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I took a look around and ran across a picture of the WEB 2.0 v.s WEB 3.0 chart, and it sparked my interest to see if there were any other platforms like Steemit or D-Tube & I ran across a two. Synereo,Primas they were both cool platforms in my opinion but did not give me the feeling or a such a beautiful community to be apart of such like, Steemit or D-Tube does you guys tell me what you think! Comment below you favorite cryptocurrency i'm always wondering what other people are purchasing...

Check out these platforms for yourself!
Synereo: http://synereo.com.testednet.com/
Primas: https://primas.io/

WEB:30: web 3.0.png

▶️ DTube

This is awesome ! Thank you for sharing this. I do agree Steemit is the best :) I have yet to give Dtube/Dlive a try. Maybe some day.

We are the future, I always feel blessed to be one the first of thousands of users to be on here first lol when steemit is the #1 social media in a couple years...I WILL INDEED USE MY BRAGGING RIGHTS :D

Why wouldn't you ?! lol Best wishes to you :D

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Thanks man! I wish the same for you as well :)