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I wonder if you would support my effort? (not by voting or funding) I feel that you have the understanding that STEEM value will grow with the number of major exchanges that list the STEEM coin. I feel that Steemit Inc is slacking in getting STEEM or SBD listed on exchanges, and the support they provide to exchanges when there is a disruption in the STEEM blockchain is likely non-existent. This is because when exchanges need a patch or to install the latest software to their steem node, it can take months for exchange nodes to get back on line when witnesses can install software and re-sync in a matter of hours. When the exchange nodes that run STEEM software are down, the STEEM wallets will be frozen.

Here is the pitch. I would like for you to promise a witness vote to the witness that can accomplish listing STEEM or SBD on a major exchange.
This does three things.

  1. It decentralizes the exchange listing task which I believe Steemit Inc has dropped-the-ball.
  2. The witness would become the adviser for the exchange to support updating node software when necessary. So when Steemit Inc is MIA, at least there would be a witness to support the exchange. This way wallets won't get frozen for months at a time or indefinitely.
  3. This encourages witnesses to take on a leadership role rather than just creating blocks.

We have a group of people that have promised one of their 30 witness votes if and when a witness accomplishes the task. It does not require that you keep one of your witness votes unused. Instead, if the task is accomplished, you could unvote your least favorite witness to vote for the one that has accomplished the goal. The beauty is that it is likely that one of the witnesses that you are already voting for will be the one that accomplishes the task and you wouldn't need to change anything.

Please, some witnesses are entertaining the idea, but they have communicated to me that the current witness voting value would not be worth the effort. Your promise to vote the witness would give my effort a boost.

I also want to point out that I get large numbers of new people reading my post, and they learn about witness voting. I get comments all the time about how I helped them learn how to vote for witness. My post has the effect of encouraging others to participate in witness voting when they would have otherwise never participate in it. Your support (of a promise to use one witness vote) could accelerate accelerate my effort and witness voting engagement.

Thank you.


I agree that exchanges, esp with patches and the HFs, we need strong support there in order not to piss the exchanges off. I could see a community "team" made of witnesses and predominate Steem members willing to take this task on, maybe even something people can go through
@utopian-io and get paid for it. I know I would certainly chip some SBD for the effort.

I've talked to one witness to guide me so that I can start my own exchange type node just to see how difficult it would be to operate the node. Supposedly, there is a stripped-down version of the node software (for exchanges) that ignores social media type transactions. What I've learned is that it still takes a 64GB server to run the exchange STEEM node. That is ridiculous. There needs to be a better way. The @utopian-io development may be part of the answer.

We still need to rely on an alternative method (other than Steemit Inc) to get STEEM/SBD listed on major exchanges. Would you support my effort by promising a witness vote to the witness that accomplishes the task? No witness vote is needed if no witness accomplishes the goal. I think if you supported with a promise, then there would be a surge in support by other users.

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