Step Up Steem Community!!! Take Action!!!

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Please Help Out. Send Steem or Spread the Word

Hi Everyone. One of the great Steem users Michelle @nomadicsoul has fallen ill.

Help out if you can. Donate Steem or SBD directly to here account. Or if you can't do that please spread the word.

Attemping to raise10,000 Steem to help with her travel & medical expenses. This beautiful person posted everyday last year except when she was at Steemfest.

If you could do a post of a story you might have of you & @nomadicsoul. Then donate the proceeds. Michelle put a smile on so many of us in the Steem community all over the world.

Tagging people in the thumbnail. Look how joyful we all are. This was taken in Krakow for Steemfest at Karaoke Night.

Please help in anyway you can. This is what makes the Steem community so special. Have a wonderful day.

Sending you Love & Great Vibrations to you Michelle.


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Get well soon @nomadicsoul. Sorry I didn’t meet you at SteemFest 3 and hope you are fully recovered and I can meet you at SteemFest 4.

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Please help in any way. Thank you. Have a beautiful day.

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I'm so sad to hear this @steemcafe. I was actually sick most of the time I was at steemfest myself, so I didn't make as many of the activities as I would have liked, especially in the night time.

But I remember Michelle well and having a real laugh with her on the way back from the auschwitz trip on the coach when everyone was feeling a little emotionally raw. She is a genuine, lovely person with a heart of gold.

I'm racking my brain to remember our conversation on the bus as it had something to do with formulating our own cooky country where all steemians could reside. If I can remember it I'll make a post about it and donate the SBD and equivalent in steem of the SP to her to help her find her way home for treatment.

I hope if she reads this post maybe she'll help jog my memory.

@nomadicsoul can you remember the convo I'm talking about?

P.s. I hit this post with my 100% upvote and resteemed 🙂

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A wonderful comment. Thank you for your time, attention, and your kindness. Thank you my friend.

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Came from @coruscate's resteem. Sadly a $0.003 vote is what I can give :(

Thank you. Everything helps.

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I will definitely going to cover this in my dtube news covering series 😊 , and I will try my best to donate the valuable amount :)

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Awesome. Thank you. Pass it on.

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Thank you very much. Everything counts. Have. A beautiful day.

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So sad to see one of Steem’s best going through health issues right now. 😞

As my Steemfest roomie - we have an ungodly amount of silly photos together... I’ll have to make a post! 🙌🏻 Re-steemed!

That's right you were roomies. 🤣😂😎. Sure you have lots a great pics. Thank you.

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Hey man so sad to hear this, I couldn't meet her personally at Steemfest³, however we have exchanged a couple comments, and she's just like you describe her. I resteemed this post and I'll be sending what I have of SBD and will try to spread the word more.

Get well soon @nomadicsoul

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Hey man. How are you? Good to hear from you. Thank you so much. You rock.

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I'm good brother, how are you doing?.

Just sent her something, not much tho.

Hope it helps.


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Awesome!!! 😎😍🎇🎆. Thank you.

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Quick Recovery to Her. We can certainly help her as a community.

Yay. Hi @elsiekay this is what its all about. Helping each other on Steem. Thank you.

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So sad I cannot give more than this. Resteemed

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Thank you very much. Spread the word. Everything counts.

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I somehow feel @freedom could step up.

That's nothing to him 😁🤠🙏

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Thank you for your comment. If every just does something. We can make a great impact.

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Hope @nomadicsoul will get better as soon as possible. Hope to be able to come to Steemfest 4 and see you in the best condition possible. Could I just ask what exactly happened? I will do my best to help

Thank you. Best to ask @nomadicsoul directly. Thank you for your well wishes.

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Scott and I are so sorry to hear that he is not doing well! We love what @nomadicsoul has done for us all.

Great to meet you Austin. Thank you.

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Ah man, really sorry to hear this... Have resteemed, will pass on the message and send her something soon.

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Hi @redica. Congrats on your show. Thank you for the resteem. You rock. Anything & everything helps. Thank you. Have a killer week.

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You too man... You are very sweet for doing all of this! I'm sure she'll be very touched. Hope this gets lots of support!

I'd been wondering why she hasn't posted in so long, I love her content and not to mention her unmatched generosity. I hope you get well soon @nomadicsoul, in the meantime I'll send a bit of steem(hope it helps) and help spread the word. Cheers for the info @steemcafe.

Hi. I love here posts as well. Thank you for sharing.

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I don't know @nomadicsoul, but still sending wishes and upvoted 100% with a resteem. Love how this community looks after its own.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You are the best. You are awesome!

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So maybe we should post more about chemistry, physics and medicine and educate people about it, so we will be able to help each other?

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I pray for your speedy recovery!🌞 Resteeming this. @nomadicsoul

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Thank you very much. Have a fantastic week.

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