I Will Always Love You // Whitney Houston cover

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Hey Everyone!!!

This song is one i wanted to do for quite a while now when i had a bit more time since i knew i would have to spend a bit more time on it.
This is most definitely the hardest song i have done since ive been back. :)

One of the greatest songs ever sung by the amazing Whitney Houston
Really nothing more to say.

I hope you guys enjoy my take on it. :)

As i promised i tried to improve on my video quality. Which i did do... Unfortunately with all the testing and messing around with the green screen and various softwares something went wrong with the video so it doesnt appeat to be completely in sync.
I dont know why that happened. :)

First i tried using Premiere and the video looked really good but once i exported the video, it flickered. During export Premiere Pro would heat up my laptop a lot.
Then i tried Filmora to edit the green screen and it was really bad because Filmora has a really basic editor so then i tried Lightworks which was a bit better but when i exported the video, the audio wasnt there and everything was somehow out of sync. :D

Since i had no other option i was stuck with that video. I imported the video back in Filmora to fix the audio and this is what i ended up with.
Its not perfect but i think its good enough. :)
A lot of work went into this and hopefully it will be much easier with the next video. :)

Its pretty fun using green screen. I just need a stronger laptop. hihi

See you later and byeeee!

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@slobberchops, you definitely need to listen to it later. She slayed it. I am a bit partial to the original Dolly Parton version, but I totally appreciate the Whitney cover. This was absolutely fantastic. There is a ton in @silentscreamer's voice that I really dig. It is almost reminiscent of Linda Ronstadt. It would be cool to hear a cover of Blue Bayou.

Hey Bozz!

Thank you for the compliment. ❤️🙂

Well im always looking for cool songs to cover. I did "Angel from Montgomery", which i came to like, on BigToms request so im always open to suggestions. 🙂

ooh, that is another great soon. Good request by him! :) haha that was supposed to be tone not ton in my comment, but I guess either way works!

oOOOh now this is a tough one, even I cant sing it. I'm at work so cant have you singing the office out, I'll listen later :)

With a little practice im sure you can do it! hehe Slobberchops talents are endless! 🙂

You nailed this one! Wow!

This rhythm is as catchy as I would have liked to play the guitar in your video jajajaja greetings, keep it up! I started to follow you, it's worth being aware of your publications ^^ I still don't contribute much with my up vote but you have my little contribution. @silentscreamer

You can always leave a nice comment like this and i will try and reward it as best i can. :)
Its not all about votes. :)

With such a voice, even a 240p video would suffice :)

From now on i use this. :D

Thanks! :)


Very beautiful your voice and cute interpretation @silentscreamer, I sang with you, I made you the chorus (it sounded horrible but I made you chorus). <3

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Ill definitely look into it. :)
Thank you for dropping by.

Very calm and lovely voice. Liked the song very much dear.

Thank you Rehan. :)

Great job! You have an awesome gift; keep up the good work!

beautiful voice. keep up posting quality video recording. have a good day everyone.

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