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This is Part 3 in a series investigating the ICMEC and its potential connections to Pizzagate/Pedogate.

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Previously, we have seen the deep ties between the ICMEC/NCMEC and the IT industry as well as the pharmaceutical industry. In part 3, we will explore the political connections of the power elite who are on the board of directors at the ICMEC. In particular, we’ll investigate the connections between the Dutroux Case and the ICMEC.

History of the ICMEC

According to their webpage, the ICMEC was created in response to the public outcry surrounding the Dutroux Scandal. An estimated 300,000 Belgian citizens took to the streets to protest the crimes and the handling of the investigation.

Disclaimer: Any accusations of guilt are completely speculative and I’m not accusing any of the members of the ICMEC board of crimes. I’m simply showing the connections that exist between the powerful and well connected who make up the board of directors.

ICMEC, Ambassadors and the State Department

Let’s begin by profiling a few key members of the ICMEC’s board of directors:

Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC)

– Co-Founder of the ICMEC in 1998, former First Lady of the US, Former US Secretary of State from 2009-2013, 2016 Democratic candidate for US President, member of the Council on Foreign Relations

Elizabeth Frawley Bagley

– Top-tier DNC Bundler (Fundraiser), US State Department 2009-2017, Former Ambassador to Portugal, Senate Liaison for NATO Expansion 1994-1997, US representative to UNGA, widow of Smith Bagley heir to R.J. Reynolds Tobacco fortune (also formerly a Top-tier DNC bundler), member of the Council on Foreign Relations

Maura Harty

– Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affair at the US State Department 2003-2008, Foreign Service Officer, President & CEO of ICMEC 2014-present

Ambassadors Linked to the US State Department

• Anthony Luzzatto Gardner – EC Ambassador (in Belgium)
• Howard Gutman – Top-tier DNC Bundler, US Ambassador to Belgium 2009-2013,
Allegations of soliciting sex from minors as Ambassador (See -

Rewarding top-tier bundlers with ambassadorships is a common practice in politics. As a successful fundraiser for the Obama campaign, Howard Gutman was appointed US ambassador to Belgium in 2009.

Gutman was a popular ambassador among those he came in to contact with during his tenure in Brussels from 2009-2013.
Gutman’s honeymoon with the Belgian public abruptly ended when it was revealed that he had attempted to solicit sex from a minor in a public park. Despite the accusations, Gutman unequivocally denied the claims and stayed on as Ambassador completing his term.

Secretary Clinton's 2012 visit to Brussels

Ambassador Gutman shaking hands with King Albert II

In a similar scandal Terry Bean, another Democratic Party bundler, was arrested for the rape of a 15 year old.

US Ambassador to the European Union

Obama appointed Anthony Luzzatto Gardner to the US mission to the European Union from 2014-2017. Member of the Council on Foreign Relations and Le Cercle de Lorraine.

Belgian Connections

Queen Poala – Belgian Queen and wife of King Albert II (married in 1959)

Baron Daniel Cardon de Lichtbuer

• The first Chairman/President of ICMEC (est. 1998)
• Board of directors Missing Children Europe (est. 2001)
• Chairman of Child Focus in Belgium (est. 1998)
• Board of Directors Foundation Child (est. 1998)

European Members or Affiliate Organizations

Ernesto Caffo

– Professor of Psychiatry University of Modena, President SOS II Telefono Azzurro (Italy), President Child Foundation, board member Missing Children Europe

Missing Children Europe

Missing Children Europe is an umbrella organization that incorporates dozens of child advocacy groups spanning across Europe.

Belgian Ties

One of the central personalities at the ICMEC is the Baron Daniel Cardon de Lichtbuer (Cardon). Cardon was the first president of the organization. Mr. Cardon is deeply involved in a plethora of organizations dealing with missing, abused and exploited children.

Cardon spent his entire career in the Belgian banking world and has been a long-time member of the business community. His banking career started at Bank Brussels Lambert (BBL), where he eventually became CEO. He belongs to the Brussels business association known as: Le Circle de Lorrain.

Cardon was selected as the ICMEC’s first president (1998) and has served on the board of directors since its inception.
To receive the title of ‘Baron’ in Belgium is akin to being ‘lorded’ / ‘sired’ in the UK. It is an honor bestowed by the monarch for service and achievement. King Albert II awarded the title of “Baron” to Daniel Cardon in 1998.

As we will see, both King Albert II and Baron Daniel Cardon de Lichtbuer are named in the Dutroux Scandal and cover-up.
King Albert is identified by a witness as being present at a gathering described as a ‘hunt of children”. It's unclear if the witness was referring to King Albert I or King Albert II. The Baron however, is not named as being involved in the sexual abuse of children but he was involved in the cover-up.

(Source: To be added shortly)

This is intriguing, the wife of the King, Queen Poala, and a wealthy banker baron both emerging as champions of abused children, acquiring lead roles in the new international organization while at the same time being intimately linked to an accused in the Dutroux Scandal.

Not only that, but the Baron suddenly takes on a leading role in Belgium’s own child advocacy organization Child Focus (1998) and later with greater Europe’s equivalent; Missing Children Europe (2001). But that’s not all, he's also a board member at Italy’s children's foundation Foundazione Child who’s president and founder, Ernesto Caffo, also happens to be a member of the ICMEC board of directors. Furthermore, Cardon is also identified as being part of the support committee of several other children’s organizations: Kids’ Care and the Belgian Kid’s Fund.

Now, perhaps it’s unfair to cast the Baron Cardon in such poor light, as his involvement with these organizations may truly be altruistic. Besides, he's a Baron. A man ‘lorded’ by the highest order of the country and a respected pillar of the Brussels business community. A reputable organization such as Le Cercle de Lorrain surely would never allow their ranks to be filled by scoundrels and degenerates, would they?

Le Cercle de Lorraine

Le Cercle de Lorraine was established in Brussels in 1998 and is an association of businessmen from across the city and throughout the country.

A few notable foreign members of the Cercle de Lorraine include:

US Ambassador Anthony Luzzatto Gardner

Qatari Ambassador to Belgium Ali Jassim T. J. Al-Thani

UAE Ambassador to Belgium Sulaiman Hamid Almazoui

Incredibly, members of the business association Le Cercle de Lorraine have also been implicated in the Dutroux Scandal and subsequent cover-up. There are several members of the organization that were identified as pedophiles and child rapists.

Cercle de Lorraine, Child Abuse, Rape and Murder

Count Maurice Lippens

Trilateral Commission, Harvard School of Business (Europe), Belgian Kid’s Fund

Leopold Lippens – Bilderberg - Fortis -

Viscount Etienne Davignon – Bilderberg – Kissenger Associates - EU Commission –

Christian Van den Boeynants

Son of Paul Van den Boeynants who was the former Prime Minister of Belgium

Cardon, Delwart, Davignon


  • Baron Daniel Cardon de Lichtbuer
  • Jean-Marie Delwart
  • King Albert II intervened in the Dutroux affair

King Albert II and Queen Poala

Les Dossier-X and Wikileaks: Witness Statements

In 2009, Wikileaks released the Dutroux Dossier (Dutroux Files). These files contained the witness statements and allegations made against high-ranking Belgian political figures and businessmen.
Predictably, these allegations were covered-up and the blame was placed almost exclusively on Marc Dutroux a convicted child rapist and ex-convict. Nevertheless, the witnesses described the horrific details involving the Belgian elite in their statements and numerous individuals are identified.

Note: For a more complete account of the Dutroux Case see the following links
Documentary 2002 - BBC Correspondent: Dutroux Paedophile Scandal, Belgian X Files Olenka Frenkiel

X-Files: French to English translation:

Members of the Cercle de Lorraine are named in the Dutroux files as well as many more. These files are referred to as the “X-Dossiers” (The X-Files) and “X” in the following paragraphs refers to witness “X”. There are nine different witnesses from “X1" to "X9”. The term “witness” is also interchangeable with victim, as some were both witnesses and victims of horrific crimes.

Here, are excerpts that pertain to the members named above.

Paul Van den Boeynants (Son Christian: member of Cercle de Lorraine)

(Note: Christian is not accused of any crime, I’m simply demonstrating the connections between Dutroux Scandal and Le Cercle de Lorraine)

1999, 'The X-Dossiers', p. 327: "Soon in the investigation [interviews with X4] the names of politicians O. and E. are dropped as 'regular customers'. By that time these had already been pointed out by X1 and X3 as child killers.". Following the system used by this book (reversing of the alphabet, works very consistently), O. is really L. and E. is really V., indicating that the real names are Leopold Lippens (mayor) and Vanden Boeynants (prime minister, etc.). There do not seem to be other possibilities. Only problem: according to the leaked X-Dossier summary document, X1 and X2 mentioned Lippens and Vanden Boeynants, while X3 only mentioned Vanden Boeynants.

1999, 'The X-Dossiers', p. 327: "Soon in the investigation [interviews with X4] the names of politicians O. and E. are dropped as 'regular customers'. By that time these had already been pointed out by X1 and X3 as child killers.". Following the system used by this book (reversing of the alphabet, works very consistently), O. is really L. and E. is really V., indicating that V. is Vanden Boeynants. Indeed, both X1 and X3 mentioned Vanden Boeynants as a child killer. There doesn't seem to be another possibility.

"... both X1 and X3 mentioned Vanden Boeynants as a child killer."

[211] PV 114.224, September 27, 1996, 'interview with Nathalie Waeterschoot': "Forgeot [owner Les Atrebates and Dolo] raped her several times when she was 10-12 years old. Other rapists met at the Dolo: Serge Kubla, mayor of Waterloo. Also Léon Defosset, mayor of Etterbeek (deceased). Also Simonet (man with glasses). No physical contact with Defosset and Simonet. She also saw Vanden Boeynants, but always with women."

King Albert and Paul Van den Boeynants (VDB)

PV 151.829, June 2, 1997: "She recognized the regent Charles, King Baudouin and King Albert, and two others that she calls Charly [De Pauw] and Polo [Paul Vanden Boeynants]... A hunt is prepared by Charly and Polo... Gilles (12 years old??) was castrated by Polo... Baby pulled out of the stomach and given to the dogs by Polo [Paul Vanden Boeynants]."
PV 151.688 May 26, 1997: "X3 mentions the following people:... VANDEN BOEYNANTS PAUL... nicknamed POLO"

"Gilles (12yrs) castrated by Polo (VDB)"

"Baby pulled out of the stomach and given to the dogs by Polo (VDB)"

Maurice Lippens and Leopold Lippens

[203] Countess Maurice Lippens and Jean-Pierre de Launoit (chairman) are members of the support committee (Steuncomite) of the Belgian Kids Fund. (column at the bottom right)
A Barbara de Selliers de Moranville co-organized a huge party for 3500 children in the garden of Countess François d'Ansembourg. This was part of the Belgian Kids Foundation for Pediatric Research.

[210] *) X1 in :
In PV 118.869, December 12, 1996: "When the contractions started her [X1's] grandmother made a phone call. The Lippens brothers, Vanden Boeynants and the assistant commissioner of Knokke arrived. [Baron] De Bonvoisin and Vander Elst arrived thereafter... Vander Elst puts a knife on her throat while Bonvoisin rapes her... She must masturbate while Vander Elst makes a number of photos. Lippens rapes her with a razor blade."

Two anonymous letters, mentioned in PV 116.353: "Reception of two anonymous letters transmitted by JI Langlois. It is about two anonymous letters denouncing Maurice and Leopold Lippens for sessions with children... These letters describe certain facts similar to those reported by X1." One of the letters described Maurice and Leopold as "Monsters de la sexualite".

"Lippens rapes her with a razor blade."

"Sexual Monsters."

Lippens and Davignon

In PV 117.535, November 19, 1996: "Parties in Villas in Knokke around the golf court. The villas have been designated [by X2] (PV 116.799). Also in the villa of Maurice Lippens. Parties with underage girls in the Cromwell hotel in Knokke. Present: Delvoie - Karel - X2 - Lippens - Van Gheluwe - Etienne Davignon. The girls knew where to go and with whom. Lippens hits the little girls."

In PV 151.044, March 27, 1997: "The events in Chimay. She went 5-6 times. In an immense wood... She was forced to go. She was never a [visual] witness of whatever was done. Participated: the most violent of the group in Knokke, among them the Lippens brothers. In Chimay she heard shouting and gunfire... It was around the Castle of Chimay. The wood is surrounded by a wall. Those were screams of children of maybe 10 years. She thinks there were 4-5 children."

"Lippens hits the little girls."

Others (In relation to this article)

[188] PV 118.383, December 13, 1996, 'Interview with X2': "She frequented the Platos... After midnight: orgies, sometimes with consenting minors of 14 to 15 years. At the time of an orgy she had sex with Karel van Miert.... he strangles her until she almost lost consciousness."
PV 150.565, March 4, 1997, 'Identification of persons cited by X2': "Karel van Miert (17/01/42). Ex-président SP; Député européen; Commissaire européen."

"…[Deputy E.U. Commision] strangles her until she almost lost consciousness."

The Black Baron: Benoit de Bonvoisin

A member of the Belgian elite and tied to far-right organizations throughout Europe, the Black Baron is one of the most sadistic and vile individuals identified by witnesses in the Dutroux files.
It is alleged that he may have orchestrated and participated in the ‘hunts of children’ that took place in heavily wooded areas close to Chimay castle in Belgium.

This disgusting practice involved children running into the woods, being captured again, stripped of clothing, set free once more, recaptured, raped and in some instances murdered.

PV 100.399, January 11, 1997: "Translation of a fax of X1 of January 6, 1997: She speaks of someone who judged to see if she was dangerous. It is about someone who prefers the violence: the sex is a dessert... He often went to hunt with VDB - he works at Sabena. He participated in the hunts on children... Tony brought her to a domain - there were 4 other girls (Marianne; Valerie; Catharine; Sonja)... [present:] VDB [Paul Vanden Boeynants] - person from Sabena - 4 Gd [gendarme officers] - de Bonvoisin. There was also the gamekeeper who raped the girls but did no more than that. Bonvoisin was the most dangerous - he had come to kill... The girls run into the woods and each time they are caught they have to remove a piece of clothing. X1 is forced by Bonvoisin to stay with him - she must choose and point out the girls... Bonvoisin forces X1 pull the trigger while telling her that if she misses she is shot. She fires on Sonja and kills her. Marianne is killed with a cross-bow. X1 is raped and brought back home."

"… someone who prefers the violence: the sex is a dessert..."

"Bonvoisin forces X1 pull the trigger while telling her that if she misses she is shot. She fires on Sonja and kills her. Marianne is killed with a cross-bow. X1 is raped and brought back home."

Note: You can read more about the Black Baron here - NSFW

It’s hard to imagine a child being subjected to this level of extreme terror, torture and unspeakable abuse. These are members of the Belgian hierarchy who are alleged to have committed these heinous acts against young children. This is possibly the most depraved and monstrous account of child abuse that one is likely to encounter. Unfortunately, these individuals have not been brought to account for these accusations as the investigation was thwarted on multiple levels and interfered with by many powerful individuals, including King Albert II and the psychotic Black Baron, no less.

There's a sick and dark irony here in that the name “Bonvoisin” literally means “good neighbor” when translated from French into English. It would be a gross understatement to say that justice did not visit the victims/witnesses of these crimes. Instead, the perpetrators still galavant around in high society and continue to conduct themselves with complete impunity.

The Belgian Kids’ Fund

Now that we’ve met the cast of (cowardly) characters, we can turn our attention to the Belgian Kids’ Fund (BKF) and Kids’ Care (KC). There are several reasons why these children’s organizations are unsettling.

  1. The Support Committee
  2. Children’s Events
  3. Promotions for the Organizations

First, the support committee for the BKF includes Maurice Lippens the alleged child abuser, rapist and participant in ‘hunts for children’. In addition, philanthropist extraordinaire Baron Daniel Cardon de Lichtbuer is also part of the support committee. Cardon seems to be involved with every major international children’s organization as well as key Belgian organizations. Is he involved because he's such a tireless children’s advocate or is he there for some other reason entirely?

Second, from the event page of the BKF there was a description of a massive children’s party and social gathering of 3,500 kids hosted by members of the upper class that has since been scrubbed from the website.

By the way, just for interest’s sake, the Countess Maurice Lippens and Jean-Pierre de Launoit (chairman) are members of the support committee (Steuncomite) of the Belgian Kids Fund. Also, Barbara de Selliers de Moranville co-organized a huge party for 3500 children in the garden of Countess François d’Ansembourg’s property, as part of the Belgian Kids Foundation for Pediatric Research.


Finally, the promotions for both the BKF and the KC have suggestive imagery throughout their website and brochures.

Here are some samples, see if you agree.


On their own, these images are innocent enough but taken as a whole these suggestive and repeating images appearing throughout the webpages of these organizations are disconcerting. It would seem they are a subtle signal to a certain target audience within their ‘supporters’ and ‘volunteers’.

The idea that any parent would allow their child to participate in social events, or be involved in any way with an organization supported by an alleged child rapist, is beyond me.

A final note about BKF is that they’re involved in pediatric care and have a special focus on vaccinations. (See part 2 at top of page).

Parallels to Pizzagate

Like the Franklin Scandal in the US, if one follows the chain of evidence surrounding the Dutroux Scandal it leads to the upper echelons of the power elite. In both cases, the investigations were doomed to fail as the rich and powerful rallied together to suppress evidence and to silence those that spoke out.

There are striking similarities that exist between the Dutroux Scandal and Pizzagate. Dutroux, who was ultimately found to be ‘acting alone’, took the fall in the end and was sentence to life. In some ways, his circumstance mirrors that of Comet Pizza (CP) owner James Alefantis.

Dutroux has been described as a low-level procurer of children who supplied the elite with kidnapped children through and intermediary. Could this description also be applied to Mr. Alefantis? I think it could very well be the case or, more likely, Alefantis being an intermediary similar to Nihoul (middle man in Dutroux Scandal).

Dutroux kidnapped children and kept them in the basement of his home. Two girls even died of starvation in his basement while he was serving a short prison sentence of of four months. Dutroux claimed that the children locked in his basement were still alive when he was released after four months, but died in his arms when he returned.

Another detail in the Dutroux Scandal that could be applied to Pizzagate is that the purpose of supplying young children to the political elite is for the purpose of blackmail.

See Brownstone Operations by @rebelskum

Comparatively, a question pursued by many online Pizzagate investigators has to do with whether or not CP has a basement. There are also intense discussions about the possible existence of a tunnel system below CP. Though Alefantis owns a pizza parlor (also Buck’s Camping and Fishing), he has been listed as #49 on the list of most powerful individuals in Washington DC. The only explanation for this is his connections to other political power players such as the Podesta Brothers and his former lover David Brock. These are influential people in DC, and perhaps Alefantis is the middle/intermediate who is in good standing with the rich and powerful. In this way, his (for a lack of a better word) customers do not have to deal directly with the low-level procurers, thus shielding them and providing plausible deniability.

Despite good standing with his upper-class patrons, Alefantis is expendable. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Alefantis take the fall for higher level elites if the investigation gets too close to the circles of power in DC and beyond.


This article describes how the Dutroux Scandal is linked to the ICMEC and its sister organizations in Europe. The involvement of individuals such as Baron Daniel Cardon de Lichtbuer in 5 major children’s organizations around the world and his close relations to alleged child abusers (Lippens, Davignon, Paul Van den Boeynants and King Albert II) is extremely unsettling.

Why did the Baron Cardon, a wealthy banker, suddenly become a crusader for children in 1998, founding Le Cercle de Lorraine as well as multiple child advocacy groups?

Why not before this time?

Why all at the SAME time?

Why was Cardon ennobled in 1998?

It would appear that the Baron’s true role at the ICMEC is to make sure allegations of child abduction, sexual exploitation, abuse, rape and even murder involving the upper echelons of society are never reported or discussed in the public domain.

To be continued…

EDITS: glaring spelling and grammatical errors

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