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At Steemit, we want to empower community developers to help improve and We have an amazing developer community that we have failed to fully honor in the past. We know that many of them have become disillusioned with the process of contributing to Condenser (the software that powers and and we want to do whatever we can to reverse that. That’s why we are working on updated Community Guidelines that will help developers understand the process and to simplify it at the same time.

While we are developing those guidelines, @roadscape (the architect of Hivemind) is working through the backlog of community pull requests (suggested code changes submitted by developers from the community) and has now either merged, closed, or provided feedback to, all PRs. Integration!

We are excited to announce that you can now embed videos into! @tibfox submitted the original PR that would allow users to embed videos. was one of the earliest apps to launch on Steem, and the first to offer a platform that was entirely distinct from blogging. We wanted to add this feature when the PR was originally submitted, but security concerns (unrelated to prevented us from doing so.

Now that we have separated Steem wallets (now at from the social features of, we are able to merge this change without compromising user security. At the time of the Condenser split we explained that this change would enable us to improve both and more rapidly, and that is exactly what we are starting to see. PR: Community - Add support for embedded dtube videos #3296

Here's an example of what it looks like featuring community member @justineh!


Here are some of the other improvements that have now been integrated into

From @smittyvb: Add link to @steemitblog in sidebar #3287

  • Adds a link to @steemitblog ensuring that more users learn about the primary communications channel used by Steemit Inc.

From @timcliff: Community - Update FAQ for HF20 #3285

  • Helps educate users about changes that were made through HF20 and how they might affect their user experience

From @blockchainstudio (@economicstudio on github): Community - add share markdown (hyperlink markdown copy to clipboard) #3284

  • Enables users to copy hyperlink markdown to their clipboard as opposed to just the URL

Additional PRs

There are still a lot of great contributions in the backlog that we plan on getting to as soon as possible. If you submitted a PR and have received feedback, please resolve any issues and we’ll be sure to merge the code as soon as possible.

Special thanks to @blockchainstudio for all the great contributions!

Open Source

One of the things that makes so special is that it is an open source social media site built on an open source blockchain. That means that Steem users can help guide the development of the very platform they are using and is one of the reasons we’re so excited about the Steem Proposal System hardfork that was written predominantly by the community developer @blocktrades. We believe that empowering our users to help mold will be critical, not just to the site’s success, but to the success of the ecosystem as a whole as still represents one of the primary “faces” of Steem.

Not a programmer?

Even users who can’t code can write posts about the features and functionalities they want to see, which developers can then use to inspire code contributions. They can even leverage @utopian-io just as @blockchainstudio did in his post Smart hyperlink paste / copy to clipboard for easy reference. That feature was actually used to share that link! So meta!

Thanks again to the amazing Steem community for contributing to whether it’s by posting content or submitting code contributions! If you have more ideas for how to improve the site, don’t forget to head on over to our github repo!

The Steemit Team


Awesome update. I know the Dtube community will appreciate that so much.

And oh yeah @tibfox for president!!!

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Haha thanks thanks thanks :) I would accept the offer :P but the final code was made by roadscape :)

Hopefully we will see some good video response actions now :)


Thank you. What a useful adjustment.

From @smittyvb: Add link to @steemitblog in sidebar #3287

  • Adds a link to @steemitblog ensuring that more users learn about the primary communications channel used by Steemit Inc.

That was me :)

Hi @smitop Great!

I don't know why, but before I read this, I'd been thinking that you were an employee. Maybe because you once let me know something related to 0-sig transaction, so I thought some who knows such a thing should be an employee :) But you've never been?

Congratz @tibfox - that is going to make many Steemians very very happy :D

Congratz to the Steemit Team as well for making this kind of progress - even though some will say/think this took 'too long' I'd like to just appreciate that the communication and collaboration with the members of the community is happening now :-) Cheers!

Thanks :) It makes me so freaking happy that I am able to create video responses and embed them in comments. It was basically just my personal need lol

Congrats also from my side to steemit for making these big steps forward! Keep going :)


Hey steemitblog!

There seems to be a bug when you use the 100% power up feature on comments. It won't let you post a comment when you have that option checked. It says "RPCError: unknown key: unknown key:". I have seen several users having trouble with that recently.

Confirmed ...

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Interesting, I didn't try changing the power up option but it started working again for me after clearing cache on chrome. Have you try that?

Hi @acidyo.
I'm using eSteem to reply on this comment because I have the same error for 3 days I guess now on Steemit. I'm using brave browser.

Yes and it works for a little while, I think a day or two the last time, and then the error message comes back. I originally thought it was an issue with the Brave browser.

Oh okay, weird, I haven't gotten it back, but clearing cache placed my comments back to 50/50 so maybe it's that.

People have been complaining about it for over a week at this point. Haven't seen anything done about it yet.

People sure like to complain around here. :)

I guess that's what falling from number 3 to number 55 on coinmarketcap will do for you...

There's many others that have done way worse, question is what have you done to help it rise?

Thanks - this actually had not been reported to us yet as an issue relating to 100 vs 50/50 payout. This is helpful. I filed an issue for it here:

Thank you.

I left this comment to you guys 5 days ago on your steemitblog:

And I also made a post about it using all the relevant tags 5 days ago...

Thanks - it is difficult for the engineering department to keep up with all comments on blog posts in real time. In the future, can you file an issue on github? We will for sure see those in real time.

Hi @jrcornel.
I'm also using brave browser. How to fix the error?
I'm using eSteem app to reply on this comment.

If you change your reward settings to 50/50 instead of 100% powered up, it should help.

I clear cache, let me try.

Hi everyone, I had the same error for the past three days also with the chrome browser. My rewards setting were at 100% SP. I am now using Mozilla Firefox with no problem so far.

This has now been resolved - thanks for your report.

@roadscape, thanks a lot for including my works! Wow, I did many things :) Those hyperlink markdown copy function is useful indeed :) @economicstudio is my main GH account (although it's also my alt on steemit). It'd be great if you could mention that @economicstudio=@blockchainstudio since I don't use the other account almost at all.

By the way, how about giving an upvote from steem official account to contributors ? :) As you know utopian's voting power decreased a lot recently. While most people including me don't do those jobs for money, but it'll be cool to get voting from any official account regardless of the voting amount. Or how about @ned following contributors? Actually you were my favorite example in my several contributions :) Thanks!

곰돌이가 @blockchainstudio님의 소중한 댓글에 $0.013을 보팅해서 $0.010을 살려드리고 가요. 곰돌이가 지금까지 총 4421번 $50.413을 보팅해서 $55.953을 구했습니다. @gomdory 곰도뤼~

cool update on ! now all we need is a playlist option .. =)

But it's a steemit change - not a DTube change ;)

@tibfox is the man!!! Any suggestion from him is going to be legit!!

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Haha thanks man :)

This is awesome! As a huge DTube fan this is an extremely welcome change! The really exciting part is the combing through PRs... passionate people have done a ton of work for you, for free, and it's amazing that you've now got an opportunity to leverage that. I can only imagine that as these sorts of changes get implemented and rolled out, that will only encourage other developers to contribute as well.

Great update.

What about mainnet? Is there any update about MIRA? We have been waiting for the STEEM Mainnet update for more than 1 month.

Awesome update, I appreciate that so much! @tibfox

We need to increase the ease of use for the UI and perhaps integrate some of the ideas that Steempeak, Steemauto and Steemworld are using. Perhaps a Steemit "tool belt" that includes user friendly sites and dapps.

The confusing nature of this site pushes new people away because it is simply too complicated.

Amazing job team! This is a great example of how we can make the Blockchain much more powerful step by step!
Well done @tibfox and @roadscape now all the DTubers will have one more reason to keep on doing content!

Peace V!

YEAH I'm so happy that DTube embeds are a thing now, that's fantastic!
OK so I'm not a developer at all, but there is this thing when you are selling SBD for Steem on the internal market, the price gets borked. I wrote about it in my little newbie guide I wrote yesterday, if you don't know what I'm talking about and want to see an example: that a thing that can be fixed? I'm sure it stumps a lot of people and a lot of orders are held up because the person doesn't realize they put in an order for cheaper than the cheapest ask available. It took me forever to figure out a workaround. Many thanks to anyone who can help! :)

Thanks for the update! More of these every week would be better 😀

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" leverage utopian-io "

good one ...

i'll get me a suit and learn how to make the secret handshake sign and take a course in eL33Tist-speak ...

other than that mostly great except the downvote button which is a really baaaaed idea imo, its probbaly hoping to in some way have to fork out less from the pool but i don't think its the smallfry there who are your issue and the big fry do it "as its done" ...

its an open invitation for trolling and spite

all the rest seems great !!! thanks for the hard work !!!

Goooooood ! 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Dtube Integration ! ♬♬

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This is great & will open a whole new level of the user friendly feel to Steemit. As an avid Dtube content creator, this makes me very happy.

Thank you! 🙌❤☺

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This is awesome! dtube rules!

thanks for the information. This is very useful for all of us here
Thanks you


Good to our ears! Great reshuffling!

Keep calm and STEEM on!!

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Thank you for executing changes, communicate them in that nice and understandable way and to look forward. I follow your GitHub changes and there is a lot of movement in the last week's. Love to see this! Keep going and thx for mentioning me :) I feel famous and important ^^


Are you working on writting a search engine like AskSteem? Nice improve! Keep the kitchen working!

Excellent update!

This is something that will boost both steemit and Dtube.
i would like to add video to my comments so simple as i add photos by drag & drop them.

i am so happy that i join steem community and see the growth of it

awesome update. I know the community of Dtube
thank you so much.

Thanks for this update. It would only mean that I need to level up my blogging career posting videos as well. DTube is an awesome condenser to share the videos we also want our fellow steemians to visit. I may not be a programmer to make a significant contribution but I would be more than glad to promote the extensive benefits we get from steemit.

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This is superb that dtube can be embedded now.

Woohoo 💃💃💃💃

It was about time .... great one :)

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I am happy that finally you guys added a new feature to Dtube, that's really great, I hope you guys will do the same for Steemit, and listen to users like me who is asking you to add features to Steemit, why people use instagram? because it has new features, steemit still doesn't has a proper app for mobiles, it doesn't let people (artists) to have a portfolio on their page, this is where they (artists) will feel like this is not where they can present their works. and this became like a place to just sell a work once and not more, for example an artist working 24 hours on a project which by steemit's help it will bury down and be forgotten on his/her page. (and don't forget to add the ability to pin introduction/about artist's post on our page)

I hope one day you guys will listen to us,



Still seeing "(Unsupported

)" when visiting this post in and @steempeak! and steempeak are different sites that use different code base. They would need to do the same changes to their site for them to be able to support dtube embeds.

Makes sense. Thanks! Hope they implement the change.

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Yeah I hope that as well. It is a long awaited feature and all the other sites could have implemented it waaaaay earlier to have an unique feature but now they just can follow the example. Not much to do in my opinion ;)

Agreed. We desperately need a video solution to soar here on Steem.

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Uhm yeah @distantsignal.

Let's check & see how this 'new feature' works and test if it's also usable on comments. };)

Yeah @steemimages. Yes, IPFS also can be a pain in the ass and a tough slut to conquer sometimes. Hahahaha

Can you share a steempeak screenshot of the issue?

@elipowell is turning the #SteemShip around.. good job Eli & good job @ned for getting us to 2019 and hiring @elipowell 👍😊

Wow, this is just so fuc**** amazing, great job guys! I am very happy!

I think supporting Dtube is a very good move.

Oh, yes, now i might consider upload some videos on dtube instead of youtube. I need to test the usability first, but if it works fine you have me. :-)

Hold the phone ☎️ 😱

This is AMAZING!!! Great job @heimindanger and team. This is a super exciting development!

That's no change by DTube ;) DTube offered the embed code for some months but steemit was not supporting embedding DTube videos. Now we have the solution executed by steemit and the sky is no limit anymore :)


ahhh thanks for clarifying. I was wondering why I didn't see a post on the official Dtube page about it. Cool to see Steemit executing on this!

These D.Tube embeds won't load for me. The circle just keeps spinning :(
And it says "The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported." With a big X in the middle.

Great job!

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Wow !
Now BitTube :)

Tremendous update. DTube Integration, among other things, has been long awaited. It is very encouraging to finally see improvements to the platform taking shape. I wonder if, as with the case of being able to embed Soundcloud content into one's post, an ability to do the same with DSound will follow in the near future? DTube and DSound Dapps are a natural fit for Steemit and would help content creators provide their subscribers and the community at large with with an improved experience. Continued success for all the volunteer developers and other contributors to Steemit.

Truthfully, I am still somewhat new to this platform. I chose it mainly because of DTube, and looked at it as a new beginning of posting content on a different and new system. Very cool to see how things are growing not only for DTube but Steemit in general. Always much appreciated.

Always a Student.

Do new posts still get auto posted over to steemit ? Or does this embeding option replace this ?

Yes they still get auto-posted. But before those auto-posts couldn’t contain an embedded video. Now they can :)

Is this change going to solve the video storage problem. As presently DTube deletes videos after a few weeks? @andrarchy

sorry for me. not
know a lot about steemit. is there a fault in the blade. my post please understand. Karana I am a newcomer. I understand that it's definitely about steemit ..🙏

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