. Much gratitude for your insights - rereading this again later to absorb and savour.

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Thanks for introducing us to these beautiful Indigo, crystal and rainbow children!
I have only really met in person one indigo child who was unfettered!
I have seen more who have been drugged and clasped down on and it is such a shame to see that hindrance being placed on children who are our promise of the future.