Earth Nation Updates. Sustainable Village Network, Rights as Tribal Sovereign Citizens, A Seat at the United Nations, and More!

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The Earth Nation, In collaboration with the New Haven Native American Church, has started a network of sustainable intentional communities around AVA, Missouri. Scroll down for more details on this network development.

Through our partnership with the New Haven Native American Church (who gained their authority from the Sioux tribe) Earth Nation Voteholders may now become USA and UN recognized tribal sovereign citizens. This gives us the right to produce and consume plant medicines of all forms. It also gives us the right to hold shamanic medicine ceremony and gives freedom to forced vaccination and other attempts to infringe on our sovereign rights.

Furthermore, the Earth Nation has been offered the right to represent International Native groups with a seat on the UN.

Our team of 25 full-time professionals have been working on another 3 projects for the last few months. These projects are still a secret, but we can give you a few hints.

Project 1 is a cryptocurrency funding profitable enterprise solutions for systemic problems like poverty, pollution, mental health, ect.

Project 2 is a MMO game using cryptocurrency to allow anyone to have a real life residual income from owning virtual property.

Project 3 is a fork of Steem that is designed to facilitate a guaranteed basic creative income for artists. We intend for this fork to be non-competitive with Steem by making a strong focus on the highest quality content rising to the top, with much less of a focus on using our platform as a ROI generating engine.

We've quietly been working with a team of about 25 full-time professionals on the above-mentioned projects for the last few months.

If our timelines sync up as planned, all projects will be launched simultaneously in 4-8 weeks.

For whatever reason, we were unable to properly format this post using the Steemit Standard Shortcodes. Please consult this document for the formatted version of the New Haven Rapid Development Plan..

New Haven Intentional Network Rapid Development Plan


We are building a intentional community network in and around the City of Ava Missouri.
The heart of our intention is to embody a culture of love, connection with spirit, healing, peacefulness, and action that empowers the embodiment of the kingdom of heaven.

Our dream and vision is to provide an absolute abundance of everything we want for all people who choose to be our people. By creating a deeply rooted system of cooperative businesses that are run by a fantastic culture of beings who choose kindness and respect.

The core intention holders of this vision are a small handful of Shamans. Paul Man Found Standing, Mindy Crystal Jaguar, Howling Wolf, Sandstar, Metastar, Lila*Star, Dakota Kaiser and Chris Abert.

We have been holding this vision in our hearts and minds for decades. More ground work then you can think of has gone into making this dream a reality. Together, we bring you this offering.

The New Haven Church has acquired 700 acres of land and a multitude of structures and equipment valued at a total of 2.4 Million USD for the singular purpose of making this dream a reality. A fantastic foundation to begin phase 1.


The Team

  • Phase One
  • Phase Two
  • Phase Three and Beyond
  • Homeowners, Work-Traders, and Investors
  • What Do We Have and What Do We Need?
  • Lets Get Started
  • Community Culture
  • Costs
  • Return on Investment
  • Operational Summary

The Team

Man Found Standing is the founder of the New Haven Church. A shaman of shamans. He has worked diligently for decades to acquire the connections, land, and infrastructure to make this dream a reality. Paul is one of our Primary Coordinators and Decision Makers.

Howling Wolf is a shaman and veteran who awoke to spirit many years ago. He has extensive experience managing hundreds of thousands of acres of national forestland. He is also well versed in construction and building maintenance and repair. Howling Wolf is one of our Primary Land Stewards, Foremen, and Caretakers.

Lila*Star has a Masters degree in Strategic Leadership for Sustainability with a focus on eco-community development and co-creation. She is well versed in new paradigm business/community consulting, as an eco-village/sustainable interiors designer, permaculture designer, yoga teacher and healing counselor for 10 years, transformational festival/workshop/retreat producer/facilitator/author, vegan raw food chef, animal sanctuary care-taker, and starseed circus free-school performer and producer.

Dakota Kaiser is a specialist in creating and upgrading intentional communities. He has served nearly 80 land based intentional communities over the last 15 years. Dakota founded and manages a natural and commercial construction company, a permaculture food forestry and industrial agriculture business, and many other businesses that directly serve intentional communities across the world. Dakota is one of our Primary Business Directors.

Phase One
Our plan is to start building gravity and momentum by creating a pod of 10 treehouse-platform homes for temporary guests and a pod of 9 aircrete dome-homes for more permanent residents.

Example of Treehouse-Platform Home

Example of Dome-Home

Then we will build 2 high density vertical aquaponic greenhouses from our partner Eco-Built Systems and 2 food forests so we can produce enough food for all members of the extended new haven community while also having enough to resell for a profit.

Example of Greenhouse

Example of Food Forest

Simultaneously we plan to open up a restaurant, community center, and conscious merchandise store in Ava Plaza. We will start hosting and offering space for additional 20-70 person events inside and outside of town.

Phase Two

In Phase Two we will build more pods and greenhouses. At the same time starting a wellness, healing, event, and restaurant center on 2 acres in the town of Ava. This center will be based off the Jackson Wellspring, an extremely successful commercial community enterprise in Ashland Oregon.

We will build a clinical grade full-spectrum wellness center outside of town that uses the leading edge of medical technology in combination with ancient shamanic practices. Including N.A.D Treatment, Stem Cell Therapy, Scalar Waves, Vibration, Suspension, Deprivation technologies, Sound and Light Enhancement, along with Therapeutic water/spa/sauna and Cleansing, Fortifying and Rejuvenating Plant Medicines. Modeled after,,, and

We will start hosting and offering space for additional 30-200 person events inside and outside of town.

Phase Three and Beyond

In Phase Three we will build the first 80 home village with a community center similar to the plaza of a town. Including a school, medical center, machine shop, library, movement arts center, gaming center, 3d production facility, restaurant, event center, ECT.

In Phase Four we will build a commercial village and offer the service of making these villages to other groups, such as the veterans association, groups assisting in homelessness, and groups that build villages at Burning Man and other large events.

During this phase we intend to acquire at least 30% of the buildings within Ava. Our plan is to turn Ava into a international destination for conscious, spiritual, new paradigm, and transformational experiences.

We will start hosting 300-2000+ events/festivals.

Click here to view a 17-page document outlining our Village Plans.

Homeowners, Work-Traders and Investors

Those who do not have money can work with us, in our stores/restaurants/centers or by building/growing. We are paying $11-17 an hour in Equality Keys (which can be exchanged into USD and other currencies).

Those that have money can purchase a house for as little as $35,000 or $5,000 down and $250 per month for 15 years. Up to 4 people can go in together on a small sized home. We will facilitate time-sharing. Homes come with internet/electric/food/water/insurance included as well as access to our community exclusive facilities. $500 yearly fee for first person also required. $1500 yearly fee for each additional person.

Homes purchased will be bought back at the purchase price with 6 month notice from home owner. Homeowners thats repeatedly break the community rules will also receive a full refund if asked to leave (so long as no significant damages are created).

Homes can be leased out by homeowners for $150-$1000 profit monthly. New Haven will handle management, marketing, ect. The Return rate is dictated by demand, the size of structure and design quality of the interior of the home.

We are offering investors of our business facilities a fantastic APR. Exact rates are negotiable and dependent on numerous factors that we will happily discuss in real time.

What Do We Have and What Do We Want More Of?

We have are the buildings, properties, permits, and construction equipment to get started with phases 1 and 2. This is by far the most expensive part of the operation. The assets we have for this operation are worth a combined 2.4 Million USD.

What we currently want more of…...

  • Workers, willing to work part-time for our currency Equality Keys (which can be spent at a 10% higher value inside of our community network which includes housing, event and center access, healing services, ceremonies, products, and more. and 50% of their value outside of our community)

  • Lead Professionals, willing to live nearby (or on site) and work full time for 2,000 a month.

  • Funds for development of first pods and renovation of our facilities.
    We require an additional $339,000 to initiate every part of phase 1 simultaneously

Lets Get Started

Do you resonate with our intentions, dream, and vision?
Do you want to own or share a home in one of our sustainable villages?
Do you want to attend or host an event with us?
Do you want to earn a significant guaranteed return from investing with us?

If you thought YES to any of the above. Click here to fill out this form to get started with us.

Community Culture

  1. Be kind.
  2. No derogatory statements or gossip.
  3. No medicine without a shaman present.
  4. Music lyrics must be in alignment with positivity (no gangster rap, ect).
  5. No gore or horror media.
  6. Every person is responsible for those around them. Allowing a transgression to occur has the same penalty as performing the transgression.
  7. Everyone pays for everything. There are no freeloaders. People without money work, then pay with their Equality Keys.
  8. Positive, nonviolent communication. Including, checking in before talking, stage appropriate topics, I statements, emotional self responsibility, Ect.
  9. No alcohol, including in the body, in shared community spaces.
  10. Tobacco smoked ONLY in designated areas, at least 300 ft away from everything else.


If you are the financial type, you may be interested in our estimated cost list. We will happily provide an exact itemized cost list including quotes from material and service providers to investors willing to place a refundable $5,000 deposit.

All estimated quotes include 100% of costs.

Phase 1, Part A - $159,000
Start a 10 home temporary housing pod - $57,000
· 10 Treehouse Yurts ($3,000 each)
· Bathroom Facility ($10,000)
· Group Kitchen/Dining/Common Hall ($12,000)
· Water storage, plumbing ($5,000)

Start the first greenhouse - $25,000

Build out the Restaurant/Shop - $20,000
· Shelving/Displays ($4,000)
· Healing Room ($3,000)
· Merchandise ($5,000)
· Food ($3,000)
· Kitchen Equipment ($5,000)

Community Controlled Vehicles - $8,000

Start Land Food Forestation – $20,000
· Plant 30-70 year old fruit trees ($12,000)
· Soil Amendment ($4,000)
· Seeds/Soil ($4,000)

Professionals – Grow, Community, and Build team Leads - $18,000
· Three people at $2,000 per person per month for 3 months

Miscellaneous Expenses - $11,000

Phase 1 Part B: 180,000
Start a 9 home dome-village.
- 10 Aircrete domes with windows and insulation (30,000)
- 10 bathrooms (35,000)
- Interior (15,000)
- 500 Feet of Greenhouse Corridor (15,000)
- Energy system (40,000)
- Greenhouse and food forest (45,000)

Sell 6 domes for 35K for a 200 Square foot, 50K for a 400 square foot, 65K for a 600 SQ FT.
Lease the remaining 3 domes for 25 a night or 500 a month.
Dome purchase, rent, and lease pricing includes food and electric.

With financing, members can place 5,000 down and make payments of 250 or 300 per month for 15 years for a total payment of 45,000 or 59,000.

Return on Investment

Total return from the dome-village structure from $270,000 to $300,000 (Depending on how many people purchase the larger sized dome) for about $100,000 profit.

3 months after the start of Phase 1 Part A; community will be producing roughly $27,400 a month in value.

  1. Housing, 15-30 dollars a night. 20 beds. $7,000 per month.
  2. Greenhouse. 50 cents per LB. 15,000 Lbs per month. $7,500 per month
  3. Restaurant. Average 7 dollar profit per meal. 40 meals per day. $8,400 per month
  4. Community Center. 5-10 per person per day. 20 people per day. $4,500 per month.

Operational Summary

While we may not gain the clientele to create significant cash profit margins within the first year… the same people that build the facilities will also be the initial primary customers, creating a flow of our currency Equality Keys. While New Haven may not benefit from the full cash return within the first year, New Haven will benefit from land development and community development services worth far more than the initial investment.

Grow, Build, and Community Center Team leads will be paid in cash. Everyone else is paid in Equality Keys. Keys can be spent at any and all of our facilities (and to pay for ceremony and all other New Haven Services/Experiences and Products).

300-700 people a year visit New Haven Properties to sit with our shamans in Peyote ceremony.

We believe that if we had jobs, places to stay, and a fun and engaging community center, that many people will stay for much longer before and after each ceremony. Some people will end up living with us more or less full time as permanent community residents and employees. Many of our guests will tell their friends and create a organic flow of customers for all of our businesses over time.



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(T)Hug Life.
Spiritual Gangsters.
Bringing Medicine to the People.

One Purpose
One Opportunity
One Chance to Change the World

Poverty, Scarcity, Violence.
Who Needs it?
Children Who Refuse to Learn.

Abundance, Freedom, Bliss
Who Wants it?
All Who Seek Enlightenment

As Buddha said "The end of suffering".

The very idea that we no longer need to suffer to learn and to grow.

We are Sovereign.
We don't need to be told what to do, or how to be
Rise of the Spiritual Gangstas, baby.

Audio Rap of Above Poem

Mindy Crystal Jaguar and Howling Wolf have stepped down and are not associated with Earth Nation any longer.

Hello @earthnation, I'm @holsturr.

Your ideals are fascinating and many of them align with my own thoughts on how life can be experienced and how a community can operate.

However, I was surprised to see you're in Ava, Missouri.

As a nearly lifelong resident of southwest Missouri, I acknowledge that our area of the state is extremely impoverished and catastrophically under the influence of dangerous substances. Believe it or not, Springfield, Mo is extraordinarily dangerous city and ranks among the top in the nation for crime. A quick search engine query will show this, or, if personal anecdotes with serve as proof, I've got plenty. It is my belief that you absolutely must be mindful and capable of defense if you live in our area.

Although I intend to learn more, I can't help but be concerned about @earthnation's safety and security - two words that I don't believe appeared once in the original post.

You're surrounded by locals that are not going to agree with your principles or practices, and that includes both residents and law enforcement. Desperate residents may see you as a target, and cash-strapped law enforcement may use you as a reason they need more funding.

Maybe safety and security hasn't come up as an issue yet (or I may be completely off in left field here), but I was curious if this is something you anticipate addressing and/or have addressed?

Peace, love, and Steem @earthnation,

Hi @holsturr. Thank you for sharing your truth with us. We are so glad you asked! We don't normally openly discuss security, unless asked to. (Some people get scared just reading about security measures, and we like to keep our readers feeling happy and inspired.)

First. Our allies in this area have been forging connections for decades. We have a fantastic relationship with the local population. Especially with the local government.

Second. Security is one of our highest concerns. We use a broad diversity of tactics to ensure our people are always safe, some of these tactics are

  1. Up front backround checks
  2. Hidden psychological tests
  3. Motion detection and video surveillance.
  4. Armed Security.
  5. Canine Enforcement.
  6. Every member of our Security Team must go through a boot-camp style training that has elements of marine/special forces/intelligence agency training.
  7. Extremely detailed profile database of all personalities in the area.

And more. We know very well the dangerous of this area! This isn't our first community (;. To be brutally honest, there are many 3rd world countries much more dangerous then Missouri. Our communities span across the world. We know what it takes to take care of our people.

In addition to the regular part-time workers, it might be useful to offer a short- or medium-term residency worker program. It seems like the part-time work program you have would pretty much be limited to people who were already close.

I'd be much more interested in coming in for 2-3 weeks of more intensive work. (Especially if that could happen in the periods when it's winter here in MN and not there, like, say, now.)

We will be hosting events centered around intensive work-shops, learning, growing, and building.

Fill out the form and well send you a message when we are ready. Thank you for your interest.

I have tremendous interest in this plan of sustainability and sovereignty. I would love to come down there and work. Work very hard and learn from the Shaman. The language and perceptions that shall manifest by hard work and awareness of any moment to arise. Please, consider thyself as part of this Eden. Thank you with all my heart and intention.

I shall thank you.

This project makes me think of Hemp Inc.'s Veteren Village where they're growing Hemp for sustainable living. I'm an investor. Check it out:

That's cool about the Well Springs. Live near there and know a caretaker.

Also, as a Native American Music Awards Finalist for Best Spoken Word always enjoy helping the Native American cause. Hope everything works out. Best wishes!

We intend to start a veterans village, and we are also planning to grow hemp. Very similar indeed.

It seems we have a lot of shared Interests @cyemela.

Word. Feel free to contact Hemp Inc. Sure they'd love to hear about your project. Possible partnership?

The way it was told in this post makes it clear that this is a great well thought project and through the collaboration of so many persons with the same mindset ... it must succeed.

I live in Holland, and don't have any income myself, My partner has a fulltime job, for almost nothing. So this sounds like a dream to us. Wish you all the best and hope for the project to succeed.

Wow, that's really amazing project and difficult too but i am sure that you'll will going to achieve the success for sure because this post is saying that, and in my opinion this community driven project can bring new revolution in the job economy if it will move effectively. Thanks for sharing and good luck for this project. Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Thank you for the thoughtful reply @chireerocks.

Yes, we see this as a peoples revolution. With our wage rates and the cost of homes, someone can work with us for just 4 short years to earn a sustainable home that comes with food/electric/internet/water for life.

May you have a blessed day.

Welcome and thank you so much. 🙂

Hey @chireerocks we must go there and meet lol, tho I innerstand your a little far away lol

A very interesting and useful project. Hopefully in the first year what dream will be achieved.

Go Earth Nation

I wana live in one now!!

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