Poem: Digitize this, Love Is! <3

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Harmonic convergence, Love resurgence

Liberation technology, freedom theology

Breath align, cosmic divine

Truth be given, all hurts forgiven

There’s a new way we’re liven, with awareness

In consciousness, Jah, Truth and Bliss

Soul liberation, One earth, one Nation


Open borders, clean waters

Victims never won, losers never gained

From the tyranny, hierarchy and torture games

We’re shifting our ways, blasting through the pain

From the veils and shadows of confusion

Obliterate illusion from corporate demands

Ruled by pride and greed

All is forgiven

There’s a new way we’re livin



Under your skin

Your guru lives within, meditate to begin

Our God is good, your God is great, its all the same

No one to blame, no one to hate

Free will our right, embody the light

Mark Henson

We’re on on a mission with a vision of harmony and peace

Freedom come easy to the man and woman

Who knocks on Love’s door

And surrenders

To a portal of love, to a spiral of possibility

To the spirit science kind of technology

The kind inside the body

electromagnetic heart math biology

A light force thrives in all of us

Its God

Infinite Source

Speaking an old methodology

Ask for guidance

Take a chance, open to the unknown

Turn off the phone

Distraction makes haste in action

Digitize this

Love IS

Love is the way, the prayer, and the action

Love is the way, the time, and the place

Love is.


I Love You, Lila*Star


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