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RE: Earth Nation Updates. Sustainable Village Network, Rights as Tribal Sovereign Citizens, A Seat at the United Nations, and More!

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In addition to the regular part-time workers, it might be useful to offer a short- or medium-term residency worker program. It seems like the part-time work program you have would pretty much be limited to people who were already close.

I'd be much more interested in coming in for 2-3 weeks of more intensive work. (Especially if that could happen in the periods when it's winter here in MN and not there, like, say, now.)


We will be hosting events centered around intensive work-shops, learning, growing, and building.

Fill out the form and well send you a message when we are ready. Thank you for your interest.

I have tremendous interest in this plan of sustainability and sovereignty. I would love to come down there and work. Work very hard and learn from the Shaman. The language and perceptions that shall manifest by hard work and awareness of any moment to arise. Please, consider thyself as part of this Eden. Thank you with all my heart and intention.

I shall thank you.