Vegan Velvet Soup Recipe (EASY-ON A BUDGET) //tel.empathy\\

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Hey guys!
Today I decided to share my recipe for this delicious vegan velvet soup with you.
Soups are one of the few things I never get bored of eating even if it's hot as hell outside.
This one's main ingredients are zucchinis and mushrooms-some very tasty and nutritious vegetables.
I'm a student so I'm always on a budget but for the past few weeks I've been trying out some "cheap" recipes and I decided to share my "knowledge". That doesn't mean that they're not fulfilling and tasty tho!
I always enjoyed cooking, especially for friends and family but keep in mind that I'm a beginner so I'm always open to suggestions and corrections on the way I'm cooking or prepping.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed my soup haha
Let me know if you have any further questions about the recipe!
Please also keep in mind that this is the first time I'm posting a video and my filming/editing skills are not the best(yet!).

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to watch my video.
Keep being awesome!

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I love soups yummy

@michelnilles If you do then I recommend making this one some day 😋

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This #recipe looks healthy and seems fairly simple to make, which is always appreciated!

I love soups because of their versatility.. You can use whatever you have in the pantry to whip up a quick and delicious meal. And blending it into a creamy soup is a great idea!

Thanks, @tel.empathy!!!

@wffeys thank you again.
If you have any ingredient ideas for my next one please let me know!

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I sometimes like to add red or green lentils for extra protein and fiber!

Thanks again, @tel.empathy!!! I look forward to trying this recipe!

That looks really delicious! I like the fact that you included this reasonable message:

That doesn't mean that they're not fulfilling and tasty tho!

ReallY good point! Cooking fresh and vegetable based doesn't mean that it should be expensive! I see a lot of people buying cheap meat, cheap frozen convenience food what makes my kind of sad and angry the same time.

Thanks for sharing this #awesomediycontent with us! Would be cool, if you share some more receipts on DTube on future!


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Hey @tibfox, thank you for your kind words.
The inspiration for this came when I went to the flea Market yesterday and noticed how inexpensive most of the vegetables were + you're supporting your local farmers and not some big corporation.
Also thank you for your suggestion. You're right about the recipes. I love making them so maybe!?

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Great video wow.
And the food looks so tasty.
I would definitely add 3 more onions.Hahahaha.
Resteemed and @tibfox and @diytube might like this one.
Cheers sis.

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Hahah I know @knowhow92.
Thank you!!!

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With some meat perfect for me :)

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Hey! You could of course add meat to this but mushrooms already taste like meat to me haha

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