#11.5 - The Microcosmic Human (An original fiction series - Part - 3)

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What happened until now ?

Short summary of both the parts altogether:-
Finn, Simon, Ben, Eric and Aleyna went into the forest in three groups to find Aleyna's brother Aaron who was the 17th student kidnapped from the best school of the town. Meanwhile Aleyna's parents Jane and Peter reached Finn's house in anger while looking for Finn's father when they read the letter of Aleyna asking them to send cops in the forest as they have found a clue of Aaron and that she went with Finn into the forest. By mistake Jane played an old video in Finn's house playing a recording of many years back which displayed weird supernatural things happening to little Finn while he was lying on the stretcher with doctors holding him.

Now continued .....

There amid the deep forest, Finn was walking straight in his own direction for quite a while now. He thought to have a check on others and closed his eyes. He opened his eyes besides Ben and Eric who were walking straight throwing those green pebbles on their way. Since they seemed to be quite alright, Finn again closed his eyes and opened them where Aleyna and Simon were.

"What was that?" Aleyna hid herself behind the bushes and so did Simon.

"I would rather say - WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT !" Simon peeked from behind the bushes to the hilltop in front of him at a nearby distance.

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"Did that thing see us"? Aleyna gasped.

"I ain't sure. But we are dead if it did!!!" Simon's eyes grew bigger.

Finn looked here and there trying to find out whom were they hiding from but couldn't see anybody when suddenly he heard wings flapping at a distance.

Finn stepped out from the bushes where Aleyna and simon were hiding and looked above in the sky. To his surprise, he saw a human with large wings and claws as of an eagle looking for something. Finn, with his mouth wide open was busy looking at that creature when it saw Aleyna and Simon.

"Run Simon." Aleyna's voiced screeched Finn's ears and she ran for her life with Simon following her but they weren't as fast as the human eagle.

Bushes GIF-source.gif

It grabbed both of them with one claw each and flew back behind the hilltop.

Finn quickly closed his eyes and opened them where his body actually was.

"What in the lord's name did I just see!!" He murmurred and gathered his consciousness. "I need to save Aleyna". He started running to his right and took a pause. *"I should inform Ben and Eric as well to change their route. "But how?" He rubbed his chin and thought for a while. Suddenly he looked in front and nodded as if he got an idea. He closed his eyes and opened them where Ben and Eric were and snatched the jar of pebbles from Eric's hand.

"What the fuck man?" Eric stepped back all of a sudden after seeing the jar flying in air. Ofcourse, they couldn't see Finn in the other dimension.

Forest GIF-source.gif

"Oh my god!! Is the kidnapper invisible?" Ben smacked his palm against his forehead.

Suddenly a pebble jumped out of the jar and was kept on the earth pointing towards the right direction from where Eric and Ben were standing. They both watched in awe while more pebbles jumped out of the jar one by one and formed the shape of an arrow on the earth pointing towards the right direction.

"An arro ?" Eric tilted his head while staring at the arrow shaped pebbles.

"Finn, is that you?" Ben narrowed his eyes.

"Yes!! Thank god!!" Finn shouted, but nobody could hear him anyway.

"Oh yes. It could be Finn from another dimension." Eric nodded. "But why is he asking us to change our route?"

"We would know soon. Let's go." Ben took the jar flying in air and moved forward towards the direction pointed out by the arrow.

They were about to reach the place where Finn saw Simon and Aleyna being taken away by the eagle when Finn came running from behind.

"Save your heads." Finn bowed down and pushed Ben and Eric behind the bushes.

"Hey Finn. What's happening?" Eric sat down with Finn and Ben.

"Shhhh!!" Finn kept his finger on his lips and shifted his hands in between the bushes to make a hole to obtain the view over the mountains.

"Look over there." Finn looked at Eric.

Eric put his eye in the hole to see a giant human like eagle flying over the mountains not much far from them.

Hey GIF-source.gif

Eric was all frozen up. He turned back all of a sudden and stared at Ben with eyes wide open !!

"What did you see?" Ben narrowed his eyes and pushed Eric away to take a look in the hole and suddenly stepped back. "What the fuck is that ?" He looked at Finn.

"I have no idea but it took Simon and Aleyna with him!" Finn looked through the hole once again to keep a check.

"What???" Eric bounced back.

"What in the world are we going to do now?" Ben trembled.

"We are going to follow their crystals!!" Finn smiled.

"Oh yes!!! We can find out where they are through the other dimension." Ben leaned forward.

"Close your eyes now. Let's see where are all the kidnapped kids taken away." Finn said and they all closed their eyes.

"What a dirty place!" Finn looked around.

Horror Dark GIF by Psyklon-source.gif

Eric and Ben openeded their eyes to find themselves in a dark room with only one light hanging from the roof. In front of them was sitting Simon all tied up on a chair.

Ben quickly moved forward and started untying him !!

"Finn is that you?" Simon looked all around.

"I hope he could listen to us." Ben kept on untying him when suddenly they heard footsteps approaching.

Season 3 GIF-downsized_large.gif

"Someone is here!! We gotta hide." Eric panicked.

"You are already hidden dumbo!" Ben slapped his head. "They can't see you anyway !!"

"Oh yeah!!" Eric stammered.

Three men approached Simon's cell in white cloak as of a doctor's and opened the sound proof tight doors.

Season 3 GIF-downsized_large (1).gif

"Who are you guys? Why did you tie me up?" Simon rocked from side to side.

They ignored Simon's questions and straightaway opened a silver suitcase. Inside it were kept 2 injections with a few serums.

"What the fuck are they upto?" Ben looked at Finn.

One amongst the three men injected a yellow serum in the injection.

"What are you gonna do to me." Simon freaked out.

The man with the injection signaled the other two guys to hold Simon and they stepped forward to do as asked.

"No, what are you giving me!! Stop!!" Simon lost his conscience and kicked one of the men in his groin.

"Ouch!!!" The men put both his hands amid his legs and frowned upon Simon.

"It's time to use your Martial Arts classes Ben!!" Finn shouted and punched the other men standing beside him.

Dean Winchester Face Punch GIF-source.gif

"Who is there?" The men looked around.

The men with the injection stepped forward to hold Simon but Simon stood up and the ropes that he was tied with fell off.

"Who stupid tied these ropes so well?" The men with the injection looked at the other two men.

"I tied it damn tight sir." Said the other man.

Meanwhile Finn pushed the men back and the injection fell from his hand. He quickly picked it up and injected it in the same man's leg !!

Heroin GIF-source.gif

"Who the fucking hell did this?" the man's voice pierced through everyone's ears !!

Ben took the ropes and tied it around the man whom Simon kicked. Eric picked up the silver suitcase and smashed it over the third men's head.

"Run Simon." Eric screamed but Simon could not listen.

Finn pushed Simon out of the cell and handed over the keys to him.

All desolated Simon was looking at the keys in his hands trying to understand what to do with it.

"Lock them in you idiot!!" Ben snatched the keys from him and locked the door himself.

"Oh!!" Simon exclaimed. Ben kept the keys in Simon's pocket when suddenly they heard weird monstrous noises coming from inside the room. Everyone looked at each other with a furrowed brow.

"Shane it's us!! Come back in your senses." One of the men shouted from inside the room.

"Yes Shane. Wake up. We are your friends!!" Said the other voice .

The monstrous voice became stronger and stronger.

"What's happening?" Eric tried to look inside from the keyhole!

"Idiot, you don't carry your body with you here !! You can pass right through the door!!" Ben tapped on Eric's head again.

Eric laughed and stepped inside. To his astonishment, the men whom Finn injected had turned into a half crocodile and was looking at the other two men with eyes full of hunger!!

Eric was standing there with his mouth open when Ben and Finn stepped inside as well.

The white cloack of Shane got torn off due to the enlargment of his body and he grew a green tail as of a crocodile. The spot on his leg where Finn inserted the injection had turned immense dark green in color showing his veins clearly around the area where the serum was injected.

Anxiety Closing In GIF by David Berrebi-source.gif

"What's happening inside guys? I can't see much from the keyhole!!" Simon's voice came right through the keyhole and gained the half crocodile's attention!!

He looked right at the door and came crawling in a hurry and bam!! He stroke the door with all his power. Simon fell off at a distance due to the high pressure from the other side.

Finn, Ben and Eric were looking at each other in complete terror when the human crocodile was continuously striking the door to have a taste of Simon !

To be continued......

Sorry guys for releasing this part after so long !!! I don't write anything until it comes to me on its own and this one took some time !! I always choose quality over quantity if I have to choose one and I believe everything I post is always helpful or entertaining and never a waste of time for the reader.*

Do tell me in the comments below if you are enjoying my fiction or not !! This is going to be an interesting story I promise !!

If you are a fan of fictional stories then don't miss out reading @ezzy's amazing work. He is a steemit award winning novelist !! Here is a link to the latest part of his fiction called THE DAM.

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Thank you for the shout-out and congrats on putting this intriguing new story together. :)


Its all my pleasure :)
Thanks a lot :) I hope you find it interesting. I ain't getting any genuine feedback until now for this series.
Don't even know if people are liking it or not :P
Its tough to get genuine feedback on steemit.
Don't you think so?

Pretty good stuff sweets!


It feels better when people like something that you have just begin with!!

Thank you so so much :) :)

Nice Post

always amazing

How soon will the next part be out?


Next week most probably. I have written half of the next part though. But this thing happens to me when i write. I can't write until it flows through me. I dont know when it will come to me next :P I hope it comes soon and I am able to finish the next part asap !! :D

Wow! great philosophy, your all lines are meaningful.
Good job, keep it up.
Best of luck.

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