The Walking Debt and The Starving Child: Welcome to the Upside Down Economics of Kicking the can Down The Road to get High on Assets that Doesn't Exist

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Today we are talking about economics. At one end we have one of these so called western democracies and we have an impoverished 3rd world country at the other end. I'm going to show you the stark contrast that exist when it comes to financials. I want you to take a good look at the above picture. You see a bunch of kids partying around living a life of vanity. It's a bunch of random college kids and this is a story that happen on many places around the globe. This is how millions of young men and women live these days. I won't to think about all of these kids as a collective. I want to talk abut their financial situation. But before that I need to get very very specific. I need to go to 1993 Sudan and meet some works of a guy named Kevin Carter who committed suicide by taping one end of a hose to his pickup truck’s exhaust pipe and died of carbon monoxide poisoning at the age of 33 about a year after taking a very specific photograph.

You won't believe what I've just shot! … I was shooting this kid on her knees, and then changed my angle, and suddenly there was this vulture right behind her! … And I just kept shooting – shot lots of film!

This boy was attempting to reach a United Nations feeding center in Ayod, South Sudan sometime in March 1993. Kongor, Ayod, and Waat was literally known as The Hunger Triangle by relief organizations. The photograph was published calling it was a girl. When the photographer's friend João Silva asked where the incident happened (because he wanted to take a photo too) he was told that the vulture was chased away.

I see all this, and all I can think of is Megan.

The photographer's own emotions about his daughter(Megan) made him to think of the child as a girl but in 2011, the child's father revealed the child was actually a boy, Kong Nyong, and had been taken care of by the UN food aid station. The boy died in 2007, 14 years after the incident.

Amidst this whole tragic situation there is a twisted upside down farce of a economics story. I want each and every one of you to know that this little child in impoverished Sudan with his face on the sand with a vulture few feet behind
walking crawling to the UN aid center is rich; at least relatively. Even if you combine all the worth of the party kids,
the child with the vulture behind is richer..... far far richer.

Do you know what kind of worth and riches I'm talking about? I'm a facts person. I'll tell you what richness I'm talking about.

Cold Hard USD

Seriously, I'm not even kidding. The malnourished starving kid half-dead crawling on the ground has so much net worth that a whole party of college kids getting high and popping cherries cannot pool their resources and amount to the net worth of a suffering child. I'm a facts person and this is cold hard money an statistics speaking. If you think the world was a crazy twisted place; wake up and welcome to the real reality.

How on Earth??? published a bunch of stats about the global wealth. They are a bunch of soft commies. But let's forget their intended agendas and look for the facts.

The poorest ten percent on Earth have a combined wealth of minus one trillion dollars. The next 30% owns a trillion USD. Combined net worth of the poorest 40% of the global population is....... nothing. Zilch. Zero

Bernie Sanders (the politician - not the whale) was also pulling similar statistics and I've talked to several people away from steemit and it seems that multiple researches have come up with similar numbers. You can check about Bernie's claims here:

At the end of the day, what we have is a world where miserable and suffering human being living impoverished lives without even a bank account are richer than the decadent punks and the financially irresponsible and that's not even by their own choice but actually out of inability. Even in USSA (The accurate name for "The Land of the Free") 7.7% are unbanked and 17.9% underbanked. That's world's largest economy and overall self-appointed world police. All this madness has its roots in a 4 letter word.


You can use the following site to get an idea about a fraction of the debt in USSA: another great place to ponder you fellow humans political and financial magic is this lovely specter: Take all you time exploring. I'll drop some additional stats about our party kids assuming that they are living in USSA.

  • $1.48 trillion in total U.S. student loan debt
  • 44.2 million Americans with student loan debt
  • Average monthly student loan payment (for borrower aged 20 to 30 years): $351
  • Median monthly student loan payment (for borrower aged 20 to 30 years): $203

Here is some math to the mix:
Average monthly student loan payment (for borrower aged 20 to 30 years) X Americans with student loan debt
= $351 X 44,200,000 =15,514,200,000
Please notice that only the payments of those who are aged 20 to 30 years are counted. So the actual amount paid is far less than 15 Billion USD. Even if it was 15 Billion USD, we are still talking about almost 100 years to clear up the existing debt. There are kids dying rich because they don't have these kind of debts to part and screw hunks & bitches eat enough to fill their stomachs for once in their lives.

Few Infographics From

That's from September 2016. The numbers have grown and obviously in the wrong direction. Let's take a look at something more recent. This is from October 2017. If you don't know what each of these things are or their importance, please use or similar privacy related search engine to your heat's content.

So Dear Friends, How do you feel about your forceful neighborhood dumb democratic entity? I know many of them are better than full blown fascist dictatorships. But I also know that the word fascism comes from the Latin word for bundle of rods which suggested strength through unity: a single rod is easily broken, while the bundle is difficult to break.

This is the kind of twisted world we are living in. It's a senseless contradiction and like all senseless contradiction, it's built upon false premises. Decisions should be made by those who know what they are doing and not by those who have nothing at stake but only a profit to be taken. Only with wise actions we can build a better future. Not with FeelZZZ but with Insight we can build prosperity. Best of luck for all of you that want to live sensible lives!


oh my God ! I really get upset , really... there are a lot of people that live under the poverty line :(((( ,,, I wish we can help such people ...

One of the biggest problems with poverty is people are afraid to talk about it

This is sad, but not surprising. The US economy is built on debt. Literally every USD is owed back to the Federal Reserve with interest. This can create a psychological form of slavery that is felt, but not understood, by those locked into the system. Unless one takes a step back to perceive how the system is operating and how that is impacting their unconscious beliefs, the problem will continue.

Wise words.
It all lies in the senseless economy. The party people are poorer than the starving ones. Their prosperity is borrowed from the future.

Just like you said. One problem I see nowadays is that this left that is currently on power has no fucking clue were all the prosperity of west has come from. Instead of just repeating how "democracy is superior", they need to realize how all this was built and then take it to africa. But instead they just make these factories and shit there, because they think problem is lack of labor (jobs), they send pile of cash to some unorganized bunch of wannabe goverment and unions, that just spend it however they like. Luckily I have solution to all this, even better than what I just said. Start making money so that it is directly printed to people as basic-income + goverments percent that is used to goverments expences. Now with system like this we could simply provide that basic-income to africans, greatly boosting their economy. I probably write a blog post about this at some point.

That's a big difference between people with a poor man's mindset and with a rich man's mindset. A poor man thinks debt is bad and tries to avoid it, a rich man knows that there is good debt and bad debt and that good debt makes you money. Debt allows you to use someone else's money! You can used that as a lever to make more money or enslave yourself to it.

I had a friend of modest means and he opened a barber shop and was selling beauty supplies, I asked him how he could afford it, he said "This is America man, everything is free" He had got everything on consignment.

This is exactly what I'm talking about and many people are missing this point. I almost feel like Ayn Rand after writing Fountainhead. People don't understand the mechanics of the system. They only see the suffering caused by it.

The current debt based economy isn't something payable. It won't increase production, instead it'll just burrow from the future and end it all. The economy is punishing savers. Such economy is bound to get REKT.

Very low interest rates punish savers but we are starting to see them come up.

I don't think you understand how bad this situation is, I don't think that theres more than a handful who understand. Problem is that all those measurement's you are referring to are not legit. Not that those has been modified for years to fit the goverments wishes, but also as far as I'm aware of, lot of those measurement's assume labor to have some form of value. In this labor worshipping times it is considered that labor, no matter where, is having some kind of positive value. That causes thinking that it is better to pay 1M to a company for it run a little longer, than handing that money directly to everyone, even if the company is never going to make one cent and pollutes envirovment.

which company?

Well, in usa they provided some kind of tax relieves to that one big airplain company, though it may not have been excactly for reasons I talked about. I live in finland and there was this fucked up mining project, were they at the end threw money just to keep the jobs, rather than handing it to people directly.

And during the 2008 crash the governemnt bailed out the banks which were leveraged to death instead of paying off the defaulted debt (which is still a terrible thing on a long term but less of a bad thing is better).

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This is as written as great as it is disturbing to read!

So USSA will never be able to pay back its debt right? Seems like going military is really the only option to stay in the game here :(

Exactly! Glad that you understand that this article has #economy as the first tag. Suffering exist everywhere. What we need to look at is the cause of the madness. The debt based economy created this tragic absurdity. This isn't something to cry about. This is something that can be fixed.

I'm just in shock. I was shocked by the truth you described. Thank you again for reminding me that there are people who need help, I forgot about it for a while.

Я просто в шоке. Я был шокирован правдой, которую Вы описали. Спасибо, что еще раз напомнили, что есть люди, которые требуют помощи, я на некоторое время об этом забыл.

The real help comes from changing the system. Anything else is just a little patch.

oh!god I feel shame of this world,that kid in the photo is so poor and weak and starving,there are lots of different places in the world where many people have no food to eat and no clothes to wear and no house for living.Right now I have tear in my eyes,I don't understand why rich people are getting richer day by day and poor becoming more poorer?who the hell is responsible is it our government or our economy or politics or we the people?who will gonna fix this?.Really shame for the society.But thanks to aware us @vimukhti for one more time.upvoted and resteemed so that all steemians read your post and post his/her opinion.good job.

Great piece my friend. If everyone actually realized the inevitable implications of a central bank printing fiat currency and a debt based Keynesian economy, in a country with a population of 320 million. Then put that together with the government "regulated" agriculture and food supply. People would collectively shit there pants, and the illusions that the government wants the best for us, and the economy is stronger than ever would vanish instantly. Again great job.

Thank you.
I assure you that these governments won't be able to keep an Atlas Shrugged from happening. Government is built on debt and it's only a final snowflake that's needed to cause the avalanche. USSA is pushing the blockchain revolution while Singapore, Switzerland, Estonia, Japan (Crypto trading = 0.3% of their GDP) enable themselves to grow.

Also bureaucracy, diversity, taxes and other SJW initiatives are killing innovation. That's a good sign of governments loosing power.

In any monetary system it will always be the mindset of human greed that drives it. You can see it here otherwise Bernie Sanders (steemits Sanders) wouldn't exist here. Let me also provide an example that happen the other day. Someone ran a contest. The object of the contest was to find someone(s) in the most need, food, medicine were listed as primary need though, as usual, people told stories of vet bills, or start up money for a site, etc.. The articles author laid out the rules, write a story, link it up inside the contest story and the one determined with the most need would win. When the winner was announced the author decided to break his own rules. He went outside and found a write up about a group of boys in a third world countries lucky enough to have a laptop and had made enough money off Steemit to buy t-shirts to hand out to kids. The group of boys stated that these young kids provided the t shirts were in a program for reading and writing and that once in awhile they stopped by to see these young lads. The kids were, I am assuming, (and based on the calculation of the above referenced article, they were richer for lack of debt) considered poor but otherwise looked happy and well fed. Most of the article produced by these guys focused on them and their success with Steemit and one paragraph about how they visit these boys once in awhile. How that fit within the boundaries of the rules for the contest I surely fail to see. It wasn't like these boys said they would buy these kids books or writing materials or donate the money for that cause, which still isn't feeding the starving but at least would have been a bit more credible. What the author did was greed driven, he saw a opportunity to increase his base by granting these boys the money, who then in turn follow him and more than likely find him more followers. So in essence he found a way for them to be indebted to him, he's greedy and rarely up votes his followers so their return for the debt will be minuscule once they spend their reward but his return will be tenfold. The moral of the story is is that when it comes to money, any money, man will always turn his back on the starving children of the world.

I could not possibly agree more. After reviewing your other posts I have to say, probably the best follow in my short time on Steemit. Keep up the great content.

Here is a nice nifty too that might help you:
Happy steeming!

I read most of this while driving after being linked here from your post very recently today. Excellent stuff, and I’m going to pay more attention and engage with you from now on. Why are there only 40 comments? Who knows. I’d love to see a comment per dollar vote average here. Comments are 100% free and our interaction is limited to comments or discord really. If you’re active and discord and not ultra busy always, I’m in this small group a lot and would love to talk about everything you’ve been posting about. Alx

Thanks for the invite. I'm always busy on something. But I'll eventually check it out.

Sounds good. Whenever you’re up for a conversation with someone new I’m around. Thanks.

A fitting picture :

Higher the climb harder the fall.

I feel sick knowing we are 20 trillion in debt and that it will most likely collapse when my children are my age and i will be to old to protect them from the coming evil that can only be produced by mankind. Humanity as a whole is the most savage creatures on this planet and has been proven time and time again. The only thing that keeps us in check is some sort of pack mantality allowing people to lead us towards the dark or the light.

A lot of 3rd world countries are shitholes because they have no access to banks or viable infrastructure. You shouldn't feel bad about it and you shouldn't waste your time worrying about it either. Change can only be made at the individual basis

This is an #economy post. Not a feel bad post and I consider The Fountainhead to be the greatest work of modern literature. So relax. I totally get your point and I've written about it:
That's just one of many posts.

I think I was trying to respond to a comment but failed

Wow I never knew the whole history behind that photo, and how you use it to explain the current wealth of the world makes alot of sense! Thanks for sharing!

The photographer from my understanding also commited suicide due to the outcry over this photo if i remember correctly

How sad to hear :(

Good point. It is necessary to for us to sincerely think about this issue.

really sad to see the behavior of children now, they are dissipate in their lives, while there are still our brothers living under the poverty line

good work
thank you for sharing

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That @photography of Kevin Carter really made me cried when first time i saw it.

I was too upset and can't sleep few nights


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Seriously, I'm not even kidding. The malnourished starving kid half-dead crawling on the ground has so much net worth that a whole party of college kids getting high and popping cherries cannot pool their resources and amount to the net worth of a suffering child. I'm a facts person and this is cold hard money an statistics speaking. If you think the world was a crazy twisted place; wake up and welcome to the real reality . en estos tiene razón el mundo no es como uno piensa hay cosas dificiles de adquirir. aunque la pobreza siempre va estar entre nosotros , porque todos ricos y pobres somos iguales. respiramos el mismo aire, me gusto mucho este tema éxito para ti.

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