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Even though is a safe domain, it's still a hurdle to have to copy paste your posting key in every steem web-app to login. SteemConnect was there, but it had security and user experience flaws from the start.

Keychain improves the STEEM login experience in the same way metamask does for the Ethereum blockchain. It stores your keys safely in a browser extension and provides simplistic methods for UI developers to send live transactions. Keychain is a conjoint effort by many high-profile Steemians/witnesses: @aggroed, @stoodkev, @yabapmatt and @eonwarped. It is available for most mainstream browsers (chrome, firefox, brave, opera) and many of the top STEEM apps are already using Keychain, such as SteemMonsters, SteemPeak, or DrugWars, and now DTube!

If Keychain is installed on your browser, DTube's login page will now show it as the default login method.

You will still need to enter your username you want to log in with, then keychain will open a popup asking for you to confirm the login.

Feel free to tick the 'do not prompt me again' to avoid this extra confirmation for the domain in the future.

Once this is done, the experience will be the same as normal, without ever having to copy paste your posting key again.

This feature was added to DTube's source code by @vaultec, so he will receive 100% of the rewards of this post. The feature was added yesterday on the website already, so I bet a few people already tried it, please give us some feedback in the comments. Also, do you think should we deprecate SteemConnect now?

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Awesome, do you have plans on implementing other things @vaultec is working on in the future as well? :)

We talked a bit together and I guess something like a 'Community Upload Servers' function will exist in the future, if that's what you're talking about..

Yeah, he calls it by another name, but that's what I had in mind yes. :)

Definitely, lots of changes are planned. Will be merged into the main source branch once finalized.

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Good job friend @vaultec , you deserve it ;)

Reading this is music to my eyes. :)

Steemconnect should definitely be deprecated. Especially with things such as sc3 (fees), unknown bugs/sessions expiring.

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Yeah you're right. But it still causes issues with that thus should be deprecated. Considering fees and being a centralized entity.

For usage in dtube. Other apps have that choice.

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Nice! Did something change in Keychain? I remember it was announced and I installed it in browser couple of months back..then there were no news at all...and now suddenly, dtube and also steempeak implenmented it within one month I feel...anyway, awesome news! it's suuupereasy to use :)

No particular reason for why we are adding it in now. I wanted to do it since it got released. I think things just take a bit of time :)

That is really nice and i have heard of keychain a lot more time and i think now I really need look upon that i can access everything easily without even sacrificing my accounts safety.

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Yes, it's hard for humans to spot phishing websites which could be trying to steal your keys, that's why an extension is generally considered safer to keep your keys in. If you want to be 100% secure, I recommend installing the extension from the github source, instead of from the extension store. This way, it will not auto-update and you are sure to be running the open source code.

Resteemed this article. Thank you for supporting Steemit Community.

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Things are really getting better and easier! Glad that @dtube is so dynamic in their function.

We love dtube, and we love Steem

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I think you should continue offering SteemConnect @dtube. I still use SteemConnect and I think many others do too. Some people aren't comfortable with browser extensions for things like keys.

P.S. I tried to upload a video about an hour ago and it worked, but the 720p Hash didn't load properly and is just blank. Can you give me any advice? @dtube @vaultec @graylan

I used Handbrake and used the correct settings with 720p and I have an excellent Internet connection with a 40 Mbps + upload speed.

Please let me know if anything can be done to ensure it won't happen again. I tried to upload it once before and all the Hashes failed to load (just blank hashes). This was the second time and the 720p failed to load this time so I just submitted it anways. It was my wife's video on her @emaferice acccount.

Wow this is fantastic you guys really working hard .

Steemit Inc seriously needs to hurry up already and adopt Steem Keychain as an officially supported means of interacting with the Steem blockchain. Paging @ned to make that happen. As a developer myself who is privacy-focused, I believe it is crucial that keys are not typed or copied and pasted, nor stored anywhere other than the user's machine or browser.

STINC needs to throw some funds or development resources at making it even better. I refuse to use SteemConnect anymore if I can avoid it and use Keychain.

Thanks for this wonderful update and improvement on @dtube login. I wil definitely try it soon and give @dtube the feedback..
Special thanks to the steem witness @aggroed @stoodkev @yabapmatt @eonwraped
Also @vaultec. Job weldone 👍👍👍👍

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