You Are 1% Of 1% Of 1%

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Everything is Fugazi. Crypto secures the fugazi.

Feel like the lid is off.
Not selling any rallies. You sell a rally in bull market GG.
these are the opps most don't do the research

building a home, a storm can come, but that won't stop me from building.

I generally don't like to mention things I just do them.

Steem distribution is the best.

Spent steem on Americas card room.

Universal bank account. You make money on youtube, blogs, etc., one account, affiliate links to casinos, etc. - bottom indicator

Life has the ultimate governance model; everything is in perfect alignment.
If everyone gives everyone receives. Tree human model.

Governance models still debating. It's not about trying to be right; it's about being nonbias.

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Resteemed. Thanks.

ǝɹǝɥ sɐʍ ɹoʇɐɹnƆ pɐW ǝɥ┴

America's Cardroom accepts Steem now?
Wow. I have an interesting story there.

I bought a Bitcoin for $600 to buy in to that website. I didn't even play... it just sat there for years. I still had a few dollars (Bitcoin) left on Coinbase, and when Bitcoin Cash came to Coinbase I all of a sudden had $80 worth of it and I had no idea why. Didn't take me long to figure out how forks work from that point.

I could have (and seriously considered) putting that $600 into Ethereum for $5 a coin. "Smart Contracts? WTF? Nothing can compete with Bitcoin, whatever." So I held USD instead like a tool. I also thought about getting Litecoin at $5.

What do you think about Moore's law as it applies to crypto?


Bitcoin has consistently hit it's doubling target every year for five years. If this keeps up, it's going to be extremely easy to know when to buy/sell.

I heard a wise man once say look at the ATL each year not the ATH, that will show you where the hodlers of last resort are price wise. I tend to take a step back if something is so obvious everyone can see it, because money usually does not come that easy lol. It is hard to say where Bitcoin/cryptos will be in 5-10 years. I expect a giant flight to safety into cryptos over the coming years.

I wonder if you would support my effort? (not by voting or funding) I feel that you have the understanding that STEEM value will grow with the number of major exchanges that list the STEEM coin. I feel that Steemit Inc is slacking in getting STEEM or SBD listed on exchanges, and the support they provide to exchanges when there is a disruption in the STEEM blockchain is likely non-existent. This is because when exchanges need a patch or to install the latest software to their steem node, it can take months for exchange nodes to get back on line when witnesses can install software and re-sync in a matter of hours. When the exchange nodes that run STEEM software are down, the STEEM wallets will be frozen.

Here is the pitch. I would like for you to promise a witness vote to the witness that can accomplish listing STEEM or SBD on a major exchange.
This does three things.

  1. It decentralizes the exchange listing task which I believe Steemit Inc has dropped-the-ball.
  2. The witness would become the adviser for the exchange to support updating node software when necessary. So when Steemit Inc is MIA, at least there would be a witness to support the exchange. This way wallets won't get frozen for months at a time or indefinitely.
  3. This encourages witnesses to take on a leadership role rather than just creating blocks.

We have a group of people that have promised one of their 30 witness votes if and when a witness accomplishes the task. It does not require that you keep one of your witness votes unused. Instead, if the task is accomplished, you could unvote your least favorite witness to vote for the one that has accomplished the goal. The beauty is that it is likely that one of the witnesses that you are already voting for will be the one that accomplishes the task and you wouldn't need to change anything.

Please, some witnesses are entertaining the idea, but they have communicated to me that the current witness voting value would not be worth the effort. Your promise to vote the witness would give my effort a boost.

I also want to point out that I get large numbers of new people reading my post, and they learn about witness voting. I get comments all the time about how I helped them learn how to vote for witness. My post has the effect of encouraging others to participate in witness voting when they would have otherwise never participate in it. Your support (of a promise to use one witness vote) could accelerate accelerate my effort and witness voting engagement.

Thank you.

I agree that exchanges, esp with patches and the HFs, we need strong support there in order not to piss the exchanges off. I could see a community "team" made of witnesses and predominate Steem members willing to take this task on, maybe even something people can go through
@utopian-io and get paid for it. I know I would certainly chip some SBD for the effort.

I've talked to one witness to guide me so that I can start my own exchange type node just to see how difficult it would be to operate the node. Supposedly, there is a stripped-down version of the node software (for exchanges) that ignores social media type transactions. What I've learned is that it still takes a 64GB server to run the exchange STEEM node. That is ridiculous. There needs to be a better way. The @utopian-io development may be part of the answer.

We still need to rely on an alternative method (other than Steemit Inc) to get STEEM/SBD listed on major exchanges. Would you support my effort by promising a witness vote to the witness that accomplishes the task? No witness vote is needed if no witness accomplishes the goal. I think if you supported with a promise, then there would be a surge in support by other users.

I am enlightened on how you show things to us regarding cryptos in a long term view of it all @theycallmedan

Great idea to spend Steem as a marketing tool. We could go out of our way to change even fiat into steem so we can spend it in that strategic manner.

So sad, I tried watching and after 30 minutes attempt, I couldn't still, I hope I can late,

ha ha ha GG you screwed yourself. too funny.

but you said it best man. people are short sighted and so narrowed in on price. makes no sense if folks look into the game changing potential of this stuff.

ahhh well. i enjoy being in the 1% of the 1% of the 1% and i’m not missing this opportunity;)

awesome video as always sir.

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Strategies change with the times.. Great insight into trading during Bear/Bull markets. For me, it's time to Accumulate.

And STEEM is a great place to BUILD A HOME!

Thanks, @theycallmedan!!!

PS.. Was it you who raised the price of #STEEM the other day??? Haha ;p

I agree about the community here. I don't understand Ned sometimes but then I think how I might behave if I'd got into Bitcoin early and had that much Steem. I probably wouldn't be conventional either.

Root canal isn't too bad. The worst bit was having it numb for a while. They injected the wrong side once, that would of made me laugh, if I could move my jaw :)

Your videos are amazing with alot of in-depth reasoning and logic behind it.
I am looking forward to your next video :)

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Steem from now on will be withen top 20 soon we will stand hand by hand to grow it

Looking at the cryptos above Steem, I agree with you. I don't know when it will happen and there are risks but Steem fills me with more confidence than the majority of cryptos that are above it.

Such an informative video thanks for sharing

One reason I didnt invest in Steem is because I am expecting a grand slam social platform from Dan and team. Your thoughts?

I'm invested in EOS and think it's a great project. I have lots of respect when it comes to Dan L's ability to build blockchains. I am bullish on both, but I don't think "Steem 2.0" is going to hurt Steem. Hell, they dubbed it "Steem 2.0" - To me, that shows both respect for Steem and a little bit of fear. Dan L built, and beast with Steem and he knows it - From game theory POV I think it is a bad play. I would try to work a sister chain angle where both chains benefit. The personal spat between Ned/Dan shouldn't matter; these are blockchains, not pets; if it makes sense, it makes dollars. If push comes to shove my money is on Steem, not Steemcash.

Always, I like your outlook on cryptocurrency and steem!!! I know am here to stay.

Steem will soon be everywhere and can be use

You Are 1% Of 1% Of 1%

That title makes me fees sooooo small... lol

Steem and SBD, very soon, can be used in different places, such as restaurants, shops, etc. Today, I also perceive that it is beginning to rise and, I notice, that steemit, is paying in SBD and, not in steem

Good stuff. You really know your shit @theycallmedan. I have been a Trader myself and investors in Stock market. And it's definitely rigged.

I also think you are right about Steem. People are just so Passionate about it. Unlike I have ever seen with any other project or program I have been a a part of.

Thanks for sharing my man

It would be great to continue to find areas where Steem is accepted to increase adoption of the asset. I hope to start accepting Steem for a couple of things I want to start doing online!

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Im glad to be 1% of %1 of %1 .i belive in the long term benefits. The good thing is that the steem is moving green.Perhaps its due to the combined efforts of everyone.
Moreover i belive too that who gives , he must get back more than he gives to others. Good to watch your video.

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@theycallmedan, We are not slaves for sure we are creators of our own reality. And if we are passionate about something then we should continue the process of building up no matter which storm situation is arising because if we will not do then we will fall. We are the riders and we should ride this Steem Journey while building something solid. Stay blessed 🙂

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Your perspective is always appreciated Dan. I will think one thing people overlook with overtrading short term is that even if you are a consistent winner, that taxes might have made holding the better play. Especially when your long term outlook dwarves your short term machinations.

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Cool post.. thanks for sharing the details..

Bitcoin great 2019 and even better 2020 enjoy the ride

Thanks for sharing and discuss about crypto.. upvote and resteemit done

since you left youtube. I was disappointed, but I told myself fuck that I will learn how to sign up for d-tube and steam to follow you again. tanks great contents !

21:30 in, is exactly what I see steem becoming. STEEM is the future world economy. I see it. Good talk as always Dan.

10k wolrd reserve curency 3k panic sell LOL

I thought to myself se next be might go to 100k and more then correct to around 10k but then now the real psycho mania kicks in because 10k to 1 million is the mother of all psychological move LMAO. the market maker will have no mercy. That's why I buy now because even if we go from 300k to 5k I will be in the green. Mark my word, they are on the blockchain.

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I like how you don't pay any attention to FUD and use his time to continue building. This should be true to every Steemian. We should all ask a question, what have we created and shared today on Steem? If nothing yet, then the answer should be pretty obvious, "go build something". It will serve as a strong foundation in the future. I haven't written a post today yet, just commented and read the posts of others. So I'm going to write a post of my own very soon.

Thanks for the reminder to pull away from the minutia concerns of the block-chain and to refocus on the bigger picture and long term investing.

Damn, your conviction is downright and upright contagious.

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