Speed Drawing: Human Skull Doodle

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Hey there!

Today I am uploading a new type of time-lapses to see if you like it: Doodles. This category will include little drawings I do without references & as quickly as possible. I usually try not to spend more than 5 minutes per doodle.

This is the type of little sketches I do before committing to a clean drawing, to explore an idea without losing time. I try not to judge myself when I draw them; this is very important, negative thoughts are the death of any creative process. During this stage, I try to lay any ideas that flow through my head on paper; sometimes they end up looking like shit, and sometimes little gems come out of this process.

I tend to fill in a full sketchbook page of those before I even think of starting a clean drawing. It´s also the type of drawings I do in bars while I am waiting for friends to finally show up. I Belgian for fuck sake, I am always on time, I can't say the same for my Spanish friends:P

Here is the time-lapse:


You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel if yo do not want to miss my new time-lapses.

I hope you like it. As you can see I make a lot of mistakes on proportions & perspective and correct them as I draw along. A good tip for this type of drawing is to draw as small as possible not to loose time. I usually blow those sketches up for the final drawing, and clean the sized up version. If it is attractive small & with a minimum amount of details, it usually works at a bigger size.

Tip of the day

Little tip for drawing skulls: draw a box with a simple perspective first, then construct the skull in it. This way it will be easier to keep its structure sound and all the features aligned.

Material used

Kraft Paper, I only use this for ruff drawings. The brow paper acts as mid tone, and I just need to lay the shadows & highlights to give volumes to my drawing. Very efficient way to draw.

Pen & Ink Fountain Pen, same as usual. Cheap & efficient.

Diamine Ink, this color ink is washable. Perfect for a first pass, it almost completely goes away when a water wash is applied on it.

Water Brush, I use them for everything, so practical.

White Gel Pen, for highlights, works great with Kraft paper. I tried a lot of them, this is my favorite brand.

Ballpoint Pen, for my second pass, water resistant so I can use my water Brush on top of it.

Windsor & Newton Watercolor Pans, only buy the professional ones, the other type do not have the same density and never gave me good results. I usually only use a hot and a cold color for sketching.

Marker, for my last pass. I like Identi-Pen, they have 2 tips of different size, perfect if you want to lay lines of different weight fast.

That´s it for this post, I hope you guys enjoyed it. Feel free to shoot any question my way, and critiques are always welcome. The only way to improve is to get your work looked at and reviewed!

Have a nice day,



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Mmmmm Diiiliiicioooous cake, I love it:D Thanks a lot Helpie!

Lovely to see how you initially work small and fast to get an idea of the correct proportions for your larger and more exact drawings. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Yeah, it's a very helpful trick. It allows me the explore a lot of ideas before committing to one. Have a nice day!:)

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