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DTube 0.9: Doubling up your rewards

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That was unclear to me from the post.

This was obviously not a random decision, and it seems counterintuitive to provide 0 author rewards with DTC. What is the advantage to DTC, Dtube, or creators to this rewards structure?


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Almost none of this update makes sense to me. It seems designed to be obtuse and ineffectual. A lot of what DTube says and does contradicts itself. I don't get any sense of cohesion here, or like the project is going anywhere. 3 years later and uploads still don't work. We'll never compete with YouTube if we don't even take ourselves seriously. This is a joke.

Well, I can relate to not understanding the implications of many of the particulars of this update. However, it is clear to me that a great deal of thought has gone into it, and lots of work too. I try to always be aware that plenty of folks are smarter than me, and expect to fail to easily understand things smart people do.

That's why I ask dumb questions.

Dammit! I replied to me instead of you. Sorry.