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If I Mention You In The Description It Is Because You Have A Big Channel And Hopefully You Can Help Smaller DTubers With This Problem. Please Like This Video Guys Because Even If This Doesn't Affect You Or You Don't Feel Like Their Is Anyway You Can Help With This Issue, You Can Still Help This Video Reach People Who Can Help.


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Well, so to the basics yeah. This is not like YouTube. Here likes and subscribers don't matter so much sadly. Dtube central account is the main account that determine what gets to trending page. So you just have to keep trying. Lol a lot of older people here talking about stuff that might not interest you.

Well, there is an initiative by @nathanmars #link777 which you can be part of. He helps smaller accounts like yours and mine get better exposure. He is friendly and approachable. So you can speak to him and probably he will explain dtube better to you

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I had a very difficult time uploading a video today.

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Ok, Patience. Did you not just join dtube and you are actually expecting an upvote? You are expecting to be where the top steemians are at instantly? Do you have any idea how much work people put into their channels to build the audience? Any idea how entitled you sound in this video? I joined May 9th last year and created a new video everyday for 100 days straight. I designed and built many logos for the community and individuals here on the STEEM blockchain. I created relationships with people on the blockchain. I worked extremely hard to get to where I am here.

What have you done here on the blockchain to add value? You joined this month, and your first video was asking to be put on trending.

You will not do well here begging for upvotes and downtalking content creators who have put in the time to create content and relationships.

So far you have not added any value at all, just a talking head behind a giant mic. NO one will upvote this if you keep being so negative.

Relax, stop getting upset and not understanding how this platform works.
I literally spent 100 days of constant work to get where I am. From the moment I woke up till I went to sleep.

What have you done to deserve our upvotes? Our Subscriptions. How are you adding value? Would you watch your videos so far here?

I suggest starting to create your content rather then complaining. What videos did you take so long to make?

I upvoted your last video. That was at least edited a little bit. However the other 2 are negative and Debby downer like. Put in the work and you will do fine. Be entitled, you wont. Simple as that. You must build relationships in order to do well here.