The Teardrops SMT Dilemma

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You can see video on UloggersTV YouTube:


Becoming A Certified Ulogger 

I am focusing all my drive, energy and resources towards 'certified uloggers' (Teardrops SMT certified users) even in these critical times and these ones can help me to large measure as they apply themselves to helping me carry the Teardrops SMT movement forward.

Here is a recap of the 5 simple steps to complete, to get certified:

1. Kindly Visit To Create An In-depth Steem Profile

Please login on, then click on your profile thumbnail on the top right and then on the  'edit profile' tab and proceed to filling-in an in-depth steem profile. 

Alternatively, you can visit ' (Change '@yourusername' to 'your steem username')

2. Follow, Subscribe Or Like All Of Our Major Social Channels.

This  is important. We want to have multiple outlets via which we can  reach each 'certified ulogger' with information related to our evolution. We want to grow these social channels as well as create a vehicle to reach a mainstream audience.

Here is a list of our social channels (Kindly join any that applies):  

3. Get Some Teardrops And Pay Your 'First Month Subscription' In Advance.

To keep this step simple, simply send '2 steem' to '@teardrops' with the  memo 'one month certification'. Then, you can proceed to step 4!!!  (Note, you may not lose your steem)

4. Write a Ulogacy Post

Visit ''  and publish a ulogacy post containing things that happened within your  day or perhaps, you can recount the entire process of 'getting  certified'.  

Be expressive. It's a ulogacy! 

5. Complete The Process By Participating In This Google Form. 

Just after you have completed this step, you 'got certified'.

Now, that you are certified?

Why not join the 'certified uloggers' discord server, so that you can be added to the exclusive chat area for 'certified uloggers' only. On there, read all the FAQs.

Next, you are invited to be among the first 50 students of a schooled called ‘Legit illiteracy’, an important aspect of the TEARDROPS SMT ecosystem. We will follow through with an entire curriculum. The first month of the curriculum is labeled ‘directional play’

To indicate your interest, DM me on whatsapp (+639210779436) or on this Discord (@surpassinggoogle#1660) or on Telegram (@surpassinggoogle) leave a comment below.  

How more can you help?

If you know a developer/programmer who knows vue/react JS, gosh, that is giant. Please direct him/her to me. I have some 2500 steem as bounty for a collection of GitHub tasks related to and

Where you can help me with tutorial videos, to be places across and that will be so valuable too. Kindly indicate you interest and i will write you a guide or script. (You will need to be 'certified' to appear on these sites)

I have some graphic design needs too!

Your boy Terry, whether bulls or bears 



Days ago, we started one of many ulog-games labelled 'water is the new sexy'. We have now received the first 20 entries. Each of the 'first 20 participant' received a prize of 5 STEEM each, meaning that 'participants 21-50' will get '3 STEEM each'.

We will highlight these entries below, with hopes that it inspires you to participate too:



Do well to read the main ulog-game publication below before you participate:

Sign Our Ulog Petition

To sign, simply visit this URL:

Get Some Teardrops Tokens

You can pick up some teardrops tokens on steem-engine.

Subscribe to UloggersTV

Closing Note

You Can Support The Development Of Teardrops

my "Thank You" is hefty.

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Kindly Vote On The 'steemgigs' Witness. 

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful. 

To vote my witness, simply visit '' and upvote "steemgigs" or simply click Here to do it on one click! 

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I believe I am a certified ulogger and, it is one of my favorite projects on the blockchain.

Since you are asking for suggestions, I have two.

  1. partner up with an existing app like palnet or partiko. Your project has bigger vision but needs that support.

  2. accept delegations. I myself would participate with at least a small one.

Thank you for your hard work. I am ulogging daily now.

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