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It’s a harsh reality to witness our educational systems on a global level failing us, our children and the future of our planet. Rather than teaching children how to cultivate their innate gifts and giving them the tools they need to thrive in the real world, many schools typically focus on skewed history, outdated science and a math curriculum that most students will not end up using after their departure from the school system.

Kelly Kingston, mother of four, Founder of One Purse One Planet and straight up powerhouse has set out to create a solution. And, is succeeding! OPOP is a registered umbrella charity that focuses on projects and charitable activities that work to improve the lives of us all. As an umbrella organization, they aim to support worthwhile projects that can make a positive difference in our society.

They have a particular focus on youth, education and empowering our leaders of tomorrow through creative programs and seminars. Although surrounded by a team of volunteers, Kingston is the driving force of NUU You(th), a program to teach kids how to create resumes and gives them advice on how to appropriately go about the interview process as they enter the job market.

As one of Earth Nation’s partner allies, One Purse One Planet has been a long-term supporter of our mission and fiscally sponsors some of Earth Nation Projects. I recently had the opportunity to meet and work alongside Kingston. My role is to combine our resources and facilitate funding opportunities available to both One Purse One Planet and Earth Nation that will uplift and support both organizations with our social welfare missions. Highly aligned with Earth Nation’s values and decentralized autonomous organization, the core passion of OPOP is to allow the space for other soul beings to bring their project to them and get unlimited funding from their Global Connections. They/we stand for Human Equality, and if you have a plan, idea, or concept that can make a difference, our organizations may be able to help you to make it happen.

As a result of our interactions and in addition to Earth Nation's Equality Key cryptocurrency providing sponsored funding for humanitarian organizations and cooperative businesses, the EN is now developing a Grant Agency, partnered with and much like One Purse One Planet. The primary objective is to sponsor and continue getting global solution-based projects funded! Our initial phase one and two goals will be to facilitate the many EN build-outs now available on the lands entrusted to us including eco-village development, permaculture, healing centers and cooperative business ventures. Moving forward, we will start to provide services to the public.

The children are our revolutionary leaders of tomorrow! We call forth and empower these leaders to head up these projects and bring forth their passion and skills to transform our world, learning a new paradigm systemic solutionary way. If you have interest in any aspect of our mission, please feel free to comment below.


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