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Yesterday, DWeb went live in the afternoon. There were a few applications released at that time with more to come. This is a project that is going to roll out rather quickly from what is being discussed on Telegram.

The first site is dweb://dwebs.io/.

This is to download the browser (dbrowser).


The next one is dweb://dstatus.app/ which allows you to set up your Twitter like feed.


There are a number of reasons why we all must do our part to make this project a success.

An Internet that cannot be taken down

DWeb is a mesh network meaning it is a peer-to-peer system. All sites are seeded just like on bitorrent and sites like that. This means that take down is impossible since seeders are going to be located all over the world.

Censorship resistant

This is critical. If you are for freedom, then we need a web that reflects that. People say the Internet is free but it is not. Platforms can take down sites for any reason they want (they like the violation of terms of service). This also extends to hosting companies that can shut down (or be mandated) any site they are hosting. Guess who some of the biggest hosting companies are?

Preserve One's Investment

Creating content requires an investment of time. Building a social network following requires time and, in many instances, money. This is a business that when it is shut down, there is material harm done. People do not realize when they post their articles or videos on a platform, that content is no longer theirs. This is something that we are seeing now. Picture have 10 years of your work lost simply because a corporate entity decided you "violated their terms of service".

People's Voice should be heard

Everyone's voice has value. We do not have to agree with what is being said but we should all agree that the person has the right to express his or her view. This is not the case in many parts of the world, both online and in person. This path only ends in tyranny. People need to fight this with every fiber of their being.

DWeb allows anyone to post what they believe or want to say. We can support that individual's view by seeding that site or we can ignore it.

While people have the right to post what they want, it doesn't mean I should have to read it.

On the traditional platforms, there is often content we are forced to see simply because it was "selected" for us. Algorithms or other people can insert content that is not to our liking. Thus, we should be able to control what we view and what we do not.

DWeb accomplishes this since there are no feeds or anything like that. We choose which sites we visit and who we interact with. If there is content we find objectionable, while the person is free to post it, that does not mean we have to see it.

Backup for all your content

If your content is on one of the main platforms and something happens, it is gone. Even if one is not banned, if that platform goes down, the work is history. Having content posted on DWeb means that is cannot be taken down. You control your content since it is in the files on your computer. Plus you are the only one with the key.

DWeb is aiming to be the foundation upon which all blockchains and, in turn, cryptocurrencies are built upon. The HTTP system is centralized. This is what the internet is built upon. DWeb provides a distributed mesh system which is truly decentralized.

There is going to be a 24 part series which explains the entire system and how to use it. In a short period of time (months) I am sure that most of what you can do on the present internet will be available, to some degree, on DWeb. Please keep in mind that using the DBrowser does allow for one to surf https sites also.

We are truly seeing the unveiling of something that can radically alter the path of humanity. How attractive do you think something like this will be to those in China and Venezuela?

Presently it is difficult to see who is a bigger threat: governments or the mega-tech companies. The internet is run by a handful of behemoths who control most of the traffic. In fact, the entire media is run by a couple dozen corporations globally. This means that all news is subject to agendas. Those who oppose the viewpoints they want espoused, get blasted.

This is why DWeb is so important.

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This makes the HF20 news look like a soggy ham sandwich.

Downloaded, locked in, and impressed already. See you on dStatus.

I saw @stan and CryptoConnie interview with Jared yesterday. It worries me a bit about security of allowing other machines access to my machine. While most of my crypto is on a hardware wallet, a couple are still vulnerable to theft under such a setup. I would advise anyone doing this to set up a dedicated machine for this purpose alone until we know what the risks are.

Otherwise, this is as the internet should be set up; a total affront to centralized authority!

I’d been interested in similar promises from blockmesh, dadi, and substratum. I’d be interested to see your comparison between dweb and it’s competitors.

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Is this similar to IPFS? And if not what makes it different?


The main difference is DWeb is for regular people. Set up a site and it is going to be very easy for people to use. IPFS requires a great deal more technical ability (geeks).

DWeb is also website based. That is one major difference I omitted when talking about this, we are seeing apps created but DWeb is really website based and evolving from there.

If you are interested in learning more, you can get on Telegraph and join @stan's Bitshares for Nice People group.

Jared Rice is often on there.


That’s fascinating. I’ve tried setting up an IPFS node but I couldn’t get it set up and I’m pretty geeky so I’m definitely gonna check out DWeb. We need to bring the decentralized world to your average joe and anything that helps that I’m all in for.

I like the twitter feed idea. Good project and will come up very fast.

Might be a dumb question, can’t visit the site on mobile rn, but is this on Steem blockchain?

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The mobile version will be on Google and Apple in the next day or so if I recall what they said.

I will see if I can find out about that.

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Great news! Just like the internet was intended to be.

Excellent article. I really liked it. Good luck to you and Love.

Отличная статья. Мне очень понравилось. Удачи Вам и Любви

What about domains ? are they still controlled by the same rules as traditional web?

Is dweb functions in steem blockchain?