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RE: Ned Scott have to delegate more Steem Power to Steepshot

in #dtubedaily4 years ago

I truly do not understand why a MASSIVE AMOUNT of delegation is not coming to makes an instagram ON STEEM. Let's go @NED and other steemians this is one of the BEST WAYS to spread steemit. @aggroed @yabapmatt


Eheheh thank you for the support. Maybe we will be able to call some people attention to this. If you are on twitter this is the link to the tweet:

I agree @steepshot definitely deserves a lot of steem delegation!

It might also be good for @steepshot to create a project on @fundition. Fundition currently has a 1 million Steem delegation from @ned.

P.S. I hope more Steem comes to @steepshot soon!

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