@steemcafe interviewing me - Day 17

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In the video I answered all these questions :

How I found steem ?
Where do I get inspiration for my content ?
How important do I feel Steem is to the world ?
What do I want to do in the future ?
Where do I think steem will go in the future?

Watch the video and have fun, I hope you will find more inspiration and motivation to grow on steemit and invite more people to steem blockchain. ☺

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Very nice post thanks for sharing this information

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25 degrees in Russia?? :-D For some reason I always think Russia is FREEEZING all over the place. I clearly need to go and visit! :)
Awesome, Jerry Benfield is the coolest 8-)

yes the Russian south is very hot, today is 30 degrees, I always show the Russian nature to show to the world that we have hot summer here as well. ☺

Show us more videos from hot Russia then! :)

I will, you can watch this one : Maintain your style - Day 18 , or my wifes one as well : Explore your area - Travelling for free - VLOG 3 , she is @steemitbaby . ☺

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is it an upvote bot ?


No, @thundercurator is a manual curation service that myself @entrepreneur916 and my wife Angela @bunnymoney operate.

Very much humans who like to read and curate...a lot.

And Awesome people to boot 😉
@thundercurator and @bunnymoney you guys ROCK 🤩

I like the manual curation, we are also doing so, but we need more support now, I hope we will cooperate. ☺