Steem Secrets #2 (Delivered By @ankarlie): "You Own Steem". We Take Steem To The Moon.

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Hi steemit family, I am your girl @ankarlie and I am a minnow but whale inside and I speak to you in the words of @steemsecrets.

Now, while it is established that "you are whale to me", the next important thing to establish within your mind, that will instantly speed-up your steemit journey is: "you own steem". Yes, I do too!

Yes, whenever there is talk of "steem to the moon"; we don't follow steem to the moon; "we take steem to the moon!"

What am I saying here?

"Instead of spending too much time dwelling on possible reasons why steem is likely to fail, take the high road instead, focusing on how steem can't fail, for the sole reason that "you" are here".

hahaha, what exactly am I saying?

"if you own steem and you are here gidigbamly as owner, then why should steem fail?"

Now, I @ankarlie, am here as well, so why should steem fail? "oh, it won't fail, for we stick solidly around".

"steem to the moon!" say it with me......I can't hear you! "louder"....

(Message From @steemsecrets)

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Kindly, follow @steemsecrets on steemit, not to miss out on releases and please keep tabs on its Dtube channel for shareable videos.

Note: We will celebrate each minnow as whales and whales as whales, for "you are whale to me!" Each one will learn while teaching this rare knowledge as we build a shareable library of the fastest-rarest "Steemit" speed-up knowledge in the most assimilateable sweet bits.

Then, fulfilling success, we will attain!

Follow @steemsecrets, so that you never miss out on any release!

Contact us to share in the celebration, else we will be contacting you soon!

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@ankarlie a minnow on steemit shines as she reveals the 2nd release of the fastest-rarest Steemit speed-up knowledge in the words of @steemsecrets.

Steem Secrets #1 (Delivered By @sunnylife): "You Are Whale To Me!"; This Is Where Your Steemit Journey Should Begin.

##Additional reference:

  1. "We Don't Follow Steem To The Moon; We Take Steem To The Moon".

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That was super cute. @ankarlie reply to me and I'll give you a vote.

Haha I will reply to you a thousand times without upvote. Your positive response is a million times more valuable.

wow i so much enjoyed this post especially this part

"Instead of spending too much time dwelling on possible reasons why steem is likely to fail, take the high road instead, focusing on how steem can't fail, for the sole reason that "you" are here".

I see so many people rushing to sell off their sbd and steem because the value of steem seems to be going down,, they are just busy seeing the downside they ain't seeing the better side and how they can maximize this great opportunity.

To me this the opportunity to buy and invest in steem because soon steem will rise to the moon and its only those that invested will rise in it.


Please see the first video of the series. It is important. Did you notice her say "gidigbamly"?

Follow @steemsecrets for release. Who knows you may speak in its words soon. Don't forget to follow switheart @ankarlie and @sunnylife from the other video

Lol , i noticed , thanks @surpassinggoogle for ur efforts

The idea just came to me. Why don't we (the steemians) write a book and popularize it, translate it and show the world what SteemIt is... I think the advertising is not enough right now. It won't be hard to write a book, especially if there are a lot of volunteers. I can help with translating to Bulgarian if needed. Let me know what you think. Best wishes, Sveto. :P

That would be awesome!

I think it has been attempted but no completed. It is possible yes. Many things have been written but together is special. I am sure you can begin it and it will head somewhere

Well if some of us join a Discord server, we can simply organise everything. Lets say the SteemIt book will contain 20 chapters. 20 different persons will write one of each. Then we combine them, check out for mistake and then try to convince some printing house to print some books for which we pay with SBD earned from post promoting the book. Sounds good, no?

Very attainable. There is a discord underneath my posts

It sounds real good
I buy the idea too@dwarfche
i also think from my own point that if it happens that 20 chapters are to be written,a group of 3-5 can possibly work on a chapter
team work is the best.People will bring in their different knowledge and it will sure make a success

Sir @surpassinggoogle , well done sir , more greese to your elbow..

yeah I viewed it.

I noticed that. ..funny though

Hahaha hello their tried to pronounce it properly did I hahaha STEEM TO THE MOON!!

I saw that!! Shocking.. Is she Nigerian??

She speaks in the words of @steemsecrets

Steemsecret you are the best can't wait what you will reveal next!

just seeing @steemsecrets, all thanks to @surpassinggoogle.. nice one man!

Follow steemsecrets for all the secrets to be revealed haah know that we can take steem to the MOON!

Gidigbamly. Awwr, now you got me googling you @surpassinggoogle. Heard about you for the first time yesterday. Really. Thumbs!

He is the coolest guys in steemit! he is inspires the "inspirer."

Hahaha! I jumped immediately I saw the word!! I feel am cos it's my language..our

We only fail when we leave and why would we leave when we have stake here. Our Success is Steems success.

We are the owners of Steem Power and as Steem increases then we better add more and more Steem Power.

Steem is the future of the monetization of the internet but more than that it is the gifteconomy that will change so many lives.

So go ahead and create unique and great content and have the grit to continue on no matter what.

We are early adopters and we are whales


So proud of you @ankarlie and your back up Hello Kitty Sisters hahaha Steem to the moon!! Louder! Steem to the moon!

Hello sir @maverickinvictus haha thanks it is a challenge taking STEEM TO THE MOON! but that whales do! TO THE MOON SIR STEEM TO THE MOON! and lets have fun doing it! STEEM TO THE MOON!

Pinpointly on point. You spot all the spottables

@sunnylife said that we should start believing that "I am a whale" -- I call it a Whale Mindset. If we cannot believe that we can be a whale, we will never be a whale.

And now another mentor, @ankarlie encouraging us to "take steem to the moon" -- I call it a Owner Mindset. There is a big difference between an Employer (Owner) mindset and an Employee (Worker) mindset. An employee (worker) mindset works to earn, while an Employer (Owner) mindset works to bring the Company to the next level, to the moon! Let us be "an owner" not just a "worker" in steemit and bring it to the moon!

"I am a whale", "I am an owner", "Next?" (Will surely wait for it)

Thank you @steemsecrets and @surpassinggoogle for making this effort! I'll continue to follow and learn from these things, MORE TO COME!


I can't wait also what is next. Please follow @steemsecrets as he reveals the Fastest-Rarest steemit speed-up knowledge.

Done following and will surely follow every post of this #SecretsRevealed by @steemsecrets.

More to come!

Proud mother here! Good job girls and proud of you three! @ankarlie @nikkimariel @abbyzd STEEM to the MOON!

Hello Mommy! STEEM to the MOON!

Ohana @steemitfamilyph will make sure to take care of your daughters like they are our own!

How sweet. How sweet. Stay awesome mumsy. I am so proud of all three, so proud. Steem to the moon

Hi @ankarlie! I love what you said that "we don't follow Steem to the moon, we TAKE Steem to the moon!" It is us, the human component of Steem, that makes the growth of Steemit possible by making it a better platform with everything we add (write ups or videos or audio) . And the interactions that we do within or outside Steemit that will make it even bigger -in its core, it is US!

I also love your enthusiasm and the 2 girls on each side of you. I can see a family that supports you and that is also what Steemit is about. You are very young and you have a great future ahead of you, little Ms. Whale! :)

Hahah thank you for the words of inspiration and encouragement. Yes we are indeed family here at steem. Like any other family we do not always get along with some of our family members but we are still family. We are all part of the steemit family where we like it or not. However I think we all agree that we want this paltform to survive and prosper and each one of has can help in this endeavor.

I agree with you @ankarlie. There may be disagreements or clashes but at the end of the day, they are your family and that's your home. And yes this is our big happy Steemit family! We are all different but we have that same goal as you've mentioned - for Steemit to survive and prosper. Steem on! :)

Hahaha so awesome. Expect your turn soon. Masks allowed

You're making me nervous as early as now @surpassinggoogle ;) I'm still camera shy despite joining your singing contest. But sure, willing to get out of my comfort zone for Steemit and the community. My mask is ready haha :)

Hahaha see my sweetheart's sweet comment

I’m an aspiring Witness too!! Best of luck and I’ll follow you!! Let’s take it to the moon.🐳😄📈

That is the spirit together we are strong lets take the steem to the moon!

Very sweet motivational post. Love the video. Good job and fun effective way for steemit promotion. Great job @steemsecrets.

Thanks for your compliment madam and yes it was fun. We keep on laughing the whole time we were filming. Can you imagine it took us more than 4 hours just to file this hahah we keep on saying STICK to the MOON hhahahah

Hahaha to stick to the moon
and ceepee is girl

Hahahah my bad corrected it :)

We are proud of you @ankarlie. Your positive thoughts help other steemians. Yes your right we are all whales in our own way.

We know someday you will be a whale and still continue to help and support other steemians.


Thanks OHANA! Someday? WE are already whales! Because we act like whales! STEEM to the MOON!

Stem to the moon! I love what you said here, and you are one of those really active and helpful Steemians around.

Yes kuya steem to the moon! steem to the moon! For SBD naman STICK TO THE MOON hahah

Yeah. We can even make it Steem to the universe! 🙂

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