The Fed Accelerates The Collapse Of The Economy, The Clock Is Ticking Down - Episode 1306a

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Time Inc is cutting 300 jobs, Toy R Us is in trouble as sales continue to decline. Retail sales numbers are out and sales in each sector has declined. The retail industry is imploding. GM extends shutdown of more plants as inventories build up. 2nd Quarter GDP has taken another hit as the economy rips itself apart.

Bundesbank's warns that they are now looking at the biggest asset bubble they have ever seen and cryptos might cause everything to crash. The US Gov/Central Banks are going after cryptos now. The Fed makes their move and they raise interest rates. They have now just accelerated the collapse of the economy.

As BoA reports when the Fed tightens we end up with an event.

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Do you think yellen is one of the string pullers or the one getting her string pulled?


Definitely a puppet. I hear she is dumb as a box of rocks. They send her instructions through one of her assistants who is pretty clever.


She's a puppet and not a Puppeteer.

Awesome Job Dave! The battle is heating up with the attack on Scalise.


I am glad Sean made this video. I've followed you.


Thanks, Please check out the post I have put up. I hope some will interest you.

Stock market at all time highs, while layoffs are going on. That was my cue to get out of the market in 2008. I upped my net worth so ↑YOURS

Thanks again Dave. Kinda makes you scratch your head...

There are a couple ways to looks at this looming collapse. 1) "They" the powers that be are intentionally tightening the economy because Trump is in, and will take the blame for the troubling times we now face. 2) Trump is a capable leader and intelligent delegator. Given the power to do so, I believe he can put in place a better system "post" collapse. In fact a collapse is necessary to change the system in the first place. It ends up being one of those "let it happen in my time, under my watch..." scenarios. Lord knows that if Hillary was in office and they decided to trigger the collapse, the "Sky-Net" robots and 150sq.ft. appartments would be the answer.

the clock is indeed ticking in more ways then one......the dollar...pension our govt....the push for taking away our's pure evil

I really hate to hear about people loosing their jobs , that affects so many people besides that one person.

.999 Silver Eagles are still available for around $20.

Always looking for a good news source - so glad I found your channel. Keep up the good work.

Great video!

Another great Video from X22, I watch them always, like a soap opera with many cliff hangers.

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