What Was Your Favorite Thing About This Christmas - Znap Day 28

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Having not been in the Christmas Spirit the past month, I was surprised to see myself having such an amazing day! Scott and I went to have a "celebration" with my parents, our children, and the Grand Georges. I was expecting this to not be a great day with lots of sugar-high children and grumpy groups, but it was nothing like that. My parents were chilling out, smiling, and in such an amazing frame of mind. I was so worried considering this past week of moving had been a horrible mess. It actually felt like the old Christmas times my family had when my children were little. There were snacky types of foods, laughter, and smiles.


Afterward, we went to our son's apartment to play a board game. One of the things we do with our son and Grand George the Second is play board games. This enables us to relax and have a bit of fun together. What are some of the things that you enjoy doing with your family to help relax and have fun?

Yes, this was a wonderful Christmas day for us. What was your favorite thing about this Christmas? Leave us your comments below, we would love to hear from you.

Thank you so much for visiting us today and we do hope you have had as wonderful Christmas day as well.

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This year Christmas was different, our whole family left the country. Only my mother and I were here. But that is already a lot have her. I know we're going to have better Christmas in the future

Wow! I can't imagine doing Christmas in another country. I woul like to, but it just never crossed my mind.

Well everyone who has left is because of the situation the country is going through. Living here in Venezuela is not easy... But I know that at least they have money and there is food.

I have heard it is not easy being in Venezuela. I am so sorry it is so. We do not watch the news here so I am having to do some extra reading online. My heart goes out to you dear one and I am thinking of you and your family.

Thank you very much dear, we have faith that this will improve soon.

Hello my friends! In every Christmas we meet with the family. We make our wishes and sit at the table. We eat fish carp (in Poland popular) Later we listen and sing koledy.I wonder what dishes you have at the Christmas table. Merry Christmas!


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Well, some places do the traditional dishes in the US like turkey, roasts, potatoes, and such; however, my family did it a little different this year. We had snack foods like meatballs, cheese dip , pickles, egg rolls, and other finger foods. When I was a little girl my mother would make up huge plates of different types of cheeses, lunchmeats, and dips with crackers on the side. It was a lot of fun both then and now.

The favourite thing was obviously family and friends really, Christmas won't be any good without them, so the best was going out with friends and having fun really


On Christmas Day, if we were able to bring a smile on someone's face, undoubtedly is the biggest gift of Christmas Day.As we all know Christmas Day is a festival of pleasure sharing.We pray to God that a person should not be sad because of us.Walk on the path of goodness and share happiness
This is God's greatest service and the biggest gift of Christmas Day.
Thank you frnd @xcountytravelers

You are so welcome. I must admit, it brought total joy when my mother sqealed with delight when she opened her gift. I think you are right, the smiles on Christmas Day are wonderful.

I invited an old friend over and fixed Christmas dinner for him. But technically Christmas hasn't arrived at my house yet. The presents are all still wrapped and under the tree and I have the rest of this week to finish up doing some more baking and wrapping a few more gifts. My family will all arrive on Saturday and they will be here for 4 days so we will celebrate Christmas, two birthdays and New Year's and have one big continuous party! I am quite excited about it.

Oh, wow. Sounds like you all are going to have a wonderful time. Sometimes the celebration happens many days after the holiday, but it is about family and friends for sure. Fortunately, we will get another time to celebrate when my Texas daughter comes up. Unfortunately, they all had the flu and had to miss out today. For you, I am excited!

It works out well for all of us. That way they don't have to try to cram everything into a day and a half when it comes to visiting the other sides of the families. They can have a much more relaxed visit with the other grandparents and then I get a much more relaxed Christmas visit with them also

Oh, that is brilliant! I will have to remember that for next year!

Everything is Nice about christmas !

It really is. I was so stressing about not being in the Christmas Spirit, but there it was all the time, just waiting for Christmas Day to show up. "Surprise!" It yelled as it jumped out at me!

my christmas was a walking affair

We were going to go on a Christmas Day hike, but we slept in really late. We were hoping for a New Year's Day First Hike. Unfortunately, it is going to be below 20 degrees F. ugh!

Board game reminds me something.
God bless you all.
Happpy family.
Love from here.

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We love board games. There is something about visiting and laughing while we are having fun.

Merry Christmas and Happy holiday dear... great to see you both...well, my favorite part of this time is food and meeting friends.. i love holiday foods so i went to coffee shop to spend my Christmas day.. haven't done much as it's my first experience of celebrating Christmas and holiday. Outside weather is not friendly so decided to stay warm and cozy...

thank you for sharing your moments with us WW sis..

Oh, I just love coffee! Coffee with friends is even better. My oldest daughter and I usually get together a couple of times a week for coffee. I just love spending that time with her.

We so appreciate you taking time to view the video and commenting. So appreciate you.

i plan to do my own little #znap video soon :)

i remember getting the NES was absolutely my favorite part of ALL christmases. usually i just drink with my wife so there isn't much to say. but this.. it was like early 90s but to this day i remember waking up and immediately started playing super mario.

I had purchased one for my kids and they loved it. I have never been good at video games, provided many hours of entertainment for the kids.

We played games with my children and especially an "escape game" that was very great, even if we miserably failed to escape the room on time...LoL and we have discovered another one brought by my oldest son and had enjoyable time with it also....we love to play board games together ^_^ This is not specific to christmas time but to all our family meetings..;-)This is our cool way to enjoy time together in a relax way

We try to do something a couple times a month. It is so much fun.

After reading your post, I am so happy for you and your family.

After reading your post, I am so happy for you and your family.

Thank you guys, really...all's well that ends well, and all that...

That is fantastic!