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RE: Ned Scott have to delegate more Steem Power to Steepshot

in #dtubedaily4 years ago

Not only @ned even the other 12 whales should delegate sp to boost Steepshot.
As we wait for their 'mercy", steepshot should crowdsource from the public sp delegation with minimal roi, just to keep the platform in better footing.


True. But who knows if he starts the process it would make ir easier. Ehehe and others even maybe some big dolphins would join and help.

Let's see if we can get the word out there.

In case you are on twitter this is the post:

Let's do this all together :)

Given the right timing, and market price, I guess Steepshot have a plan in doing like these. Steepshot should work more on its platform as we ready for Hardfork 20 right?

Yeah we are more than ready. They have been working really hard. I dont know for how long you have been using it but they came a long way :) now it is up to us to help spread the word. If You are on twitter go there and join us on spreading the word. The link is on the post ;)

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