Crypto wallet that pays up to 18% interest monthly is LEGIT!? // Exclusive DTube video 288

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So I made a video about the Plus token Wallet the other day and nobody on here seemed to know anything about it so I downloaded it, tried it and so far it is actually working. Not only is it working, it is actually amazing. So now I'm wondering if there is anything that I'm missing or if I really hit jackpot with this as it pays me daily just for holding my crypto.

I'm tagging the following users because I met you at @steemfest and it became obvious to me that you know more about crypto than me so if you know anything about the Plus Token Wallet let me know in the comments below or hit me up on discord (my name on there is Tanbay as well)

@nathanmars @captainbob @buttcoins @kevinli @slayerkm @exyle @surfermarly @ura-soul @unique.esprit @teamsteem @agent @soldier @mrs.steemit @sirwinchester @aggroed @techslut @oracle-d @wise-team @coruscate @crimsonclad @reiseamateur @illucifer @fabianklauder @elmerlin @traveller7761 @therealwolf @evecab @felixxx @theaustrianguy @connecteconomy @rivalzzz @louis88

Here's a YT video about it:

Here's a very detailed video for my German-speaking Steemians:

If this actually is legit and you decide to try this wallet here is the link: (korean) (english)
I'd appreciate it if you use my affiliate code: 515419952

The other day I gave a step-by-step tutorial on how to make sure your DTube videos work indefinitely, watch it here:

If you found this video helpful make a donation:

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Note: This is not a sponsored video, however I am affiliated with the Plus token Wallet.

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Be careful of such programs, I've lost a lot of money in such things before joining steem. They can tell you anything to make you invest there. The problem is not in interest, they can pay that for months to gather as much money as possible, and when the time will come they will just close everything and will not pay anymore. I was in such program that was telling that they will make special phones and they were showing the production and everything, an other website where they supposed to recycle, they closed after two years. Maybe the first people who will join will get their money back and they may even make profit, but people who will join after months, they will just put their money and lost them forever. I just care about you and I have experience with such people. I hope noone will lose his money that way.


Thank you so much for your wise words again Clix I'd engcourage you to watch my new video and let me know what you think - your opinion is always appreciated:

You should seriously stay as far away from this as possible.
This is at best a MLM and most likely a Ponzi.
Co-founder: Mr. Lee .... lol

Website says under "Team": "Powered by a team"..

Stay as far away from this as you can...

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Thank you checky :P

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@onelovedtube is the best! <3

Love it 💕💕 I share your post to twitter 👏👏


Awesome, have you heard anything about this wallet before?


not yet, I just heard from you

Scam can smell it from miles away,lol

I'm not sure what an intelligent dog has to do with a guy jerking off on a park bench - but I'd say this sounds like bit connect in a lot of ways. They'd need to produce independent data to prove their magical money making system isn't a scam!