Ned Scott have to delegate more Steem Power to Steepshot

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Let's make sure @ned watch this.

It is time to show him that we really love @Steepshot and we believe that their growth will help a lot the community.

What can we do to make this happen?

First Resteem this post in here.

But more important. We need to get the message out there.
So go to Twitter and like the tweet. Also Retweet it tagging Ned Scott ( his username on Twitter: certainassets ) and tell him that You want to see this happening.
Comment tagging more creators that You know on Steemit.

Let's take over Twitter. I think we have the power to do it.

This is the link to the Tweet:

Thank you @reseller for calling the attention to this situation.





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I truly do not understand why a MASSIVE AMOUNT of delegation is not coming to makes an instagram ON STEEM. Let's go @NED and other steemians this is one of the BEST WAYS to spread steemit. @aggroed @yabapmatt

Eheheh thank you for the support. Maybe we will be able to call some people attention to this. If you are on twitter this is the link to the tweet:

I agree @steepshot definitely deserves a lot of steem delegation!

It might also be good for @steepshot to create a project on @fundition. Fundition currently has a 1 million Steem delegation from @ned.

P.S. I hope more Steem comes to @steepshot soon!

Hey, your post was mentioned in Steepshot digest №19.
Here is the link

Awesome. Thank you so much. Anything to help our photography community in here :)


I hope with this campaign we can get some more attention and maybe even @ned will see how much we love it and want to gwt steepshot out there ;)

Thanks for this initiative, @sergiomendes, and nice to Steem you! :-)

What intrigues me is if you're trying to sensibilize to this cause other "first rank Steemians", some whales or project managers? I'm not sure Ned is the one who could make a difference...

Ah, a detail: I see Ned's Twitter username in this post should be rectified (erasing the intruder "s" ;-) ).

My pleasure. I do love the app and the community and i am very passionate about photography. Well if we can call Ned attention he will make sure that this will happen. :) at least I hope so.

And thank you for the correction. I have edited his username on the post and added the link to the tweet:

Not only @ned even the other 12 whales should delegate sp to boost Steepshot.
As we wait for their 'mercy", steepshot should crowdsource from the public sp delegation with minimal roi, just to keep the platform in better footing.

True. But who knows if he starts the process it would make ir easier. Ehehe and others even maybe some big dolphins would join and help.

Let's see if we can get the word out there.

In case you are on twitter this is the post:

Let's do this all together :)

Given the right timing, and market price, I guess Steepshot have a plan in doing like these. Steepshot should work more on its platform as we ready for Hardfork 20 right?

Yeah we are more than ready. They have been working really hard. I dont know for how long you have been using it but they came a long way :) now it is up to us to help spread the word. If You are on twitter go there and join us on spreading the word. The link is on the post ;)

@sergiomendes You have my support. @steepshot is doing great work! 👍🏾

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I sincerely thank you for this post! I had no clue about Steepshot! I just downloaded it and it is awesome!!!!

So glad to help other people finding about it. If i can ask your help. Dont forget to check it on twitter and rt. This is the link if you are in there:

All the help is welcome. :)

Let's make sure we can make this happen. :)

This is really appreciable

Thanks. Let's all make sure we do our part spread the word. If ypu are on twitter please go there and help us reach more people.with a RT :) the link is on the post.

There wouldn't be a happier person than me but

What can we do to make this happen?


Sorry to break it to you guys but @ned or will never delegate anything to @steepshot because they don't want to build competition for @appics

Eheeh You might have a point there... that is a good conspiracy theory.

I don't know if that is true or not. But i see the point although at the same time APPICS will realise their SMT so it would be good for STEEMIT to have "their own" photography platform that is generating STEEM.

That's why in my opinion that theory might be flawed. :)

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