Still just 2 or 3 weeks, long enough for your viewers to see them, but not long enough to be a resource on the internet, a source of knowledge, or proof you existed.

Exactly the reason why dTube is pretty much useless for anyone wanting to create a library of content here. Worthless videos of "in the moment" content won't make this a good option for millions trying to get out of the corporate censorship morass.

You can host the video files yourself via certain types of software. Or use a service that hosts for you such as @onelovedtube. Dtube cannot support the masses of videos however I am working to solve this problem in the future.

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I hear ya. I just don't see an upside to paying out more than I take in from my efforts here.
I'll continue my Fascistbook video uploads and turning the pennies generated here to tangible silver...

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