Taking Care of Others! The ONO launch and more from China

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ONO is launching right now in China

Hey guys - I spoke about the new social media platform called ONO already in a German post.

I see a lot potential there but will not give you financial advise by that. If you know me I try to be realistic and focus also on due diligence in all I do but I got kind of infected by the enthusiasm by some people I trust about this platform.

The background and team is experienced. The idea is excellent and the set-up seems very well-thought. Watch the video which tells a bit about my opinion (I am not a guy that tells you to jump ships! Never was, never will be), another sports related event in China and the current ONO search for Super Partners - Super Partners are key for the health of the platform and will be selected by the CEO directly. From October 2018 onwards there will be regular democratic elections for the new Super Partner Generation. So if you are a Witness here or feel like a Block Producer, Spam and Scam Hunter and are open for checking an addition to your Steemit activities feel free to check the part of the current search below and apply - people like @patrice or @ats-david come to my behind that are really taking care of a community. If they do not come ONO needs clones of them.

About the Super Partner Search: https://medium.com/@ONOsocial/ono-what-is-a-super-partner-723905c6c160

Show that you Care for your Community

This probably sums up what ONO is about - you become influential because of your social skills and by proving that you care about others. your success will not be linked toward investments into the platform. Currently they do not accept investments anyway - if they will in the future - it will be only selected and proven investors.

YouTube Video version below in case it is not accessible after some days

Check the official Whitepaper: https://www.ono.chat/files/ONOWhite%20Paper%20v1.9.pdf

PS: I am not seeing them as Steemit competitor and for sure will not Power down here - just in case people think that way.... 💪

ONO Official Links below

Official website: https://www.ono.chat
Telegram Chinese: https://t.me/ONOCN
Telegram English: https://t.me/ONOUS
Sina Weibo: https://weibo.com/ONOofficial
WeChat official account: onogogo
Medium: https://medium.com/@ONOsocial
Steemit: https://steemit.com/@onosocial
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ONOofficial

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Thank you for educating people about us! :)


I really admire the ideals conveyed in your writing. I have been striving against what I believe to be the social ills of Steem for a while now and see no end in sight. Ono gives me something to be really enthusiastic about.

The concept of super partners for helping keep the network clean from the beginning is an essential approach. It is apparent there is more of a need on Steem so have been heading multiple cleanup projects with my limited means yet moderate to advanced skillset. Sometimes, it feels akin to chasing after the wind as the stakeholders who can really make a difference have mostly opted out for more "lucrative" things (selling votes) so it is disheartening at times.

In any case, looking forward to the opportunity to perhaps serve the ONO network in a similar fashion and interact with more people that would restore my faith in humanity. Cheers!


I tried registering, but it seems only individuals with numbers based in China can register.


ONO dApp released for the Chinese market only on April 15, 2018. The international version is set to launch in May, but no set date is confirmed yet. Stay tuned for details on the international launch.


Okay. Thanks for the info. But no way to register till then?

Obwohl ich ja ein Neuling hier bin haben mich deine Ausführungen über Ono ganz schön fasziniert, denn die Aussicht mal bei einer Social Media Plattform von Anfang an dabei zu sein reizen mich ungemein. Sollte das wirklich im Juni hier an den Start gehen wär ich gern dabei. In dieser Hinsicht hoffe ich auf weitere Informationen von Dir, ansonsten wünsch ich Dir weiterhin viel Erfolg und Spass bei Steemit.

Hatte bisher noch nicht von dem Projekt Ono gehört.
Hört sich aber auf jeden Fall interessant an.
Werde mal ins Whitepaper reinschauen und mir meine Meinung bilden.
Danke dir fürs aufmerksam machen. :)


Aber gerne - ich versuche gleich mal den deutschen Post oben zu verlinken wenn mein Internet mich lässt :-)


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Hatte schon mal davon mitbekommen, aber mich noch nicht wirklich damit auseinander gesetzt. Werde ich jetzt aber mal tun und mir deinen deutschen Post dazu anschauen^^


Danke - heute trainingsfrei? Ich wollte den deutschen Post eigentlich verlinken aber mein Netz hängt grad :-)

I really like the Idea of ONO.
When it´s open International I will also test it out.
For a Super Partner I'm to busy so I will never try ;)


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At least the apps for Android and iOS are not officials ... I would be a bit careful to install any of them in my Phone.


Please do not install any apps - the launch today is only for China, the rest of the world hopefully follows in May, latest June! Will keep you updated.

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Nice brother @raorac - thanks a lot!


Sehr gerne, find ich interessant diese ONO Geschichte. Ist mit Sicherheit einen Blick wert.

Hmm !! After steemit, there is a possibility that many good projects might get launched and do good !!

Its good to keep up with the technology but yeah good to hear that you will stay with steemit too !!

Just like so many other coins came after bitcoin, bitcoin is still at the topmost position !!

Similarly steemit too seems to remain at the top no matter what new project might come up !

But as a writer, we can have a taste of all the platforms without leaving one !!

Thanks for informing about this new platform. Will read about it 😇



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It's a great project. I have recommended many friends to join it. Thank you for the introduction.

Missed this post before, @uwelang. Thanks for this interesting information.

Just shows how good ideas will always shift, evolve and live on. Will be watching out for your updates.


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Thank you, @uwelang!

Wow! This is great information. I will check the ONO white paper right away. It sounds really engaging.
Thanks for sharing.

I knew this from twitter but I barely touch the white paper yet. You made me more curious because I saw some steemians on board trying this other opportunity.


Read it and let me know any questions.

Interresant Uwe, Danke dir für den Tipp. Schau ich doch an.

Tolles Video Uwe, hatte noch nichts darüber gehört. Werde ich mir mal ansehen! Danke!

Bin zwar erst seit kurzer Zeit bei steemit dabei, aber Ono scheint auch sehr interessant zu werden. Freue mich schon auf weitere Infos über dieses Thema.

Never heard of this.. Thanks for the info. It's also decentralised? Would do some research


yes, decentralised of course :-)

ONO is the new facebook. The CEO is China's prodiy for startups Ke Xu which will put it on the radar of mainstream investors. You can claim some free ONO here https://ibo.candy.one/task


Thanks - yes you can claim some on Candy.One already. To add - you also need a BigOne account to withdraw them to a different wallet though.


Love your this keep it up

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Sir you have shared such a informative post. We don't know about the platform but now i'm interested to join the ono social platform. I prospect it will be also a popular platform.

decentralize now taking over.
am downloading this right away.
Thanks for the info

Nice post. Hi. I like your videos mix and photography post. I love the way Lance is the best thing on the house. Thanks for so much.

Am always amazed with your postings it comes with some take home lessons.. Nice.