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What's up people?
Today Im starting my new journey. On and also in my life.
Need to change a lot of things, try to fix some of them, say goodbye to the bad ones.
What is the goal? Finally start living in 101%, enjoy my life as much as I can, share with you with everything I know and take all good advices from you. None said gonna be easy but who cares. Just let set in motion this life-machine today!

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Hey brother! It's nice to meet you and this is my take on quitting Cigarettes. I'm not going to lie to you, it's going to be FREAKING difficult, but like acromatt already said...the beginning will be tough. What I would like you to do is envision yourself smoking in 1 year, 5 years and 10 years. How would your life look like? With smoking and without. This puts you on the path of wanting to quit. Telling yourself who you want to become, having a vision for yourself and set of values will also help you put you on that mindset of quitting. Ok, now that we have that's time to actually put into into action. As you know..the trigger will ALWAYS be there and it cannot be changed (the book "habit" even says that) the only thing what you can change is the action, in your case, it's not smoking.

How habits are structured

  1. Trigger
  2. Action
  3. Reward
    -> 4. Craving

It takes around 21-67 days to form a new habit. I really hope this was helpful brother. According to the book "influence - psychology of persuasion" it is also much more persuasive to write it down somewhere that you want to achieve this goal. In my honest opinion, I think knowing what you want and who you want to become and why you want to become that is more powerful because you attach emotions to it and as you know we buy/believe things with emotions and justify it with logic.

I really wish you the best ma man!

Winny out... for now 😉

Ps: what I can also recommend you is meditation. Mindfulness meditation. If you want to know more about that then just answer to this super long ass post 😄

I'm don't want to put me anywhere smoking to be honest. Thats just scary. But is it so difficult?I mean quitting? i want to prove myself its easy and I will do it, How? I hope I'll explan everything in next videos.
Tell me something more about meditation. It's interesting.

It's mindfulness meditation. Basically, you sit down and you become aware of your breath. When thoughts come, you observe them and then you bring your focus back to your breath. The point of all of this to become aware of yourself. Aware of your thoughts, your ego, your urges. This way, you can then analyze yourself and the situation and your case it's the urge of smoking.

Winny out... for now 😉

and what time is the best for it? before the day? after? how long should I do it?

It is always exciting when people decide to do something with their lives.

Good luck man! Nicotine is a son of a bitch! It grabs you by the fucking balls when you get into it.
I know!
I smoked cigs for a year and got addicted for sure.
When you quit you have to really really want to quit for sure. You have to be soo positive about it or you will fall back into it.
When I wanted to quit, I would do cardio, a lot of if. It made me not want to inhale smoke into my lungs.
I would get so irritated and pissed off for that whole month of the beginning of quitting Nicotine. After a month or so you final get back to normal, you just have to push through and not give in!
Fuck nicotine!
I know you can get away from it, but I know how hard it is.
DO IT man!
Good luck buddy!
I am looking forward to watching your transformation.

Thank you so much for your support! ;-)

Good Luck! Have much fun and a lot of new experiences while walking that path!

Thank you! im really excited to show you my everyday videos. Stay with me! ;-)

I'd love to help you out with regaining control of your life :) If you want we can speak somewhere...

Don't wait with nothing until tomorrow, buddy. This is a good excuse. Do it right now! Good luck! :)

Consider it done. Couldn't wait till next day so I crushed a cigarette box and threw it.

YES! Good step and cut all your contacts with dealers! ;)

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