How to sign up to the Plus Token Wallet - STEP BY STEP GUIDE

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In todays exclusive DTube video I talk about how to sign up to the Plus Token Wallet - A cryptocurrency wallet that gives you 6 - 18% interest PER MONTH! Here are the steps to sign up to the Plus Token Wallet step-by-step:

Step 1: Download app for IOS or Android: On IOS you need to go to settings, click on ‘general’, then click on ’Trust Global Online Marketing EOOD’

Step 2: Open app, read membership agreement, tick the box to agree, ‘click next step’

Step 3: Enter your phone number, make sure you select your country code, ‘click next step’

Step 4: Authentication Required - Drag the blue icon into the field

Step 5: Create Password, Transaction password, enter Referee number:

515419952 (required to sign up)

Step 6: Copy Mnemonics and keep it in a safe place only you know

Step 7: Confirm Mnemonics - Click on each 4 character Mnemonic in the right order to confirm

Step 8: Copy Private key

Step 9: Log in to the app - Enter Account number and Password

Step 10: Authentication Required (Same as Step 4)

For the login you need your account name and your password. For transactions, you use the transaction password you have selected. Your account name is your mobile number (without country code and without leading 0!). For example, a possible account name would be: 171987654321

Step 11: Verification at PLUS TOKEN! In order to make payments to an external wallet, you need to verify your identity. The verification process takes place with the help of an automated visual field recognition. In the field "Identification number" you have to enter your passport number or identity card number. Also, the name entered here must be identical to the name on your identification document.

Here are the steps: Click on ‘Profile’, ‘Settings’, ‘Certification’, Certification again, Input Name and Identification number, click on the white circle, follow instructions, click ‘Submit’, click ‘upload photos’.

Step 12: Deposit ETH into the wallet - From the home screen, click on ETH, click on Deposit, Generate Address, replicate address or scan QR code to transfer ETH into wallet. Note: You must deposit at least $500 USD of ETH into the wallet to activate the Ai-Dog that will generate you interest.

Step 13: Activate Ai-Dog once ETH is in your account - From he home screen, click on ‘profile’ then click on Ai-Dog, then click on ETH to activate the Ai-Dog. Enter the number of ETH you want to add (must be at least $500 USD worth of ETH), enter the transaction password, press ‘OK’

Step 14: Exchange Plus Token to ETH - Click on Plus Token in the home screen, click on ‘Exchange’, enter the amount of Plus Token to be exchanged, enter your level-II password, click on ‘Exchange’, click on ‘OK’

Step 15: Add more ETH to the Ai-Dog - Click on ‘Profile’, ‘Ai-Dog’, click on ‘ETH’ (NOT on the green button next to ETH), add the amount you want to add in the bottom box that says ‘Plus Token’. Enter Transaction password (level-II Password) and press ‘OK’.

Step 16: How to close Ai-Dog - From home screen, click on ‘Profile’, ‘Ai-Dog’, Click on the green button next to ‘ETH’, Enter Transaction password (level-II Password) and press ‘OK’.

Step 17: Withdraw ETH - Click on ETH in the Home Screen, click on ‘Withdraw’, click on ‘normal transfer’, enter wallet address or scan QR code (click on scanning icon on the top right corner), Enter amount of ETH. Note: The fee is 0.3 Plus Token so make sure you have 0.3 Plus Token in your account. Next enter your transaction password (level-II Password), click ‘confirm the transfer’ and you’re done.

Watch my review about the Plus Token Wallet here:

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Note: This is not a sponsored video, however I am affiliated with the Plus token Wallet. I am also not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice.

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