What can online business make money? #2

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Later many asked me how the heck of an online business.

The reason is only one because at this time, online business is increasingly becoming a lot of lips.

Especially the last three years ... online business increasingly show & exist between us.

Previously many people who DO NOT BELIEVE.

What can online business make money?

Does anyone want to buy goods just look through a laptop or mobile phone and pay without looking at the goods?

It was unbelievable at the time, but now it's SO REALITY.

But there is one that I love ...

Online business increasingly exist but how to learn how online business is still confusing.

Even in my opinion ... very CONFUSED.

Who have the science of how online business only big companies with big money can afford to pay expensive experts in their field.

No wonder in 2016 only 400 companies that do business online & they enjoy sales of US $ 20 billion or Rp 261 trillion. This is based on the source from katadata.co.id

This is certainly an unusually large number and is only divided into 400 companies only.

Yang lebih luar biasa lagi, tahun 2020 diproyeksikan potensi bisnis online akan jadi US$ 130 Miliar atau Rp 1700 Triliun.

NAIK 6.5X LIPAT dari sekarang….

I created this content for you to easily learn the way business online from scratch.

There are 3 important things you will learn to start an online business.

Please start from section 1 or go directly to the part you want to learn.

  1. Why should you start an online business? (Link to Article 1)

(I will share why online business is very potential and big)

  1. How can you start and explore the way business online? (Link to Article 2)

(Apparently not as heavy as imagined)

  1. What can be sold in an online business? (Link to Article 3)

(Maybe it has not occurred to me what business I want to run? I'll be part of some examples of online businesses that you can start)

How To Online Business: Why You Should Start an Online Business
I. How to Online Business: Why You Should Start an Online Business?

Nowadays there is a huge CHANGE from the industrial era into an information age called the Digital Revolution.

Are you aware QUICK change is happening?

This led to digital revolution in various parts of the world.

More interestingly, this digital revolution is READY MELVED because it is mature & has just entered into THIRD WAVE.

"But the wave of one and both when it happened?

I flash back a bit ...

First Wave (1985 - 1999) - Zero to One.

At that time created basic software products, modems, microprocessors, hardware & network that connects all that.

Second Wave (2000 - 2015) - Application & Commercialization

It was born Google search engine, Apple smartphone, Android app & appstore smartphone as well as social media.

Third Wave (2016) - Internet of Things

This era is marked by the intense trade through cyberspace & newcomers challenging large corporations.

Source: Disruption Book by Rhenald Khasali

What happens in the 3 waves of the digital revolution?

This is what happened ...
How To Online Business: The Digital Revolution

... device changes, apps & microprocessor speed boosts increase by 2x every 24 months.

The consequences of this change - the internet speed increases EXPONENTIALLY.

"What is exponential ...?" Well, I explained

So if the first year of speed 10,

Year 3 to 20,

5th year to 40,

Year 8 to 80,

Year 10 to 160,

The 12th year to 320,

Year to 14th so 640, and so on.

It's an effect like SNOW BALL.

What is the potential of online business in Indonesia?

APJII (Association of Indonesian Internet Service Providers) in November 2016 conducted a survey.

From the survey results, I found 4 data that makes me SURE that the future business is an online business.

Data 1st & 2nd Data

Penetration of Indonesian internet users has reached 132.7 million inhabitants - 50.8% of the total 261.1 million inhabitants.


This means that 132.7 million people are already using the internet.
How to Online Business: Penetrasi Internet Indonesia

Data 2

94.8 million population or 71% composition of Indonesian internet users from the productive & consumptive working age.

This means, 94.8 million people who enter the internet is the age group that has the control of money to consume.
How Online Business: The Composition of Internet Users


3rd Data & 4th Data

123.5 million or 93.1% of the population log onto the internet to access commercial content.

This means that 123.5 million people enter the internet with the intention to buy something.
How Online Business: Internet User Behavior


10.4 million or 8.4% of the population access to the internet for business, trading & looking for goods.

This means, 10.4 million people enter the internet to make transactions.
How Online Business: Internet User Behavior 2


When summarized:

7 million people already use the internet.
8 million people who enter the internet is the age group that has the control of money to consume.
123.5 million people enter the internet with the intention to buy something.
4 million people enter the internet to make transactions.

The intuition:

The potential of online business in Indonesia is huge because many people start having free internet access and intention to business & shopping high when accessing internet.

All of these data (according to my estimation) make ...

1. Online retail giantAlibaba Group from China entered Indonesia.
2. Lippo Group goes into online business through sunmall.com.
3. Blibli.com owned Djarum Group and established since 2011.
4. Tokopedia.com & Bukalapak.com capitalized massively by foreign Venture Capital.
5. Elevenia.com turns out 50% of its shares belong to PT. XL

Download APJII Survey - Click Here!

Preaching 5 Online Media Online About the Potential of Online Business in Indonesia
How to Online Business: Ecommerce Booming

E-Commerce is Booming in Indonesia, Survey Finding

Up to 76% of internet users in Indonesia shop online in the previous year & spend Rp 5.5 million on average per year, a survey revealed.

Survey conducted by Greenberg Brand Strate.



Why making it so complicated just say if you can't succeed in real life you can't succeed in online life

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